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K & I broke up tonight. It wasn't a fight or anything melodramatic; he's moving back to California because he can't find a job here, and neither of us are interested in a long distance relationship. I've always known this was a possibility when he got his MBA, which he finishes up next week, and in the last month or so it's looked more and more likely, so it's not a shock. It still sucks, and I'm still sad about it, but I'm not devastated. He did say the hardest part about making the decision was knowing it meant we'd break up, so that's something to hold onto, I guess. He's a good guy, and I hope he finds happiness. And I hope I do too.
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and yet apparently it is. Bob Bryar is no longer the drummer for My Chemical Romance.

I am super sad about this. I'm pretty invested in them as a band, and a part of that has always been that these guys really seem to care about each other. (Example, this clip from their documentary) It makes me sad to think that might not be true, as the rumors are that it was not an amiable split. Plus I think he's a great drummer.

Plus I think he's hot. ;)

Also, since when is Frank the band ambassador? I'm starting to associate his name with bad news. :(
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Ok, so today was kinda crap. I downloaded about 6 file recovery programs and none of them could see my NAS drive. So then I had the brilliant idea that I could just hook up the drive to my laptop by USB... except I don't have a USB to USB cable. I ran to Walmart and bought what I thought was one, but it turned out to be an adapter. Oops. Who needed that $15 anyway? Then I ran to Best Buy, and the guy there said that it was much more complicated than that and rambled for a while while I pretended to understand him. It always amazes me how easily I'm thrown by things in those situations. He kept asking me if I had a WEP. Only he was saying it Double U Eee Pee, instead of whep, like a word. Anyway, long story short too late, it's to difficult to get the files.

So I'm downloading them again. Those of you in bandom will understand the horror of this - most of these songs were stuff I'd downloaded from [ profile] bandombigbang. On the plus side, all the rare mp3s I'd paid to download from Paste Magazine were still available.

And I'm going to start backing up my NAS now.

Also I had to put soft paws on Cinnamon tonight because they'd all come off, and now she hates me. Want to know how to make a bad day worse? Get your cat to hate you.
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Ok, so this morning I went into my networked hard drive to delete a sub-folder I didn't want, and accidentally deleted the whole folder. Vista apparently thinks that things from a networked hard drive don't need to go to the recycle bin. What was in this folder you might ask? All of the music I've downloaded in the last six months, including several mixes from Bandom Big Bang that are mostly unrecoverable if I can't get the files back.

So I've spent this morning downloading file recovery programs from CNET. I can't find one that can search networked external hard drives (I have an IOMEGA drive). Does anyone out there know of something that could help? I'm willing to pay for the software if it's reasonably priced.

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So I've spent most of the afternoon/evening dealing with the water that came into my house. Nowhere near as bad as many in metro Atlanta tonight, though, so I'm counting myself lucky (or trying to). Hopefully it won't be too damaging, but the rain isn't stopping, so it could get worse I suppose. Ugh. I am now the proud owner of a shop-vac.

In other, equally cheery news, my great-niece is in the hospital with a high fever which they are leaning toward diagnosing as H1N1. *worries*
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Ok, so as I'm nearing the end of a 12 hour day in which we accomplished a solid hour, hour and a half of work, I look down into my lower level and what do I see?

Water. All over the floor.


Now there are those who will say I should have seen this coming (chiefly me, and probably my mother when I tell her)... the same thing happened last Thankgiving. There are roots growing into my pipes, and I had to have them roto-rooted out, as some of you may recall. I had noticed a little backup this weekend, and figured it was due to having guests last weekend and needing to have the roots re-done so I'd put it on my to - do list ( and [ profile] marny_h96, [ profile] zillah975, if this happened while y'all were here and you just didn't want to say, I am so, so sorry). We had a thunderstorm today, and got a lot of rain in a short amount of time, and then I did one last load of laundry to wash my red towels, which, if one is to judge by the red-tinted mess I just mopped up, was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Ugh. So now my downstairs bath smells vaguely of sewage, and I have to call both a roto-rooter service and my handy man service tomorrow. I think I should just go ahead and get the pipes fixed, as long as it's under $1000. Plus I might as well have them tear up the yard before I start working on it this fall.

I just didn't need this this week, is all. The allergy problems and the work issues were really enough, thanks.
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I'm back. I've gone from skip=400 to current on LJ tonight, and found out that Panic at the Disco is splitting up and LoudTwitter is no longer posting my twitter stuff on LJ and that the internet just generally sucks right now. I am sad.

Also, I miss my cat.

More soon about my vacation and more crazy cat-lady adventures and stuff but now? Bed.
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Huh. My best friend's parents are getting divorced. They've been married - and miserable - for over 40 years.

In other news, I'm back home, and trying to sort out everything from my vacation. My house is a riotous mess, but I now have food for the week, so that's been productive.

Also, if anyone is trying to slim down in the New Year, just as a reminder, I've made [ profile] watchme_not_eat a community now, so you're welcome to join and let me know you'd like posting access - I am planning to pick up posting over there as I try to shed a few pounds and get back into shape.
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In the 'Have You Ever' meme, [ profile] the_grapevine asked about a childhood toy I had saved.

This is one of those things where it probably shouldn't count, but I'm counting it anyway. I saved my favorite childhood toy, which was a little doll with red hair called Patches McGee, through every culling of stuff at my parents' house. My grandmother gave her to me for my first birthday. Unfortunately, Patches was lost for good a few Christmases ago, when I decided to go through everything at home and bring it back to Atlanta. I was in the habit of mailing my xmas presents back, and so I just tucked her into the box and sent it on its merry way.

Yeah, it never arrived, and Patches, along with my geekazoid quiz bowl medals and MY SENIOR YEAR DIARY OMG, lost forever.

Me and Patches McGee... )


Nov. 18th, 2008 11:43 pm
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How are y'all doing tonight? I'm tired and a little tipsy and a little sad. Bad combo, and I should probably just go to bed, but I'm still winding down from work. I'm working West Coast hours, and that always throws me off a bit. Especially because it almost always turns out that I end up working from 10 am to 9pm, instead of 1pm to 9pm like I'm supposed to. So that never puts you in a good frame of mind anyway.

I'm cleaning my house up a bit, which is good. I was starting to feel kind of pig-sty-ish. It wasn't that bad, just a lot of clutter, which I'm picking up. I need to really clean though. That's not happening tonight though.

I tried calling my sister, but she's not answering. She's probably just at the movies or with her boyfriend. Or asleep. I haven't talked to her since Saturday, I think. She had a car accident on Friday - she's fine, somebody pulled out in front of her and did some damage to her brand new car, but she was just shook up and sore. She has bad car luck - she's been in five accidents that I can think of off the top of my head, and one when I was in high school that was serious. You want to be convinced to always wear your seatbelt? Go take a look at a scrunched-up car that has the indent of your sister's head in the front windshield. That'll do it.

On Sunday, I went to Home Depot and bought the shed that I've been talking about for ages. It comes on Thursday, and my dad's going to help me assemble it next week. They get here Sunday or Monday, and my sister comes on Wednesday night. I still need to find a restaurant for Thanksgiving lunch, but I have our tickets to the art museum on Friday sorted out, so that should be fun.

And that's about it for goings on around here.

For those of you that like these sorts of things, there is a fantastic Panic at the Disco Pride & Prejudice AU here, and a fic that I swear will make you like Ashlee Simpson-Wentz here.
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Eesh, I'm having a bad technology day.

First of all, I woke up this morning to discover that my phones weren't working. I have voIP, and normally it works really well. I think the problem was with the equipment, not the service. I got one of my three phones working, and a second one that the speaker phone works but the handset doesn't. This happened once before, and I let the handsets completely run down and then recharged them. Hopefully that will work this time too.

Then, halfway through my training session, my laptop got the blue screen of death. Ugh, ugh, ugh. It rebooted, but I feel this signals the beginning of the end.

So then this evening I went to back everything up to my networked NAS drive, and I can't connect to it! I cannot win for losing computer-wise today!

ETA: so my drive's IP address spontaneously changed. Awesome.

Son of ETA: Why is iTunes pink now, and how can I get it to stooooooooop? >:(((
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So I'm in Dallas now. The flight was a bit excruciating, between the screaming baby behind me and his 8-year-old brother kicking the back of my seat and then sitting on the tarmac at DFW for almost two hours because the hydrolics broke when we landed and they couldn't steer the plane. Good times.

In other news:

Pictures from Merida

Pictures from the Halloween Party


Sep. 30th, 2008 12:12 pm
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So I got this postcard in the mail, 5x5 square, no return address, completely blank. I stared at it for ten minutes and then it occurred to me.

My free Obama button off facebook.


Change you can steal?
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So the repair to my car which I knew was going to cost $375 is now going to cost twice that, because not one but two sensors have gone out. Whose bright idea was it to computerize cars? My '63 Falcon had, like, three parts under the engine and she's still going strong.
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Fuckity fuck fuck.

My car won't start. It's sitting in my driveway, I'm not stranded or anything, but no writing class for me tonight. Tow truck is on its way to give me a jump, which will hopefully work, or tow it somewhere if that won't fix it. Either way, more drama than I wanted to deal with tonight, and a guaranteed outlay of cash that I don't want to spend.

Again, I say: Fuckity fuck fuck.
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You know who sucks? Dating companies who play ad after ad on a Saturday night. Yes, thank you, I realize I'm single and alone. Thanks for highlighting that. :-|
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So I thought I was buying a drum kit today, but it got sold out from under me. I was on my way to pick it up and the lady called me to tell me that someone who'd said they wanted it before I did had come to get it. She hadn't thought they were legit, so she didn't say anything when I called this morning but it turned out that they were. I'm trying to tell myself it just wasn't the right set, but it is disappointing.


Dec. 10th, 2007 07:54 am
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My hotel this week has a pillow-top mattress. It's like trying to sleep while being eaten by a marshmallow. /o\


Jul. 20th, 2007 04:26 pm
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Okay, so now you can take a lighter on board an aircraft, but my bottle of water is still a security threat? I don't get it.
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I dreamed this morning, in depth and for a long time, that my father had died. Not a pleasant start to the morning. :(

So how's your day going?


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