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Ok, so more concert thoughts from Wednesday:
*I got to hear Gerard say 'mothafuckas' live.
*Mikey Way's bass is a sparkly, sparkly thing.

I took Wed-Fri off. Thursday I ran errands and then went to a laser hair removal appointment. I can't remember if I mentioned it on here, but I got a Groupon deal - 6 sessions for $400, normally a $2500 value. So I am giving it another go, we shall see. After that, I came home and started my major project, painting the panelling in my office. I got the deglossing treatment done on 3 of the 4 walls that night.

Friday, I went and got more deglosser and finished the fourth wall, then painted one coat of primer on the other 3 walls. It looked like crap. Like "oh my god I'm going to have to pay someone a lot of money to come fix this" levels of crap. I took a break to go play a tennis game (we won, yay!), and then came home and put a second coat of primer on the 3 walls.

Saturday started off with another game of tennis - we won again, but it took 3 sets. It really should not have, we were better players, but we couldn't quite get it together in the first set. Then I came back home and... you guessed it! Painted. By the end of the day, all four walls had 3 coats of primer on them. They looked pretty good!

Today, I slept in! After lunch, I went down and painted the trim and the door white, and then put the sample paint on the wall. I have learned that no matter how much you think the color you've picked out matches everything, it's best to try it out before you commit to purchasing a whole gallon. So far, I think it looks lovely, but I am going to live with it for at least another day to be certain.

As a reward, and to get out of the house, I went to see Thor. It was so-so. I was distracted by:

a) the guy who plays Thor sounds just like Heath Ledger
b) Loki is played by Johnny Weir's evil twin. No, really, look:Pictures or it didn't happen )
c) the completely unsubtle product placement. This movie brought to you by Southwest Airlines.
d) the lack of AC/DC. How can you make a movie about the god of Thunder, and NOT PUT THUNDERSTRUCK ON YOUR SOUNDTRACK????

And that was pretty much my weekend. OH! And another one of my plants is blooming - my mini rose! Apparently it's been all about the amount of sunlight, who knew?
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Ok, so looking at my journal, it's been ages since I really posted here. On the bright side, my twitter to facebook connection is working again, so I am tweeting more which lets you know things like I went to the ER last weekend. That was fun.

So let's see. Last weekend - Friday night, tennis. Saturday, tennis. Sunday, walked a 5K in 53 minutes. This was my first 5K and I was happy that it was pretty easy for me. Of course, it's not like we walked super fast or anything but hey. It was fun. Actual fun, not the sarcastic fun from the previous paragraph. Then there was my little DIY accident. Lesson learned: never set power tools above you, they might fall. The major thing I have to say about that is that I was really disappointed with the ER at Emory. Since I moved here, people have always told me that if I need to go to the hospital, I should go to Emory. I think they must mean the one downtown, because the one at the campus hospital was tiny and dingy. And I had to wait for 3 hours to get an x-ray.

But anyway, thankfully it turned out to be nothing. It didn't even hurt really, just a lot of swelling which is now turning into a lovely large bruise with still just a tiny bit of swelling. Luckily the organizers of the 5K had included a sample of Arctic Ease so I tried it out. It feels weird because it's all clammy, but it was much more convenient than the bag of ice. Also, unlike the bag of ice, my cat didn't try to attack it and eat it.

I had to take a few days off from tennis on the doctor's recommendation, so I missed practice on Monday and had to postpone the match I had planned for Tuesday. I did finish the shelves though, and over Thursday and Friday I managed to deep clean the bathroom and get everything back in the closet. It's so nice to have a place for everything instead of having stuff piled up in a jumble. Other than that, I didn't accomplish much this week though.

Thursday night, I played a THREE HOUR TENNIS MATCH. Long match was long. I won though, so that's something. Then last night, it was the usual - tennis drills and tacos after with friends. Then I had the make up match from Tuesday today. Sadly, my legs went "Bitch, do you think you're an athlete or something???" and then replied "Um, no." I totally lost the will to live in the second set. I'd planned to come home and mow the lawn, but as tomorrow is our Spring ALTA season opener, I felt I owed it to my partner to rest up tonight and try to be fresher for tomorrow. We shall see.

So all of that is to say that if you were to ask me what I've been up to, I would say: playing tennis.

Tonight I have:

  • Sat on my couch.

  • Eaten candy.

  • Watched the movie Brothers and cried.

  • Worked on my iPod playlists.

  • Took pictures of the Super Moon.

  • Packed for my work trip to (near) Chicago tomorrow.

  • Written you a long, fairly boring LJ post.

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So this weekend I had these grand plans of re-doing the wire shelving in my bedroom and bathroom closets. Why are such simple projects never actually simple? Why do the people at Lowe's and Home Depot never actually helpful? Anyway, now my house is a mess and I haven't had the time/energy to go get the things I need to fix them. The shelf I had cut for the closet is a quarter-inch too long, which was frustrating - I got soooo close to getting it put up, but then was DENIED. And then I realized that the shelving I bought for the bathroom is narrower, and wouldn't fit the clips I had bought. Sigh.

It's all led to this feeling of frustration over not being able to actually finish things, which bizarrely makes me want to sit and do nothing.
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Well, I nearly had another home decorating fail tonight. I was trying to hang tension rod for the fabric wall for my bathroom downstairs (second attempt, it fell down the first time). I needed to hang a hook from the ceiling to support the center of the rod, and ONCE AGAIN, I stripped the screw. Half in, half out, not budging in either direction. :(

I walked away from it for a while and hung up the toilet paper holder and hand towel holder, which were relatively easy - there was a touch-and-go moment with the hand towel holder but I conquered it. Then I took another look at the screw, got a standard screwdriver (it was a phillips screw) and slowly unscrewed it by hand. Then I figured out that the screw I was trying to use was too long to fit in the space between the ceiling and whatever flooring or whatnot that was stopping it. I got a shorter screw, screwed it in by hand, and voila!

Or at least, it's been up for an hour and it hasn't fallen down yet.

I'm giving it a while before I hang up the towel rod that it would probably knock down if it fell. Maybe tomorrow night.

Anyway, all I've been thinking about lately is how my house isn't where I want it to be, because I'm having a party at the end of the month and I want everything to be perfect. Which of course it won't be, but I'm trying. There's also a lot of stuff I want to buy right now but I'm going to have to prioritize.

Chair for the living room: $200
Painting my office: ~$200
Fertilizing and re-seeding my lawn: $150
Furniture for the office: ~$200

I'm holding off on the office stuff for a while, definitely til after the party and probably until after Coachella. I will probably work on my lawn this weekend, if the rain stops long enough.

That's the exciting life I'm leading right now :D I was kind of down tonight thinking of all the stuff I needed to do, but now I'm feeling better that I've accomplished something.
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My weekend (which pretty much started at noon on Thursday) in bullets:


  • tried once again to mow my lawn. Neighbor came over when he saw me messing with my lawn mower again. He suggested plugging it into the outlet directly instead of via extension cord AND dug up this metal thing that was in my yard for me. My neighbors rock! I need to make them cookies again.

  • did preliminary pet supply shopping, and bought paint for guestrooms.

  • painted accent wall in main guestroom.


  • claimed my fanmix fic for [ profile] bandombigbang \o/

  • mowed lawn again. Got 1/3 of lawn mowed before battery died. There is definitely something wrong, which is going to require me to Do Something. *sigh*

  • got a facial. From a SPA, you pervs.

  • did actual pet shopping. Got mega-cute cat carrier. Note to self: must carry cat with me everywhere now, a la Paris Hilton and her rat dogs.

  • painted rest of guestroom. It looks awesome! One down, one to go!

  • stayed up way too late fretting that the cat I wanted to adopt would be gone before I got there.

Caturday Saturday

  • shelter opens at noon. I arrive at 11:45. Parking lot full. Luckily, everyone else is there for dogs.

  • adopted Cinnamon, who was at this point named Brandy. Name changed due to a) I'd already picked one out, and b) could not think Brandy without getting "Brandy, you're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be..." stuck in my head.

  • take cat home.

  • Chinese food!

  • nap. I was worn out from the previous night's freak out.

  • play with cat.

  • go to party, mostly uneventful.

  • read [ profile] bandombigbang story


  • Got up to feed cat; accidentally set off burglar alarm AGAIN. Clearly I should not open doors/windows in an uncaffeinated state.

  • Went back to bed.

  • Played with cat.

  • Laughed at cat, who is clearly freaked out by having a whole house to wander in.

  • Took pictures of cat.

  • Went grocery shopping.

  • Moved everything out of second guestroom to prepare for painting.

  • Worked on fanmix for BBB.

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Hey, you know what can cause your OCD to flare up? Yard work. Know what's impossible to get clean? THE OUTDOORS.
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Well, if that's the case I must have gained a lot today. I've spent all afternoon fighting against the wilderness that is my backyard. I got about halfway done, and I didn't even get to the front yard.

Next time I buy a house, it's going to come with a gardener.

So I started off by taking my brand new hedge trimmer out of the box and managed to hurt myself in the first .02 seconds of this little project. 95% of the time when I get injured, it's doing something that I knew better than to do and today was no exception: never pick anything up by the blade. DUH. I still have all my fingers. \o? One of them is a little bit more sliced up than it was yesterday though. After bandaging that up, I then went out and starting hacking down as much of the brush and assorted trees as I could get my hedge trimmer to saw down.

Things I learned:

I need a wheelbarrow.
Wheelbarrows are expensive.
And will not fit in my car. Must put on Honey-Do list for Scott and his lovely SUV.
I also need a hatchet.
And a chainsaw. The odds of my bleeding out in my backyard will only rise exponentially.

The pluses are that now my backyard looks much less like a haven for snakes, and that what is left will be easier to do.

What it looks like now

What I cleared out
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I feel like I haven't really updated in a while, other than twitter posts and the occasional 'hey, look at this' link. I'm doing good, just focused elsewhere, I guess. I've been playing a lot of tennis, although our league wrapped up on Saturday for the winter season. I had my best game so far, so that was awesome. I saw My Bloody Valentine with some fellow Supernatural enthusiasts on opening day. I enjoyed it a lot, mostly because I was in a theater full of people intent on having a good time. It was cheesy but fun, and I wish the theater had had the 3D stuff because that would have been awesome.

I watched the inauguration, of course, and twittered through it - which kind of cracks me up, but anyway. I thought his speech was good, and I hope that the rest of the nation takes it the way I took it, that it's great he got elected, but that our duty didn't end there and now we have to help turn things around by volunteering, by staying involved in local, state and federal politics, and by holding our elected officials accountable for their voting.

I'm of two minds about the whole closing of Gitmo thing. On the one hand, I am happy that Obama is moving to close the torture 'loophole' - that goes against everything we sell ourselves as as Americans, and you cannot say we stand for liberty and justice and freedom for all, but we have to do this horrible thing because everybody else does it and the ends justify the means. No. On the other hand, it opens up a whole host of really uncomfortable questions, and I hope that this is step one, and step two is a really clever plan to address them. Where do these detainees go? What should the legal process for indicting/prosecuting/imprisoning terrorists be? Should there be degrees of terrorism like there are degrees of murder? There's a lot of hard questions there that I don't have the answers for, and am frankly glad that I don't personally have to come up with them. Like it says in this video, I'm glad we've elected the smart guy, because decades of going for the charismatic guy that doesn't make us feel stupid had gotten us in this mess. My understanding is that the Obama administration is asking for a 30 day suspension on everything, and I hope they come back with a plan at that point.

In other less political news, I came home on Sunday and started putting away my groceries only to notice that something was amiss in the kitchen. On further inspection, I discovered that my cabinets, which are ONLY TWO YEARS OLD are coming un-nailed from the back of the cabinet (which is mounted onto the wall). So now they're crooked and I'm trying to find a good handyman to put them back. To add to the unfairness, it's not even like I put that much food into them. Argh, I say, argh!

And that's about it. Most of my focus these days is on my diet (which is going well), making a blanket, figuring out what I'm doing with my vacation time this year (trips to Denver, home, Savannah, home), and fighting off a cold.


Nov. 18th, 2008 11:43 pm
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How are y'all doing tonight? I'm tired and a little tipsy and a little sad. Bad combo, and I should probably just go to bed, but I'm still winding down from work. I'm working West Coast hours, and that always throws me off a bit. Especially because it almost always turns out that I end up working from 10 am to 9pm, instead of 1pm to 9pm like I'm supposed to. So that never puts you in a good frame of mind anyway.

I'm cleaning my house up a bit, which is good. I was starting to feel kind of pig-sty-ish. It wasn't that bad, just a lot of clutter, which I'm picking up. I need to really clean though. That's not happening tonight though.

I tried calling my sister, but she's not answering. She's probably just at the movies or with her boyfriend. Or asleep. I haven't talked to her since Saturday, I think. She had a car accident on Friday - she's fine, somebody pulled out in front of her and did some damage to her brand new car, but she was just shook up and sore. She has bad car luck - she's been in five accidents that I can think of off the top of my head, and one when I was in high school that was serious. You want to be convinced to always wear your seatbelt? Go take a look at a scrunched-up car that has the indent of your sister's head in the front windshield. That'll do it.

On Sunday, I went to Home Depot and bought the shed that I've been talking about for ages. It comes on Thursday, and my dad's going to help me assemble it next week. They get here Sunday or Monday, and my sister comes on Wednesday night. I still need to find a restaurant for Thanksgiving lunch, but I have our tickets to the art museum on Friday sorted out, so that should be fun.

And that's about it for goings on around here.

For those of you that like these sorts of things, there is a fantastic Panic at the Disco Pride & Prejudice AU here, and a fic that I swear will make you like Ashlee Simpson-Wentz here.
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Ugh, I'm having one of those nights when I can't make my brain shut down. I'm feeling rushed with everything I need to do before I leave on my work trip on Sunday, since I won't get home til the following Saturday night and I'm having a Halloween party on that Sunday. So I'm lying in bed wondering about things like, if I took the bags with me to Mexico, maybe I could make those cool tea light bag things I saw in Better Homes and Gardens? And how much do cupcake cakes cost? And I need to invite a few more people that I missed out on (if you are in ATL and want to come, let me know!)... and the list goes on. Plus I need to re-seed my lawn this weekend, and redo the caulking in my bathroom for the tub and sink, and put the filters in my A/C vents. And and and... *hyperventilates*

So yeah, I'm putting writing and reading and practicing my drums on hold - I can take all that with me on my work trip - and focusing on the house.

On the bright side, I got a lot done today - 3 hours of lawn work! I had today off from work; they give us flex holidays, so we can choose when to take them. I took today off in celebration of Random Thursday. I hauled the rest of the debris from taking my shed down to the curb, and picked up the loose branches out of the back yard, and then bagged up 6 bags of pine straw (I think that's what the needles are called when they dry out) and pine cones! If anyone ever needs that stuff, I have a factory. Note to anyone doing any landscaping ever: do not plant pine trees! They are messy and they kill your grass, and there's a special season where you have to take great care walking from your car to your house so as not to be boinked on the head by a pine cone missile.

Then I cleaned up my rec room (this is what I am officially calling my 'garage'/craft room/game&DVD storage/workout room) for the party - I bought all my lawn care stuff at Lowe's last weekend and I'd just thrown it all in there, so now it's either put away, or tucked into the office until after the party. And I got my duvet cover that I washed this week put back on the bed. So I have accomplished quite a bit today!
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So the sheds in my backyard are gone! And it didn't cost me a dime. I'm seriously so relieved about this. Now all I have to do is clean up the debris left out there, which is mostly a giant pile of ivy, and some boards and bricks.
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So today I went to Home Depot and Lowe's and got quotes on all the things I need to start caring for my own lawn. Lowe's has said they will match Home Depot's financing plan (6 months, no interest, no payments), so I'm planning to buy everything from them except for the shed, which I'll get at Home Depot. The final cost is going to run me just under $1300. So that's 17 months of lawn service at the current price or 10 months at the new price.

Either way, I have a plan, go me!

The guy at HD also showed me Bagster, which is awesome - you buy the bag for $30 and it holds something like 3 tons of junk, and then you call them and they haul it away for $70. Way cheaper than the $300 the junk people wanted to charge me.

Then I came home and found a website for a company that says they'll come get it for free! So I'm trying them first, and then I'll do the bagster thing if that doesn't pan out.

Then I went to the craft store and bought the things I needed to make my brother's christmas present, and came home and ordered the photo developing online for it. And I finished putting together the scrapbook I completed last week.

Now I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine and start on my next project - sorting out my 2005 & 2006 scrapbook stuff - and watch The Black Parade is Dead! on DVD.
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I'm feeling proud of myself today. I've:

  • Scheduled an appointment to have my appliances given their annual once-over.

  • Called a company about hauling off the sheds out of my back yard. I've been putting this off for months!

  • Emailed two companies to get quotes for cleaning out my gutters.

Go me, responsible homeowner! And also, I put my trash out last night and they took it away this morning, so at least that's still working :D


May. 5th, 2008 12:21 am
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Happy Cinco de Mayo! (or at least it will be by the time I get done typing this!)

So I kinda posted last week and then disappeared, sorry about that. Thanks for everyone that replied to my post. Work was a complete clusterfuck all week, and left me mostly comatose in the evenings. To update on the dog story: So I called animal control again on Wednesday, because the dog not only had been out each day since I'd asked my neighbor to keep him in on Monday, but also because he was dragging trash into my backyard, and they weren't home when I went over to tell them. Then on the way back to my house, the dog got between me and my door and wouldn't let me go in my own house. I had to get a stick out of another neighbor's yard and threaten him with it before I could go back in. So I called them, and I don't think they ever came. More dog sightings on Thursday and Friday, complete with their OTHER dog out and in my backyard. I was pissed, but so consumed with work I didn't have time to do anything about it.

Friday is my day for tennis class, but I got a big surprise when I walked out my front door after work. The curb and yard of the neighbor's house was piled up with trash and furniture and kids toys. All their cars were gone. They're moving out! I had about 1 minute of pure joy, and then I realized that THE DOG WAS STILL THERE. :( Fail, neighbors, fail. There wasn't much I could do about it, since they were gone and it was after 5pm, so I went off to tennis. I am loving playing again - it's nice to do exercise that doesn't involve machines, and that does involve socializing. I am making new friends, yay!

Saturday I heard movement next door when I got up, and saw them moving more stuff out to the curb. By the time I got ready, they were gone again, and there was no sign of the dog, so I hope they took him with them this time. Maybe they were just making a trip on Friday and came back for him that night, idk. I'd gotten up early so that I could go to the art museum. This weekend was the last weekend for the Georgia O'Keefe/Stieglitz showing. I am not a huge Georgia O'Keefe fan, but I bought a membership to the High (yes, that is the name of Atlanta's art museum - I really wish they'd do a 'Come On, Get High' promotion) this year and I want to try to go to all the exhibits. I was a little skeeved by the description of her mentor/husband, because there were a lot of references to his belief that women brought a child-like innocence to art that had a lot of creepy undertones to them, and his photography, particularly his nudes of her, was disconcerting and awkward. I did enjoy some of the other artists he had mentored though, particularly some of the photographs by Gertrude Kasebier.

Today, I got up and fixed both of my gates, so if there is a return of the dog, or if I get new neighbors, I will be prepared! I do feel bad for the owners of the property - they are a nice couple about my age, and this was their first flip then they couldn't sell it so they had to rent it. I guarantee you the renters destroyed the place. Then I drove up to Buckhead to go to the sporting goods store because I needed tape for the handle on my tennis racquet. This should have cost me $5. It ended up costing me $90. I now have: tape, a new racquet (it is purple and pretty and part of the proceeds go to fight breast cancer), a new tennis outfit, and socks to match it. Oops?

My little detour almost made me miss my flight out, not because I took to long, but because I didn't realize that the construction on 75/85 had moved from the northbound lane to the southbound. But I made it and now I am in French Lick, Indiana, lucky me! The hotel is really nice, and here's to hoping that this week goes better than last week!
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I had Friday off as a comp day, due to all the travelling around I've been doing, so I decided to use it to paint my living room/upstairs hallway. Photos of what it looked like before are here. I painted for about five hours and then went off and played tennis for an hour and a half, then came back and painted from 9pm to 3am. I kept thinking, I'm so close, I'll just finish it. I got it done, but eesh, was I tired the next day! And also, so so sore. The tennis alone probably would have done me in, but combined with 10 hours of painting, and my carpal tunnel flaring up, and moving around just was not fun.

But the room looks gorgeous! Pictures are here - the faceplates and stuff are still off, and I've moved almost all the furniture out of the room, but you get the idea.

On Saturday, I bought the area rug I've had my eye on for months for this room, and I pick it up this coming Saturday, so once I have the room more together I'll do another set of photos!

Also on Saturday, I saw Tristan Prettyman at Eddie's Attic - she's really great, check her out on myspace.

On Sunday, I flew to Boston, as my site this week is on Cape Cod, and got to have dinner with my brother and his wife, so I am a happy camper this week! :D Hope you're all doing well!
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*sigh* That's the song playing on my iPod right now - ironic, since I'm sitting here wondering where the weekend went.

I've really gotten spoiled with my travel schedule this spring, and now that I'm back on doing back-to-back trips, I'm cranky. I got home around 11pm on Friday night, and left out at 3pm today, so that's what? 36 hours home? Something like that. I spent most of that doing prep work on my living room: taking off the electrical covers, patching scratches, sanding down drywall, primering over the paint sample that I tried and didn't like, washing the baseboards. Now I just have to find the time to actually paint. It's looking like the end of April, unless my site for week after next falls off.

Hmm. That's about all I have to say that isn't whining, either about the house, or being a grown up, or being single, or the blisters on my feet, or my writing. Whining feels overindulgent today, so I'm going to skip it.
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Scott came over tonight, to hang out and have dinner and help me with some projects around the house. He changed my outside lights for me (woe, I am a short person), and we hung the shelves in the basement that we started to hang in October but didn't have the right parts for. This is the first time we've both been around since then! I am so excited, now I can unpack my DVDs, which have been in a box since Feb 2007. And we moved my living room furniture so I can start painting in there soon.

And we watched Top Chef :D Scott hadn't seen any of the new season and they were playing all three episodes. I think Stephanie's going to win this season. Which probably means she'll get kicked off next week, I am bad at predicting.
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I woke up this morning with all my muscles screaming. Apparently an hour and a half of tennis after a lifetime of laziness had consequences. I sucked it up though, because today was forecast to be the nicest day of the weekend and I wanted to take care of a couple of outdoor projects. So I downed some Aleve, and headed outside.

First, I went around the yard picking up all the branches that have fallen over the winter, and then I pulled all the vines trying to grow on my house. Then I moved on to the major project for the day. Last year my dad made a new door for the crawlspace to my house, but told me that I needed to let it weather for a year before I painted it. So I start painting, only to realize I can hear running water. Not good.

I open the door, and where the sump pump is, there's a mini geyser under my house. Like, its own little water feature and yet not planned or soothing. So I got my dad on the phone, with visions of plumbers in my future, and crawled under my house. We ruled out fuse issues, and I got to learn how to test an outlet with a voltage meter (while standing in a bit of water, with my dad ready to call the paramedics from 800 miles away if things went badly). While doing that, I realized that the outlet was grounded so I pushed the button to shut it off and the water stopped.

Once the fountain was off, I realized that the problem was that the flex pipe that connected to the pump had come off. It should have just needed reattaching but somehow it didn't reach any more. I don't know. Maybe it shrunk? So I take measurements and get advice from my dad and head off to Home Depot. They, of course, have nothing that will bridge the gap. So I head off to the local Ace True Value Hardware, and oh! Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man! I am going to make an effort to shop there more often. He was so nice, listened to me, got me a whole new sump pump kit and connections and explained how it all needed to go together, and the whole thing cost less than $20. Then, when I got home and couldn't get part of the old pipe off the sump pump, I took the whole thing to the store and he took it off, put the new part on, and tightened it for me. I am a little bit in love with him.

The best part was while I was standing in the parking lot, waiting for him to come back with the wrench to tighten the connection, a little boy about three years old toddled by and looked at me (having spent about four hours crawling in and out from under my house, rolling around in red Georgia mud) and said, "Mommy, why is that lady so dirty?" ♥
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It is 9:30 on Saturday night, and I am in bed in my jammies.

In my defense, I have had a busy day, a busy weekend actually. I got my hair cut and colored yesterday, which takes about 3 hours. It's still red with the blonde streaks, but it's much shorter. Me like. I came home and started hanging up my wavy IKEA mirrors in my bedroom. Of course I ran out of drywall screws, and since it was midnight, I couldn't go get more. This is what I get for starting home improvement projects at 10PM.

I went to bed at 3:30am, which was absolutely dumb since I knew I had to get up in time to get to the post office this morning. So I only got about six hours of sleep, and I woke up having a dream that I was driving my parents' SUV, the one they had when I was in high school, and it got stolen while I was inside a gas station buying a candy bar. I'm sure that says something about a guilty conscience, but I'm not sure what. So I drug myself out of bed, tons of cranky, couldn't wash my hair because of the dye, added cranky, and headed out. Ran by the dry cleaners, and then on to the post office. Only to find out that the Little Five Post Office doesn't open on Saturdays anymore. DOUBLE TONS OF CRANKY. So I had to go all the way back to Decatur to the busy post office, but I got my tax returns mailed along with my brother's Christmas gifts, since I've given up on getting to visit them this month, and really March is too late to give gifts.

Then I went to Lowe's and got the screws to finish hanging the mirrors and got a second paint sample for the living room as after two weeks of living with the other sample, I've finally decided it is not the color. Fingers crossed on this one. I also got curtains and a curtain rod for the laundry closet, and assorted other stuff. Yay shopping!

Next it was time for my drum lesson, so I trucked over to Earthshaking. My instructor wasn't there yet, so I started practicing on the actual kit what I've been doing at home all week using my practice pad as a snare, thin air for bass, and a carefully constructed tower of notebook/Kleenex box/glass coaster for the highhat. Oddly, using the kit was easier. :) After half an hour and still no teacher, I asked the shop to call him and went back to practicing. I got a full hour in when he called the store to let me know he couldn't make it - I'd only given him my home number and he'd left me a message. Not upset at all, I got to bang on a drum for a FULL HOUR today, wheeeeeee!

Then I came home, finished hanging the mirrors, and then went to work on the laundry closet: hanging brackets for curtain rod, putting the rod together, ironing curtains, removing doors, hanging curtain. For the first time in almost a year, I can easily open my dryer door! FTMFW! \o/

The downside to all this is I now feel like I've been run down by a Mack truck. So now, I'ma read for a while and go to sleep. Happy Saturdaying to you all!
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*I've flown over 45,000 miles this year, but only taken 11 trips.
*I'm torn over the last Harry Potter movie. I am only on the third book of the series, I like reading them after the movies come out. Weird, I know. I'm spoiled through Book 6, and I've never cared before but now I find myself not wanting to know how it ends til the last movie comes out. Which means I'd have to go at least two more years never reading anything about Harry Potter on the internet ever again. Odds of this happening: 1 in 1 billion.
*I'm working on my ipod playlists - I'm into the W's! 2069 songs down, a few hundred more to go. Plus all the new albums I've bought since the beginning of the year. Yeah, it's never going to be finished. But hopefully I can work on it while I'm home between now and September.
*I also want to work on my scrapbooks for a while - and take a break on doing things around the house. We'll see! :D
*I wish my sister would move to Atlanta, but she probably won't.
*The shelf that I was so proud of hanging in my coat closet? Fell down last weekend when I put actual coats on it. I used drywall screws and everything. Am giving up and getting my dad to fix it next week.
*I'm going on another pub crawl this weekend - this time [ profile] namaste_atlanta's coming with me! Goals for the evening: have fun, meet new people, don't miss the last train back to Decatur this time.


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