Feb. 16th, 2008

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It is 9:30 on Saturday night, and I am in bed in my jammies.

In my defense, I have had a busy day, a busy weekend actually. I got my hair cut and colored yesterday, which takes about 3 hours. It's still red with the blonde streaks, but it's much shorter. Me like. I came home and started hanging up my wavy IKEA mirrors in my bedroom. Of course I ran out of drywall screws, and since it was midnight, I couldn't go get more. This is what I get for starting home improvement projects at 10PM.

I went to bed at 3:30am, which was absolutely dumb since I knew I had to get up in time to get to the post office this morning. So I only got about six hours of sleep, and I woke up having a dream that I was driving my parents' SUV, the one they had when I was in high school, and it got stolen while I was inside a gas station buying a candy bar. I'm sure that says something about a guilty conscience, but I'm not sure what. So I drug myself out of bed, tons of cranky, couldn't wash my hair because of the dye, added cranky, and headed out. Ran by the dry cleaners, and then on to the post office. Only to find out that the Little Five Post Office doesn't open on Saturdays anymore. DOUBLE TONS OF CRANKY. So I had to go all the way back to Decatur to the busy post office, but I got my tax returns mailed along with my brother's Christmas gifts, since I've given up on getting to visit them this month, and really March is too late to give gifts.

Then I went to Lowe's and got the screws to finish hanging the mirrors and got a second paint sample for the living room as after two weeks of living with the other sample, I've finally decided it is not the color. Fingers crossed on this one. I also got curtains and a curtain rod for the laundry closet, and assorted other stuff. Yay shopping!

Next it was time for my drum lesson, so I trucked over to Earthshaking. My instructor wasn't there yet, so I started practicing on the actual kit what I've been doing at home all week using my practice pad as a snare, thin air for bass, and a carefully constructed tower of notebook/Kleenex box/glass coaster for the highhat. Oddly, using the kit was easier. :) After half an hour and still no teacher, I asked the shop to call him and went back to practicing. I got a full hour in when he called the store to let me know he couldn't make it - I'd only given him my home number and he'd left me a message. Not upset at all, I got to bang on a drum for a FULL HOUR today, wheeeeeee!

Then I came home, finished hanging the mirrors, and then went to work on the laundry closet: hanging brackets for curtain rod, putting the rod together, ironing curtains, removing doors, hanging curtain. For the first time in almost a year, I can easily open my dryer door! FTMFW! \o/

The downside to all this is I now feel like I've been run down by a Mack truck. So now, I'ma read for a while and go to sleep. Happy Saturdaying to you all!


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