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Another weekend gone.

I woke up at 5 am this morning and could NOT get back to sleep, despite not needing to be up til 9. Suck. But I had plenty of time to chop up the watermelon I'd bought to take to my tennis match, so that's something.

We did not win. Overall, my team won 1 match out of 5. We've moved ourselves up a level this summer, & our opponents are not that much more skilled than we are but they are more consistent. But it is actually a lot more fun & we are all learning a lot, even only 2 matches in to the season. My partner & I lost 2-6,5-7 - we nearly took that second set! So that was 2 hours of tennis, & then 2 of my teammates wanted to play more after their match as it was over pretty quickly so we played for another hour or more with them.

All this to say: god, I am sore.
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So lets see...

I've been sick this week, so that sucked (flu-ish thing, with chills & dizziness, although to be fair most of the dizziness happened while I was playing tennis with a fever so...)

Today, I got up, went to yoga (trying to make that a weekly thing, prolly just jinxed it,) came home, ate lunch, played my new wii karaoke game, took a nap, folded laundry, walked 6 miles, went grocery shopping for my tennis match, got dinner, watched a movie, unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher, & put away my laundry.

That was my day. Was it like you were there?

How wrong, on a scale of 1 to 10, to take band merchandise you like the idea of but not the execution of, and get it made somewhere else? Aka fall out boy, I would give you money if you'd stop making ugly merch.
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Fall Out Boy!!

It was like, 100 degrees in the Tabernacle tonight. I'm pretty sure I sweated off a few pounds jumping around like an idiot. It was good times!

We got there in time to get my favorite seats! So close to the stage without all the crush of being on the floor!
Photos and vids ahoy! )
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Today I went to yoga at the Y.

I have not stepped foot inside the Y since probably sometime in January or early February when I was going to water aerobics with a pregnant friend. I'd been feeling guilty about not using my membership & was thinking of canceling it but if I can make it to yoga once a week, it will be worth it.

I am using a free weightloss site called, & I'm trying to make June a month of re-dedication so I've joined a bunch of challenges there in hopes of keeping on track. There's an element of social media to it - if anyone wants to try it out, let me know & I'll friend you. It's difficult because I've been traveling more for work this year, a trend I am not pleased with but there's no other option right now. Hopefully things will pick back up in my department soon so that they can't loan me out. I can & have dieted successfully on the road; it's just a matter of discipline.
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Soooooo. Hi, it's been ages, I know. I do think about posting, and I read often, but I never seem to get around to it.

I'm on twitter and tumblr all the time, and I've considered blogging over on tumblr, but I don't know - it doesn't feel like the same kind of space. So here I am.

Right now, what's on my mind is hair.

Ok, so a few months ago, I went out with this guy a few times, and because I was dating when I got my hair done, I kept it longer than I normally would. So now it's grown out quite a bit, and it's to the point where it's kind of annoying me.

Normally, this would be the point where I'd just cut it off.


I kind of want to be dating, or feel like I should be making more of an effort or something, and I have never dated a guy when I had short hair. So I'm considering keeping it longer, even though I know I'd be happier with it short.

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Ugh, so yeah. I've been kind of lonely lately and so I've been hitting up the dating websites more often than usual. I joined match (double ugh, really.) but anyway, now someone has emailed me and it's only just occurred to me that now I'll have to go on a date.

I am really not great at dating.

I mean, once you get to know me, I'm pretty rad. I just suck at first impressions and awkward conversations. And I start to worry that I don't look like my online pictures anymore and what if he's disappointed? Rejection sucks.

And yeah, this is what happens when a guy asks to meet up for a coffee and a chat about gun control, because I "seem political, and he'd like to hear my views."
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Title: Stories Stacked Up So Tall
Author: <lj user="vixalicious" />
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Harry/Liam, Liam/Louis
Warnings: Fluff?
Word count: ~23K
Author's notes: can be found on posting site
Summary: Liam spends his days in a dreary booth selling train tickets and daydreaming about his favorite customer, Harry. When Harry gets assaulted at the station, Liam saves his life and finds that his quiet existence is turned upside down. As Harry languishes in a coma, Liam gets closer with to Harry’s family and to his best mate, Louis. There’s only one problem: everyone thinks Liam is Harry’s boyfriend. To make matters worse, Liam starts to fall for Louis. But how can Liam come clean without losing everything? An AU based on the movie ‘While You Were Sleeping.’
Find it on: <a href="" target="_blank">AO3</a>
The companion mix by <lj user="prettykitty_aya" /> is <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> - check it out!
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That trailer for the One Direction trailer looks good. But how can I, as an adult sans children, actually go see it?  The answer is I cannot. Ah sad face. 

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thus completes my bandom trifecta, as I've already seen Panic & MCR. Hopefully it won't end in break up (Panic) or disillusion (MCR.) 

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 I really wish people on AO3 would warn for first person POV.
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 Three things!

1.  I saw Kris Allen in concert tonight!  It was fun :)  The friend I took with me also had a great time, and at no point called me on the fact that I know way WAY too much about him.  Although to be fair, she is only a casual fan of his and even she knew about the car accident and that his wife is pregnant, so. He played at my favorite venue, which only holds about 100 people, so it was super intimate and the sound was perfect as always.  They have table and bar seating, and then there's this odd little area that is bleacher seating, which is where we were at, and at one point he looked over and said something along the lines of "Well, we've got a jury tonight!  Hope they find in our favor.  They're all drinking, so it's looking good."  It was cute.  He is a tiny, tiny human.

2.  I start my quilting class next week, so I went to the store today to get the supply list and, because I know myself, pick out the fabrics for the quilt we will make in class.  I have pattern issues - I have a hard time matching fabrics together because I find them too busy.  The poor women at this store!  They all tried to help me, but it took me over an hour to pick out four fabrics.  I think it will be cute when it's done though! I will document the whole process and show it to you as we go over the next two months.

3.  Has anyone downloaded the MCR singles from their non-released album?  Are they worth paying for?


Jan. 15th, 2013 09:54 pm
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2012 in Review:



Summary: I didn’t realize how much I’d travelled til I wrote this up.  I was sick a lot too, and stressed out about my family.  But overall it wasn’t a horrible year.  And hey, the Mayans were wrong so we get to keep going!




 2013 Resolution:   Learn one new thing

I’ve been thinking about trying to learn sign language – I’m going to look to see if there are any lessons on Youtube or something.  Also, I’ve already signed up for a class on quilting.  So this should be a pretty easy resolution to keep, a rebound from last year’s failure.


2013 Goals:

v  Get involved in my community: 

  Ø  Attend neighborhood meetings – they happen once a month, and I’m going to try to go to at least six.
Ø   Volunteer – it’s hard to find an opportunity that allows for sporadic volunteering (ie once a month) but I’m going to try again.  I found an organization that works toward improving child literacy among immigrant/poverty-level children so I am going to look into that.

v  Complete 3 out of the 10 following craft projects:

     Ø  Tree of Knowledge cross-stitch

     Ø  S's t-shirt quilt

     Ø  My College Sweatshirt quilt

     Ø  2007 scrapbook

     Ø  2008 scrapbook

     Ø  Nephew’s family tree label

     Ø  Tribble t-shirt

     Ø  Cat toy treat dispenser

     Ø  Framing skeleton cross-stitch

     Ø  Display for Mom’s scarf pins

v  Move craft room upstairs and organize

v  Move guest room back and hang Grandmother’s quilt and my sister’s paintings

v  Frame and hang photos in bedroom

v  Practice the drums with the aim to start taking lessons again.


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I have to say, I just spent some time going through the  on twitter.

I mean, I don't know if Harry Styles & Taylor Swift have broken up, as they are rumored to have done.  But we've all been making jokes that when they eventually did, she'd write a break up song because that's what she does.  

I have to say, I hope she goes with 'Ex-Factor.'  That's dead clever :) 
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 Oh god, I'm so close to finishing my big bang and I just CAN'T GET IT DONE.  

Like, I stare at it and write ten words, or I realize it needs a whole other scene, and ugh.  I just want to be finished now, please.

Fic Rec

Dec. 19th, 2012 12:12 am
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This may be my favorite Harry/Louis ever:

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 Is there a limit to how many Smiths jokes I can make in my 'boyfriend in a coma' One Direction fic?

I think not.

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 So when last I left you, I was annoyed about the coming of December.  It actually turned out pretty well!

a) I have a new nephew!!!! His name is Vaughn, and he is super cute.  I will get to meet him next Wednesday.

b) I didn't have to go to St. Louis.

c) I only have one more workday left in the year, so nothing really looks that bad to me right now.

I did have to work with a site in Mexico, which was annoying because my counterpart had a tendency to wander off, but I got it done and I didn't have to go anywhere.  

I've spent most of my free time working on scraping all the flaking paint/rust off my back patio railings, and trying to get a quote for installing a new railing back there because my insurance company now insists I need one.  I think I've gotten it to be under $500, so I'm happy about that.  Well, I'd be happier if I didn't have to do it, but oh well.  

Also, there was a small fence kerfuffle, in that I took my old ghetto fence down, and then the house next to mine that had been vacant for two years sold and they wondered where the fence was.  But it ended well, and the new owner seems nice and he is looking for good renters so hopefully it won't be too bad.  Although I think he's set the rent too high, given that he's asking for more than I pay on my mortgage, and my house is at least half again the size of that one, if not double.  

Speaking of mortgages, I wonder if I could refinance mine again.  I just did it about a year ago, but who knows, maybe I could lower it again.  I should look into that.

I have also been crafting, but haven't taken the time to post my Pinteresting to tumblr.  Ought to get on that!  I also made Vaughn's Christmas gift, which is a sock monkey.  

And in my spare time, I've been working on my 1D big bang.  Uuuuuuuuuuugh.  Why so hard, writing?  I've hit the minimum word count, but it's not done, and I've hit that stretch where it feels like it never will be.  I wanted to have it finished before I went to New Hampshire, but I'm not sure if it will be.  I have a couple of days off before I go, so there's hope yet.  

OOOOOOOOOh! And I'm going to buy myself an iPad for Christmas!  In New Hampster, where they don't believe in sales tax.
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 So I was looking at this list from Jezebel about books all women should read:

And the first one on the list is Pride and Prejudice.

I can't actually remember if I've read it.  I know I've read at least one Panic at the Disco version of it, and I've seen at least one of the movies.  But can't remember if I've read the actual book.



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