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Title: Stories Stacked Up So Tall
Author: <lj user="vixalicious" />
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Harry/Liam, Liam/Louis
Warnings: Fluff?
Word count: ~23K
Author's notes: can be found on posting site
Summary: Liam spends his days in a dreary booth selling train tickets and daydreaming about his favorite customer, Harry. When Harry gets assaulted at the station, Liam saves his life and finds that his quiet existence is turned upside down. As Harry languishes in a coma, Liam gets closer with to Harry’s family and to his best mate, Louis. There’s only one problem: everyone thinks Liam is Harry’s boyfriend. To make matters worse, Liam starts to fall for Louis. But how can Liam come clean without losing everything? An AU based on the movie ‘While You Were Sleeping.’
Find it on: <a href="" target="_blank">AO3</a>
The companion mix by <lj user="prettykitty_aya" /> is <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> - check it out!
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 I really wish people on AO3 would warn for first person POV.
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 Oh god, I'm so close to finishing my big bang and I just CAN'T GET IT DONE.  

Like, I stare at it and write ten words, or I realize it needs a whole other scene, and ugh.  I just want to be finished now, please.
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 Is there a limit to how many Smiths jokes I can make in my 'boyfriend in a coma' One Direction fic?

I think not.

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Liam/Always-a-girl! Louis

It took me ages, but I've finally posted my fill for the Girl!Direction challenge.  It's here on AO3.

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 Freudian slips in writing are awesome!

Sentence I just wrote in the fic I'm working on:

She can’t help but crow a little, as she drags him closer to me. 

Note:  I am not supposed to be in this fic.  It is not a threesome, and I don't get to make out with the hot boy.  FML.

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How sad is it that writing pr0n with girl parts is so much harder for me than M/M?  I have girl parts.

It's possible they've rusted shut from disuse, but I have them.  


Back to it. 
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Hi!  I'm still here.  I know I haven't posted in forever.  Let's see... it's been since the end of June.

I went home for the 4th.  Then my sister came to visit me for 10 days.  Then a friend was in town for the weekend.  I have lots of thinky thoughts about my family right now, but nothing I want to start in on this late at night.  This is basically just the post I have to do to start posting again, because otherwise I get lost in my head thinking that the first post back has to be this big deal.  It's a thing.

Anyway, I've been writing again.  I'm working on a long-ish (for me) fic that's currently kicking my a$$, but today instead of working on that, I decided to write a couple thousand words for a ficathon prompt, with some sexy times.  

One Direction
Prompt:  someone (drunk dude at a bar?) says something mean about someone in 1d and liam punches him. louis takes care of liams bruises after 
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Title: You Can Be My White Knight
Pairing: Liam/Louis
Rating: PG
Word count: ~2,600

Summary: Liam comes down with the 'flu on tour.

On AO3 here

Disclaimer: So completely on the not true side that it's almost worked it's way back around. Or, er. Something. They're most likely not doing it, y'all.  If you got here by googling yourself, hit the back button, this is not for you.

Notes:   Title from Katie Herzig's Forevermore.   A big thank you to torakowalski for the Britpick; all further mistakes are all on me. This is all harriet_vane’s fault; like, a month ago I didn’t even know who these people were!

This way lies madness... )

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 Cramps, oh god, the cramps. :((((((((((((((((( I'm literally curled up in bed with a heating pad right now, which NEVER happens to me. I am displeased.

My last post was about all the things I was going to do this weekend, and I mostly did them except for the craft project.  To be fair though, that was because it took me almost all damn day on Saturday to find the stuff to do it with.  Oh, and I didn't go to bed early, but did anyone really think that was going to happen?  I also didn't return my library books, must do that tonight if I go to tennis.

I also wrote something!  It's nearly finished, and is only about 2500 words, but given that I haven't written anything in about a year, it is impressive to me :)  I only have one little awkward transition to work out and it will be complete.  Yay new fandom!

Also, for anyone on my flist who is curious about who the hell One Direction are, and why they've eaten my life lately, <user name=harriet_vane> did a very funny primer which is here: 

Yes they are very young, but they are all over 18, so I've chosen to be fine with it.  

And it's taken me so long to type this that my cramps have mostly subsided, yay!  

Now if only I could have managed to do any actual work today. :(


Sep. 20th, 2011 09:33 pm
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September 20 "Baking chicken"
Baking chicken. What does this remind you of? Just start writing.

"Baking chicken?" She flipped her hair out of her eyes with a flick of an impatient wrist. "Are you kidding me?"

Her husband stood in front of her with a sheepish expression. His apron was blackened and charred,the remains of a screen-print on the front saying "iss the Coo" with just a smidgen of an imprint of a red lipstick kiss left. He looked really apologetic as he tried to calm her down. "It was an accident-"

"Oh, really? Really?" Wrong thing to say, apparently, although everyone nearby was at a loss to say what the right words would be. She continued, her voice rising with every syllable. "You accidentally destroyed my kitchen. You accidentally burned a whole in the goddamned wall.  You accidentally killed my pet parakeet with smoke inhalation!  Is this what you're trying to tell me?  It's okay because it was an accident?  What in God's name were you even thinking?"

One of the nearby firemen winced as her tirade rose to unheard of heights, and her husband paled even further.  He shoved his hands in his pockets, and looked down at the ground as if the cracks in the sidewalk might herald some life-saving answer.  The chaos of the scene seemed to recede, the hurried pace of the firemen and rescue workers fading into the background, and it was as if the whole world was holding its collective breath, waiting for an answer.  Finally, he looked up, an uncertain expression on his face as he offered an explanation.  "Happy Anniversary?"


So my plan was to do these Sunday through Thursday.  See how well that's working out?
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September 15 "Chez Zag"
Besty writes restaurant reviews for a local glossy magazine. Her identical twin, Belinda, reviews the same restaurant, but for a different local glossy magazine. The restaurant is Chez Zag, and, it so happens, both order the onion and date tart. Besty is having a great day. Belinda, however, suspects that her husband is having an affair. Write the first three lines of Besty's review, and the first three lines of Belinda's review.

Betsy's Review:

Chez Zag opened its doors in the trendy Deer Park neighborhood last month, and executive chef Mario Zaglametti is keeping pace with the high-end boutiques and bauble-peddlers that surround it. With its cozy atmosphere, romantic lighting, and attentive yet unobtrusive staff, it's a fabulous first date venue - so when your flirty officemate finally gets the nerve up to ask you to dinner, Chez Zag is definitely a winner! Then make a second trip back with your best girlfriends to try the divine onion and date tart - well worth the hike and the halitosis!

Belinda's Review:
With its dark corners and tall booths, Chez Zag is an excellent place for those who have something to hide, be it insider trading or indiscretions. Located in Deer Park, amongst swanky boutiques where married men buy their mistresses' silence with expensive trinkets, head chef Mario Zaglametti's latest venture combines excellent service with a daring menu. I recommend the onion and date tart - sweet, unsuspecting date meets slippery, bitter onion, hidden a melt-in-your-mouth flaky crust that will leave you wondering how you ended up with an empty plate.


Ok, that was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be, and took me far longer than 5 minutes. Partially because I was distracted by TV and internet, but also because this is a departure from the style and tone of writing I would normally do. Feel free to critique my work!


Sep. 15th, 2011 02:54 am
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I used to write a lot. All the time, every (or nearly every) day. I don't really do that now. I'd like that to change.

At Dragon*Con, I went to several of the writer's track panels, as I do every year. I whinged a lot to [personal profile] zillah975 about how I wish I was writing, like I do every year. Tonight, I went through all the notes I'd jotted in my iPod (yay technology) and I bookmarked all the sites they'd talked about and...

I didn't write anything.

I could have. I totally didn't need to watch those episodes of Criminal Minds (which I'd already seen), Monk (which I don't even like), & Without a Trace (what the hell am I still doing up at this hour?) I could have spent that time being far more productive. Except for the tennis I went and played, and then the drama tennis email waiting for me at home (LSS: we are probably kicking someone off the team for attitude issues.) Those were productive.

I have given this a lot of thought, and I have come to the conclusion that I don't know how to write at home. I did most of my writing in airplanes, airports, hotel rooms, etc. I was alone by circumstance and I had a large block of unfilled time with few other options for distraction. I also had a laptop with a lot longer battery life than I do now - at 45 minutes, I don't even bother to turn it on during the few trips I take these days.

When I was thinking about this entry (which I should have written hours ago instead of now, when it's closing on 3 am and I should be ASLEEP,) I thought the latest thing I'd written was earlier this year. I looked it up, and turns out it was last November. BTW, I never posted a link here; it's AI8 Kris/Adam fluffiness over on DW if you want to check it out. It's only 3500 words.

Anyway, I have decided that I need to work on finding a way to write at home. So I am going to try some writing exercises, to get myself back in the habit and to train myself to write at home. I have found a website with several prompts, and a podcast that is led by one of the panelists from Dragon*Con. So expect to read some weird things from me in the coming months!

OH, and [personal profile] zillah975 - remember when we were drunk and I told you that I once wrote cloud slash? here. And here.
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You know what will mess with you?

Writing fluffy Adam Lambert AI8 fic while in the background watching an episode of Criminal Minds where the serial killer is named Adam.
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Day 15: A fanfic

Fandom: Bandom/Panic! at the Disco
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer, barely
Warning: This is stupid, and only one scene, and un-betaed. And I've been drinking.

ETA: Now on AO3 here

"You should ask him out."

Brendon loves Gerard a whole lot. Gerard gave him a job when no one else would, when he was literally two seconds away from being homeless, and now he gets to spend his days shilling comic books and playing Magic. Gerard is arty and sweet and smart and one of Brendon's absolute favorite people in the whole world. Gerard is also thirty and still lives in his mom's basement, and no way in hell is Brendon taking dating advice from him. He draws two cards from his deck as he shakes his head. "No fucking way. He's out of my league."

"Dog-boy is not out of your league," Frank frowns over at him. "He walks dogs for a living, he's not out of anybody's league. And would you fucking go already?"

Brendon lays down an enchantment on his creature and attacks Frank (with malice in his heart, for calling Shiny-Haired Smiley Guy a name like Dog-Boy, that's just not nice.) "I think he goes to college, I saw him reading a textbook over at Starbucks once."

"That doesn't make him out of your league," Gerard frowns, and Brendon can see the 'you're just as good as anyone' lecture building over his head like a thundercloud.

"Who's out of whose league?"

Brendon looks up, and grins happily at Bob. Bob works next door at the stereo place. Bob is badass, and one day, with a lot of hard work and practice, Brendon is going to grow up to be just like him. Only slightly more sparkly.

"We're planning Brendon's happy future with Dog-Boy," Frank says, because Frank's kind of an asshole like that sometimes. Brendon sticks out his tongue at him.

"Dog-Boy?" Bob looks confused. He raises a brow in Brendon's direction. "I'm not one to judge, but I gotta say, stick with one species."

Gerard giggles, high-pitched and happy. Gerard's always happy when Bob comes over, and Brendon suspects it's because he'd like to move Bob into his mother's basement but so far he hasn't been able to prove that. Gerard just shakes his head and says, "No, Brendon's crushing over that guy who walks the Betermans' schnauzer."

"Oh, Spencer?" Bob says and shrugs. "He's a cool dude. You should go for it, B."

Brendon just shrugs, and doesn't say anything. Especially not that Spencer is like, the world's most perfect name for the most perfect boy. It's a shiny name. It goes with the hair, Brendon thinks.

Future days )


Jun. 7th, 2009 12:19 am
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Looking for a quick, completely unscientific poll here:

When did you first go online, and what was it like?

I got my first laptop in 1998 and that's when I went online. It was all AOL chat rooms, complete with skeezy guys trying to have cybersex.
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I mentioned a while back that I feel sometimes like Twitter has taken over from where I used to post, although honestly I don't think I post less, it's just that because the twitter feed posts here every day, I feel like there's less actual content on my blogs. I immediately came up with a list of things I wanted to post about and then, just as immediately, failed to post about any of them. Now I will attempt to start remedying that.

One of the things I came up with, and that's been on my mind lately, is writing. Writing and Why I'm Not Doing It, to be more specific. I haven't written anything since last November, not even stuff that I just haven't finished really. I have a two-paragraph bandom thing that I think I did in December, but trust me when I say it doesn't count. I could give a million reasons why I'm not writing now - I was burned out by life in December, I've been working on craft projects & stuff around the house, I'm focusing on other hobbies like tennis & drums (haha, yeah, not reall) - but they'd just be excuses.

The real reason is that I'm scared.

I'm scared, because of what I want to write: the novel that I started plotting out last year for the creative writing class that I took. I'm scared, because I honestly think it's the best idea I've ever had, and because writing it means committing to doing something about it when (if!) it's done. I'm scared by the amount of research, the scope of the novel, the amount of work and disappointment that goes into trying to get published. What if I can't do it? What if I do it and it sucks? What if I do it and it doesn't suck? I've sort of worked myself into a tizzy about it, to the point that rather than think about it, I just do other stuff. I've bought some of the books I wanted for research, but didn't read them. I downloaded a free software for writing, but haven't taken the time to read the instructions (although I have actually played with it - it seems... complex).

Also, I still haven't managed to fit writing into my 'at home' activities. It was so easy before to fit it into the 3-5 hours a week I spent on airplanes, away from the distractions of the internet and the rest of the world. Now I am home more, I don't seem to make time for it. Heaven forbid I watch one less episode of crappy TV a week or anything.

So that's what's been on my mind writing-wise. I don't know that this was the most coherent explanation of it, but that's what I've got today.
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Oh, also today I came up with the awesomest name for the novel that I am sort of kind of, not really writing but thinking about the research I should be doing so I can write it, which I will probably skip and just write the damn thing.

I don't want to say what it is (for stupid reasons), but just wanted to share that I am basking in the glory of my own imagined cleverness.
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For the first time ever, something I've written has gotten so much feedback that it went to two pages of comments!!! \o/
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Title: The Sweet Spot
Author: [ profile] vixalicious
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer, (Ryan/Keltie)
Rating: R
Word count: ~15,000
Disclaimer: So completely on the not true side that it's almost worked it's way back around. Or, er. Something. They're probably not doing it, y'all.

Written for [ profile] harlequin_bands
Original prompt:"Responsibility" should be Nicole Keyes's middle name. After all, not many people would sacrifice their lives to run the family bakery and raise a younger sibling. But with Nicole's twin sister now blissfully married and her younger sis turning out more femme fatale than girl-next-door, super reliable Nicole is getting sick of putting everyone else's needs first!

Enter Hawk. The deliciously sexy former NFL player offers Nicole a taste of the freedom she craves. Hawk may know the way, blindfolded, to her sweet spot, but Nicole's not about to let him get close enough to break her heart. Of course, she might not have a choice in the matter if Hawk's past keeps getting in the way of their present.

Summary: "Responsibility" should be Spencer Smith's middle name (except it's James). After all, not many people would sacrifice their lives to run the family bakery and raise their twin sisters. But now the girls are grown, and Spencer has to learn to put his own needs first! And Brendon, the Sweet Spot's newest regular, might just be what Spencer's looking for. But will Brendon's past get in the way of their present?

Notes: Completely unbeta'd - if I missed something glaring, let me know. Also, contains chats and texts that are purposefully misspelled and might make your eyes bleed if that sort of thing bothers you. In other news, I've aged them up; this isn't future fic, it's present day but they're just older. Also, names of family members have been changed because they didn't sign up to be famous on the internet.

ETA: Now on AO3 here

Part One )

Part 2


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