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 I may have just done a cartwheel in my parents' front yard.  Maybe.  You can't prove anything.

I forget, because I don't often come home this time of year, how beautiful Missouri is in the spring.  I don't think I've ever been anywhere like my parents' yard - it smells so good, and the grass is like carpet, and there are catalpa tree blooms on the ground like snow.  I'm putting some pictures up on tumblr, but they don't do it justice.  

This weekend was both sad and happy, wishing for different circumstances but glad to be with my family.  My sister is holding up pretty well, so far at least, and I'm glad I could stay this week and be with her.  She had to go run some errands with some of her boyfriend's friends this afternoon, but she is on her way home and we're going to make cookies. 
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Last day! Do you feel like you know me better now?

Today's Instagram filter is Sierra.

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Sorry I missed out on posting yesterday - I had trouble getting my phone to sync the photos up.

Anyway, you didn't miss much :)

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So this is where you guys start to really see how little I leave the house...

Today's Instagram filter is X-pro II

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Today's Instagram filter is Earlybird.

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Ok, so I decided I would use a different Instagram filter each day for these. Yesterday's was Lo-Fi, today's is Hudson.

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Several people on my flist have been doing this, so of course I thought I'd wait til they were all done and over it and then do it myself. Because I'm awesome at being late to the party like that.
ETA: Instagram Filter - Lo-Fi
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Nov. 2nd, 2010 12:36 am
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My Hawaii photos

My Alaska photos

You should be able to view these photos even if you aren't on Facebook, although I'm sure they'll try to convince you that you should join.
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Day 11: A photo of you taken recently

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Day 10: A photo of you taken over ten years ago
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Day 09: A photo you took
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The elevators at the Marriott in downtown Atlanta.

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So I finally got around to putting up the stuff from DragonCon, check it out :D

DragonCon 2009 Barry Bostwick on Supernatural guest spot

DragonCon 2009 Alan Ruck talks about being on Star Trek

DragonCon 2009 Louise Fletcher & Bruce Davison on Worst Acting experiences


I promise to put some sort of post up that has something to do with me sometime soon.
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Well, if that's the case I must have gained a lot today. I've spent all afternoon fighting against the wilderness that is my backyard. I got about halfway done, and I didn't even get to the front yard.

Next time I buy a house, it's going to come with a gardener.

So I started off by taking my brand new hedge trimmer out of the box and managed to hurt myself in the first .02 seconds of this little project. 95% of the time when I get injured, it's doing something that I knew better than to do and today was no exception: never pick anything up by the blade. DUH. I still have all my fingers. \o? One of them is a little bit more sliced up than it was yesterday though. After bandaging that up, I then went out and starting hacking down as much of the brush and assorted trees as I could get my hedge trimmer to saw down.

Things I learned:

I need a wheelbarrow.
Wheelbarrows are expensive.
And will not fit in my car. Must put on Honey-Do list for Scott and his lovely SUV.
I also need a hatchet.
And a chainsaw. The odds of my bleeding out in my backyard will only rise exponentially.

The pluses are that now my backyard looks much less like a haven for snakes, and that what is left will be easier to do.

What it looks like now

What I cleared out
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Part 1


Part 2

What? It's not Christmas yet, I'm still on time!
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In the 'Have You Ever' meme, [ profile] the_grapevine asked about a childhood toy I had saved.

This is one of those things where it probably shouldn't count, but I'm counting it anyway. I saved my favorite childhood toy, which was a little doll with red hair called Patches McGee, through every culling of stuff at my parents' house. My grandmother gave her to me for my first birthday. Unfortunately, Patches was lost for good a few Christmases ago, when I decided to go through everything at home and bring it back to Atlanta. I was in the habit of mailing my xmas presents back, and so I just tucked her into the box and sent it on its merry way.

Yeah, it never arrived, and Patches, along with my geekazoid quiz bowl medals and MY SENIOR YEAR DIARY OMG, lost forever.

Me and Patches McGee... )


Dec. 4th, 2008 01:45 pm
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In the 'Have You Ever' meme, [ profile] mrsquizzical asked about me piecing a quilt.

Before I was old enough to go to school, my mom worked so I stayed with my grandmother instead of going to preschool. Grandmother lived next door to us, and she was big on not letting TV rot your brain, so as a three year old, I learned to read, write, and generally entertain myself. I particularly liked gluing stuff to other stuff - this was hours of entertainment. Grandmother never seemed to care what I ruined, as long as I was having fun doing it.

I also spent a lot of time with her while she did her errands and hobbies. We went to church, to the bank (they always gave me free candy through the drive-thru window, I remember them fondly. Plus you had to drive through the middle of a building to do it, which was inherently cool), to deliver meals on wheels. And she had a quilting circle. She would give me a pattern piece and tell me how many she wanted, and I would diligently pin and cut and count til I had the right number. Then she showed me how to thread the needles and tie knots, and I would sew pieces together and give them to her, and she would put them in the right place in her squares.

And then once a week, she would set up a big quilting loom in her basement, and all her quilting friends would come over. I helped sometimes, but I was too little for most of it. I remember clearly though, lying on my back under the table and watching all their needles going in and out in tiny delicate stitches as they put everything together. I have one of her quilts, a wedding quilt, that I plan to hang on a wall in my guest room one day soon.

So it's not exactly the same as putting one together on my own, but I figured it was close enough to count, and it gave me the skills to make this, which I did over the weekend:

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Ok, it should come as no surprise to you that I'm a giant dork.

I'm a Georgia Voter! )

Ignore the slightly crazed look in my eyes. It's just because I'm trying to work technology before my first caffeine fix. Camera phones are hard, yo.
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So I'm in Dallas now. The flight was a bit excruciating, between the screaming baby behind me and his 8-year-old brother kicking the back of my seat and then sitting on the tarmac at DFW for almost two hours because the hydrolics broke when we landed and they couldn't steer the plane. Good times.

In other news:

Pictures from Merida

Pictures from the Halloween Party
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Drums practiced!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any writing done today. Yet - the day obviously isn't over yet. I thought I'd go to the internet cafe that I like and write there, but their internet kept going out, and since I am keeping my writing in Google docs right now because I keep thinking my computer's due for a crash, I didn't get much done. I moved to a second cafe, but I was just too distracted.

Also, Atlanta's (well, the southeast's, really) gas crisis goes on. Gas is $4.29 a gallon, and about 1 in 3 gas stations is completely out of gas. Yes, Rest of the World, I know you pay more than this for gas. But the national average right now is $3.64, so we are paying a lot more than the rest of the country. Ugh.

And finally, I can has fake tattoo )

It's a little blurry, but that's the camera, not the tattoo. :( *wants new cam*


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