Mar. 25th, 2008

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I have new music, yay!

I just ran to Best Buy and bought the new Counting Crows and the new Panic at the Disco. God, I miss Tower Records. They used to have pretty much everything that was alternative for $8.99. Now Best Buy had some good deals on both of these at 9.99, but there's a new Raconteurs album out (fail, universe, for not telling me this) that they wanted $14.99 for and The Hush Sound's new one was $12.99. I refuse to pay more than $10 for a CD, there's just no reason for it. Not unless it's a double CD or has a DVD in it. Just my personal opinion.

But now on to how my iPod owns me. So I'm going through all my new music which I cunningly stole from the internets which I have been trying out for a few months now, and of course the way I want iTunes to work and the way it actually does are two different things. So I am going through the process of burning CDs, then I'll have to delete the files off my computer, then burn the CDs back on. I know it sounds dumb, but if I don't then I get a ton of files on my computer and it's all messy and it bothers me. Anal retentive much? Yes I know.

But new music, yay!

Off to practice my drums! Oh! My sis-in-law and I were talking and I might have told her I'd make a video of me playing the drums. If I do, I shall be sure to share the hilarity with you here. :D


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