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Last day of Christmas vacation, sigh.

Really must work on that independently wealthy thing :)  I had a good day though - lounged around in bed, read, unpacked from Christmas, cleaned my bedroom & bathroom so I feel like slightly less of a giant slob.

Then we (me, roommate, J & S) went to the Botanical Gardens to see the lights on their last night up.  Of course, it's been unseasonably warm all Christmas season and we wait til the ONE cold day to go.  I put some pictures up on my tumblr, , and even more over on my facebook.

I am going to do a year-end/new-year post, I just haven't collected my thoughts yet.  Maybe next week when I'm in the hotel, if I don't get to it before then.  
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I am curled up on the couch with my cat , watching a movie while I work on my cross-stitch project, with the other cat sitting across the way.  It feels very domestic.

I've done next to nothing all day, just recovering from my hangover from last night's festivities.  Some day I will learn not to switch alcohol types mid-stream.  It was a fun night though, and has resulted in my signing up to take a sewing class with some of the girls from tennis.  It starts next Sunday and goes through the beginning of February.

Christmas was good, but unfortunately I came down with the flu on Christmas Eve so I was kind of puny for the whole thing.  On the plus side, I had zero appetite, so I didn't gain any holiday weight.  I got nice presents - including 3 pairs of the same kind of gloves because Amazon makes it too hard to mark something as purchased when it's linked to a different site.  But by the third pair, it was kind of funny.  

Vacation went by too quickly, of course.  I still have tomorrow off, but then it's back to work on Tuesday.  Ah, well.  
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So today I played tennis. It wasn't a great game - our opponents had some serious issues with calling the ball out when it was clearly NOT. It's frustrating, because the game works on an honor system and you cannot challenge a call. I will never understand people who feel the need to cheat at an amateur level. Everyone makes a bad call now and then, but this was a pervasive pattern. Ugh. But anyway, I am tired, grumpy, and sore tonight. I can't remember if I've mentioned it on here, because I haven't posted as much lately, but I've injured my foot. It happened at the end of August - it's plantar fasciatis, or arch pain. I have cut my playing down from 3-4 times a week to only playing once a week in our matches. Unfortunately, it seems to not be enough. This season ends on this coming Sunday, and I think I am going to take a month off. In the meantime, I am going to look for a gym to take yoga and weight training. I hate it, because there's really not much you can do athletically that doesn't require you to use your foot. Except swimming but I don't really like it, and the last time I went swimming I ended up with a month of vertigo.

Apparently I'm falling apart.

Exercising less combined with eating more has lead to my weight going back up, completely erasing the progress I'd made in the first half of the year. Sigh. I'm trying not to hate myself for it, but it is hard not to get upset. I wish food was less of an emotional crutch for me, and that I thought things that were good for me tasted good.

To add to my mental disquiet, I've been working West coast hours for the last few weeks. It really disrupts my routine and isolates me from the outside world. I stay up too late, and then don't leave my house because it's too late to meet anyone after work.

Ok, so that's all my moaning. Now for the bright side: I have ordered new boots. I am working Central time for the next two weeks. I am looking actively for a gym (I even made a spreadsheet!) I am going to dedicate myself to eating right between now and my vacation. IT IS ALMOST TIME FOR MY VACATION. In 11 days, I will has a [personal profile] krazycat. Two days after that, I will be off of work for 10 days (including weekends.)
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Ok, so more concert thoughts from Wednesday:
*I got to hear Gerard say 'mothafuckas' live.
*Mikey Way's bass is a sparkly, sparkly thing.

I took Wed-Fri off. Thursday I ran errands and then went to a laser hair removal appointment. I can't remember if I mentioned it on here, but I got a Groupon deal - 6 sessions for $400, normally a $2500 value. So I am giving it another go, we shall see. After that, I came home and started my major project, painting the panelling in my office. I got the deglossing treatment done on 3 of the 4 walls that night.

Friday, I went and got more deglosser and finished the fourth wall, then painted one coat of primer on the other 3 walls. It looked like crap. Like "oh my god I'm going to have to pay someone a lot of money to come fix this" levels of crap. I took a break to go play a tennis game (we won, yay!), and then came home and put a second coat of primer on the 3 walls.

Saturday started off with another game of tennis - we won again, but it took 3 sets. It really should not have, we were better players, but we couldn't quite get it together in the first set. Then I came back home and... you guessed it! Painted. By the end of the day, all four walls had 3 coats of primer on them. They looked pretty good!

Today, I slept in! After lunch, I went down and painted the trim and the door white, and then put the sample paint on the wall. I have learned that no matter how much you think the color you've picked out matches everything, it's best to try it out before you commit to purchasing a whole gallon. So far, I think it looks lovely, but I am going to live with it for at least another day to be certain.

As a reward, and to get out of the house, I went to see Thor. It was so-so. I was distracted by:

a) the guy who plays Thor sounds just like Heath Ledger
b) Loki is played by Johnny Weir's evil twin. No, really, look:Pictures or it didn't happen )
c) the completely unsubtle product placement. This movie brought to you by Southwest Airlines.
d) the lack of AC/DC. How can you make a movie about the god of Thunder, and NOT PUT THUNDERSTRUCK ON YOUR SOUNDTRACK????

And that was pretty much my weekend. OH! And another one of my plants is blooming - my mini rose! Apparently it's been all about the amount of sunlight, who knew?
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Day 27: This month, in great detail

December 28:
Slept in, had lunch with Mom & Dad. I went to Wal Mart while Dad went to the doctor's - he's come down with a bad sinus infection/bronchitis thing. :( I picked up all the things on their list, and bought the birthday/anniversary cards for tomorrow's dinner, as well as a pastry brush for my mom for her birthday because she mentioned this week that she'd had to throw her old one away but kept forgetting to get a new one. Never say stuff like that around me, it tends to get you that thing, no matter how silly it is. Also, I almost bought a jigsaw puzzle set because for some reason I've been really wanting to put one together over this vacation, but I talked myself out of it because I knew my sister wanted to play cards tonight. Maybe I will look for it on sale at my Walmart when I get home. Anyway, I was wandering around the store, killing time waiting for my dad to get done at the doctor, and I saw the craft aisle so I looked at the yarn for a minute. Then I saw that Electronics was nearby so I thought I'd see how much a small TV would cost as I want one for my office. Then this happened:

My Internal Voice: "Damn, this cart has a wonky wheel."
Part of My Brain That Actually Pays Attention to Life: "Um. Wouldn't it have been wonky the entire 45 minutes you've already been shopping? Why is it just now bad?"
I look down, see the yarn that is quickly winding its way around one of the wheels. "SHIT."
I pull into an aisle and start tugging uselessly at the yarn.
My Internal Voice: "Ugh, it won't come off. Ew, I'm touching wheel grease, this is gross."
Part of My Brain That Actually Pays Attention to Life: "Um. The craft aisle was about 8 aisles back. Have you been trailing yarn this entire time like a dumbass?"

For the record, I had not. I had only been trailing about 15 feet of yarn like a dumbass. I had to get TWO Walmart employees to help me, one of which I asked for assistance and the other who FOLLOWED THE TRAIL OF THE MOVING YARN TO SEE WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON. This is my life.

I managed to not have any more accidents and Dad came and got me, and we went to the pharmacy to get his medicine. We chatted with Emory Melton, one of the few people I recognize in town these days and I helped find batteries for his hearing aid because the pharmacy was packed! Then we came home and I got on the internet for a while, then I helped make soup, and then we played cards. My sister and I won three games in a row - we were unbeatable! So we stopped to buy lottery tickets on the way home in case our good luck continued. We then learned that you cannot buy lottery tickets after 10 PM in Cassville MO. We are not sure if that was a state law or a gas station rule. I kind of lean toward it being a "the lady in the back didn't want to teach the new girl how to do it" rule, but that's just me. So we bought 4 scratch off tickets instead. Then my sister had to teach me how to play because I had never bought one before (still haven't, as she paid for them) and didn't understand. 4 tickets at $2 each, and they were all a bust except one, where we won the $2 back. No free money for us! :(

December 29:
Met my best friend's mother in town for lunch and caught up with her - she seems much happier than she has been any time I've seen her post-divorce. Then I went to Springfield with my parents and went to Best Buy. I am going to get a new radio for my car, because I am tired of messing with FM transmitters. Oddly enough, replacing the radio is not that much more expensive. Okay, it's 2-3 times more expensive, but has less chance of me dying in a fiery crash because the damn thing went staticky. Coming soon: Free to good home, one FM transmitter. Works well if you do not live in a major metropolitan area. Ugh. Anyway, I selected the radio I wanted only to find out that they couldn't install it that day, so I will have to do it on Friday after I'm home so that I don't miss the sale price. Also, may have talked my dad into getting a wireless router by telling him it would make us all want to hang out at their house when we're home. True, and sad, I know. I miss wifi. I miss internet. But I love my family. Speaking of which, we then went to our annual Birthday/Anniversary Extravaganza at Jimm's (first time at this restaurant - I realize that made it sound like we do this annually at Jimm's but I'm too lazy to fix it.) I was not expecting Jimm's to have two M's. But the food was decent and it was good to see everyone one last time before I have to head home in the morning. I came back to my sister's after saying goodbye to my parents (sniff) and packed everything up. I am definitely leaving with more than I came with! My mom gave me a knife tonight because I commented on how sharp it was when I was slicing veggies at her house. So far, I've nearly stabbed myself in the foot with it; perhaps I should not have sharp things.

December 30:
Driving, driving, more driving. I let the cat out to stretch her legs in Conway and she peed on the car seat. :( It wasn't her fault though; she was trying to use the litter box but just missed. After 13 lovely hours, many of which were filled with yowling cat, we are both happy to be home. And in anticipation of my New Year's resolution (more coming soon!) I have unpacked and put away almost everything. Then I stayed up far too late embracing the marvel of wi-fi. Oh, how I have missed it!

Day 28: This year, in great detail
Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30: Whatever tickles your fancy
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Day 27: This month, in great detail

December 24:
We spent the afternoon hanging out at Mom & Dad's, waiting on our Iowa relatives to arrive. My aunt and uncle and one of my cousins arrived in the afternoon, and then my other cousin and her husband got there around ten. We visited for a while and then my cousin and her husband came back to stay at my sister's. My cousin brought salmon catnip toys for Cinnamon, which was sweet of her and the cat really liked them.

December 25:
I celebrated Christmas with my extended family, on my father's side. We draw names, so each person gets one gift. For the last few years, we've mixed in our family Christmas with the extended family. It was nice to have it be separate this year, much less chaotic! I got a pair of earrings, nail polish, scrapbook paper, a corner design punch, and a gift card to Michaels from my cousin. I also accidentally opened the gift from my mom because it got mixed in with the other gifts - a set of silverware and a bracelet I'd admired at the art museum in Atlanta when they visited for Thanksgiving. Well done Mom on sneaking that one by!

December 26:
I drove by myself to Springfield to have lunch with one of my best friends and her son. It was nice to catch up with her, we haven't talked as much this year. Afterward, we went to Petsmart because I needed a bigger cage for Cinnamon. It was fun to watch her son get excited about all the animals. My family was driving up to do some errands, so I went shopping at TJ Maxx while I was waiting for them; I got 2 sweaters, 2 shirts, and 2 shirts for exercising. Then I met up with them and we went to the movies - The Tourist, which I liked alright but if you haven't seen it, I'd wait for the DVD. My parents went home, while my sister and I had dinner at Old Chicago with my cousin and her husband.

December 27:
We all went over to my parents for brunch - which we didn't eat til almost 1, so really it was just breakfast for lunch. Then after we went for a walk before my cousin and her husband headed back to Iowa. Then my brother and his family came down and we had our family Christmas celebration. I got several outdoor "on ice" serving dishes that I'd asked for to keep food cool at tennis, and a sweater and a pair of socks. I also got mascara, and a candle/diffuser set. But the best part of it for me is always watching people open their gifts, and everyone seemed to really enjoy their gifts. My "greats" were there too - my nephew's kids - and they have grown so much since the summer. The oldest was really sweet, she gave me a hug after opening her presents. The baby is not a baby any more, he's very much a toddler and seems to be embracing his terrible twos a few months early :) He really looks like my brother, but not the one who is his grandfather. He's all blond curls and big brown eyes. He's also stronger than he looks - he threw my mom's five pound weight across the floor. I suggested signing him up for toddler track & field.

Day 28: This year, in great detail
Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30: Whatever tickles your fancy
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Day 27: This month, in great detail

December 17:

Last day of work for the year, woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! And it went reasonably well, I think. At least, until I get back and realize all the things I forgot to do, I'm sure. Oh well. C'est la vie. After work, I went to tennis drills, and then out to dinner with friends. Then home to pack and fret about forgetting things in the morning. I think I have everything in a giant pile now though. All I have to remember to do tomorrow is turn the thermostat down, make sure to pack the cat's bowls, and pack my eyeshadow and wrist braces. We shall see. And now to bed, because the alarm is set distressingly early.

I am going to keep up with the posting while I'm away, but probably not everyday as my internet access there is spotty.

Day 28: This year, in great detail
Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30: Whatever tickles your fancy
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Yes, I'm aware it's been over a month since I've updated. I suck! I still read LJ as closely as ever, I don't know why I don't post more. I was doing alright there for a while, but I've backslid. Anywhooo...

Tonight is my last night home in Missouri. I've had a good time with my family - not as much lake time this go-round as usual for me. I got here on Friday night, and skipped the lake on Saturday because it was my great-nephew's 1st birthday (I feel like abbreviated that as g-nephew, as if that would somehow make me sound less old.) On July 4, most of my family went to the lake for fireworks as usual, but I drove up to my brother's to go to fireworks with him. He couldn't go to the lake because he had a bicycle accident week before last and collapsed his lung. He's doing pretty good, but he has to take it easy for a while. The fireworks were lovely, but put on by one of the large churches in the area and much more church-oriented than I was expecting. I had to bite my tongue a couple of times. And I can now say I've seen the Christian-rock version of the Black Eyed Peas.

I did get to go to the lake yesterday, so I'll have some photos up on Facebook of that soon. I have added to my lottery winnings list a lake house and a pontoon boat. OH, and my sister bought me a ticket today, but I forgot to check the numbers. Oops!

I'm also coming home with two more of my great-aunt's quilts - one with state flowers on it and one that has flour bags from my college, which has a working mill, sewn into the design. Very excited to have them!

It will take me most of tomorrow (Thursday) to drive home, and I likely won't post this til then. It's a twelve hour drive, pretty much exactly, if I don't stop much. I enjoyed the drive here; I came a different way since I was going to my parents' house instead of my brother's, and I like this new way better - it brings you into the Ozark Mountains from Arkansas, which is a really lovely drive. I am planning to leave my parents' by 8:30 central (ugh!) so hopefully I'll get home right around dark. I am excited to see my cat :)

And home. 800 mile drive is tiring, bed now. For scale for my European friends, I basically drove the equivalent of going from Paris to Rome today.
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So today was awesome in a lot of ways I'm too tired to go into right now, so I'm just going to list the bands I saw today:

De La Soul
Florence & the Machines
Yo La Tengo
Little Boots
Thom Yorke (extremely briefly, from extremely far away)



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*Really sort of day 1 for us, since we didn't get in yesterday. 8 hours in a car for no gain, and I didn't get to see Vampire Weekend :(((

Today was great though! We got up super early and breezed into a parking spot. We had lunch and then saw John Waters do a spoken word/stand up performance, which was hilarious! Then I went with Jo & Grant to watch Porcupine Tree (eh.) After that, we split up and I went to see Camera Obscura, which I quite liked. Then I ran into Amanda & Chrysta (sp?) and we went to see White Rabbits but instead we accidentally saw Temper Trap instead. OOPS.

Did I mention we were probably high? There was enough weed being smoked by other people to hotbox the whole DESERT. I'm blaming the amount of food I inhaled for dinner on that, anyway.

So anyway, after we saw the wrong band, who were nice anyway and very mellow, then we went back to see Band of Skulls. Amanda & Chrysta went out after a couple of numbers and I lost track of them. Then I wandered over and listened to part of Gossip's set - very cool! Must check them out more in the near future. I wandered back and forth between their set and The Raveonettes, which I thought was a bit drab, but I'm going to check out their album as Amanda recommends it.

Then I had the afore-mentioned pig out, and watched Coheed & Cambria's whole set. I liked them! Their last song, they had a whole marching band on stage, and that was probably my favorite song. No idea what it was called.

I made a fool-hardy attempt to find Jo & Grant, which was impossible as we were on about a 2 hour delay with texting. Then I came back and watched Faith No More do about four songs, then went and watched MGMT do about four songs. Now I know why they say in the Coachella rules that you can't bring musical instruments with you. Dude next to me was playing the tambourine, which would have been okay if he could have kept time.


And now, bed. Tomorrow: lather, rinse, repeat.
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So today I quit the online Weight Watchers program and re-joined Netflix. I wonder what that says about me :)

I watched my first episode of Dexter tonight. Intriguing, and I'm definitely going to catch up on it. I'm going to start watching streaming video while I work instead of the usual 8 episodes of Law & Order SVU I normally watch. The streaming video feature on Netflix was new when I quit, but it seems like there's a lot on there now. And I have the second laptop, so I can hook it up to the tv. Hard to pause though. Short cords ftl.

Anyway, my Thanksgiving was nice. My parents and my sister came down; it's becoming a tradition. We watched my cousin finish a marathon, then we all went to lunch after. Then the next day we did the art museum all-day event as per usual - the exhibit was great, but their activities were a bit lame. Last year was so awesome, so this was a disappointment. On Saturday, I took them on the CNN tour and to the Aquarium. And we played board games. So it was a fun visit, but I'm a bit worn out from it. I wasn't as over my sickness from earlier in the week as I thought, and I had a bit of a relapse while they were here. I'm better now, but I'm still taking it pretty easy.

I've also been working to organize a tournament for my tennis team, so that's been both fun and stressful, but it's all put together now. It actually worked out really well on paper, so we'll see how far the execution strays from that.

Otherwise, I'm just working on finishing the craft project for my mom's xmas gift (almost done! freaked out that I'll mess it up at the last minute!), hanging out with K, and working when they make me.

This icon brought to you by the fact that I am sad I could not convince K that Little Britain is awesome.
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So I finally got around to putting up the stuff from DragonCon, check it out :D

DragonCon 2009 Barry Bostwick on Supernatural guest spot

DragonCon 2009 Alan Ruck talks about being on Star Trek

DragonCon 2009 Louise Fletcher & Bruce Davison on Worst Acting experiences


I promise to put some sort of post up that has something to do with me sometime soon.
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Ok, today I need to:

2. Finish painting the guest room.
3. Grocery shop.
4. Start sanding the dry wall in the guest bath to prep for painting.
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I'm back. I've gone from skip=400 to current on LJ tonight, and found out that Panic at the Disco is splitting up and LoudTwitter is no longer posting my twitter stuff on LJ and that the internet just generally sucks right now. I am sad.

Also, I miss my cat.

More soon about my vacation and more crazy cat-lady adventures and stuff but now? Bed.

See yas...

Jun. 27th, 2009 11:05 am
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I'm off to the wilds of Missouri for a week, as always little to no internet access, or at least little to no access that doesn't come with a family member looking over my shoulder.

Happy Fourth to them that celebrates it! Happy 'Thank god we got rid of those annoying assholes' Day to the Brits! And cheers to the rest of you, see y'all next week!
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I feel like I haven't really updated in a while, other than twitter posts and the occasional 'hey, look at this' link. I'm doing good, just focused elsewhere, I guess. I've been playing a lot of tennis, although our league wrapped up on Saturday for the winter season. I had my best game so far, so that was awesome. I saw My Bloody Valentine with some fellow Supernatural enthusiasts on opening day. I enjoyed it a lot, mostly because I was in a theater full of people intent on having a good time. It was cheesy but fun, and I wish the theater had had the 3D stuff because that would have been awesome.

I watched the inauguration, of course, and twittered through it - which kind of cracks me up, but anyway. I thought his speech was good, and I hope that the rest of the nation takes it the way I took it, that it's great he got elected, but that our duty didn't end there and now we have to help turn things around by volunteering, by staying involved in local, state and federal politics, and by holding our elected officials accountable for their voting.

I'm of two minds about the whole closing of Gitmo thing. On the one hand, I am happy that Obama is moving to close the torture 'loophole' - that goes against everything we sell ourselves as as Americans, and you cannot say we stand for liberty and justice and freedom for all, but we have to do this horrible thing because everybody else does it and the ends justify the means. No. On the other hand, it opens up a whole host of really uncomfortable questions, and I hope that this is step one, and step two is a really clever plan to address them. Where do these detainees go? What should the legal process for indicting/prosecuting/imprisoning terrorists be? Should there be degrees of terrorism like there are degrees of murder? There's a lot of hard questions there that I don't have the answers for, and am frankly glad that I don't personally have to come up with them. Like it says in this video, I'm glad we've elected the smart guy, because decades of going for the charismatic guy that doesn't make us feel stupid had gotten us in this mess. My understanding is that the Obama administration is asking for a 30 day suspension on everything, and I hope they come back with a plan at that point.

In other less political news, I came home on Sunday and started putting away my groceries only to notice that something was amiss in the kitchen. On further inspection, I discovered that my cabinets, which are ONLY TWO YEARS OLD are coming un-nailed from the back of the cabinet (which is mounted onto the wall). So now they're crooked and I'm trying to find a good handyman to put them back. To add to the unfairness, it's not even like I put that much food into them. Argh, I say, argh!

And that's about it. Most of my focus these days is on my diet (which is going well), making a blanket, figuring out what I'm doing with my vacation time this year (trips to Denver, home, Savannah, home), and fighting off a cold.
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Back online after an almost nine day absence. This may be the longest I've been away when I wasn't actually out of the country. It was kind of nice. I had to think for a minute to remember my password.

So far I have 152 emails on AOL, 32 for work, and I can't even get gmail to load. It's possible that the free wi-fi at Panera is a bit crappy. My sister dropped me off, so this is also the first time in 9 days that I am not around any of my family. Also kind of nice :) Not that it isn't great to be home, but it's good to take a break sometimes too.

My vacation so far:

Saturday: Got up at ass o'clock to go to the airport. Landed in NW Arkansas at 9:30 am. Met up with family to kill time until my brother and his wife got there, much delayed. They live in Boston, and were flying through Chicago. Of course, there was a giant snowstorm, of course. While at the airport they ran into my best friend's dad, who was trying to pick her up on her flight in from Maine. She was supposed to be there by 1pm, finally made it in at almost 10.

Sunday: Went to Rogers AR to go to an open house at the gallery my sister works at. Went to see my dad sing at the Christmas cantata. Accidentally said "OH MY GOD" in church. In my defense, they were having birthday cake for Jesus. I think anyone would have been surprised.

Monday: Day out of shopping with my two best friends. Met Deb's baby boy, very cute.

Tuesday: Rainy day trip to Eureka Springs, AR to show my cousin Christen's new boyfriend around to such sights as the haunted Crescent Hotel, and the creepy Christ of the Ozarks. Good times.

Wednesday: Annual panicked Christmas Eve shopping with my sister. Then we cemented the new family tradition of going bowling at the Christian bowling alley I accidentally took everyone to last year. Dinner at Olive Garden, got locked out when I went out to get something out of the car for my brother. FYI, Olive Garden has fucked up policies. Sat in car to wait for my family to be done (only ten minutes or so, we were leaving anyway. Mom got the flu, had to go to the emergency room. She was fine, just a 24 hour bug.

Thursday: Christmas! :D Also, went to see Marley & Me, cried buckets. Am not a dog person, but that puppy running down the beach for all he's worth with four grown people chasing after him was awesome.

Friday: My sister-in-law made Boxing Day dinner, had 30 people over. Then had high school reunion-y type dinner. Saw some people I hadn't seen in a good 15 years, mostly my brother's friends. Was fun, though.

Saturday: Slept in. Dad now has flu. I drown myself in Airborne. Took my brother and his wife to the airport, where they had just as much trouble leaving as they had getting in. Chicago is a great city, but not a good destination from November to March. We were going to go to a movie, but since we weren't sure if their flight was going to be cancelled, we just shopped instead.

And then today I had lunch with my college roommate and her family. She has two little girls, super cute. Another family shindig tonight, to celebrate birthdays (my mom, my brother, my aunt) and anniversaries (my parents, my brother and his wife, my aunt and uncle) in January. Tomorrow's plan? Sit and do nothing! For serious, y'all.


Aug. 30th, 2008 02:08 am
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Awesome, awesome first day!

We started off the day with a Torchwood panel with Gareth David-Lloyd (IANTO!!) and Anthony Lewis (Tommy). Things we learned: Gareth had an ass-twinge, but this is not because he's Barrowman's bitch. Anthony is Neville Longbottom's older brother. He is also good at slotting right in, which made him a welcome addition to the Torchwood cast.

Next, we tried to go see Nathan Fillion. The line was out the Hyatt and around the block! Dude is funny but he ain't that funny. We'll try again on Sunday.

Since we couldn't do that, we left [ profile] zillah975 to the SGA panels and I drug Hillary to the dealer room to help me lose my comic book virginity. That's right, I now own 5 of the 6 issues of Umbrella Academy, because there is a panel on that tomorrow and I couldn't not check it out, but I didn't want to be a complete idiot about what was going on. Unfortunately, they didn't have issue 4. :( But so far I like it, although I keep confusing the different children, and then matching their numbers to their names.

After that, I needed a break, what with the 3 hours of sleep and all.

After dinner, we went to an indie shorts film festival, which was sort of unexpectedly awesome. If you every have a chance to see "Prombies" - Zombies at the Prom! With fake erections! - or "Suityman" - hard to describe, yet still awesome.

And now we've had too much vodka, and I can't fucking type, and we have to be up and at the parade by ten am, so bedbedbed.
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Here are my photos from last week! Maine shoreline and Massachusetts whale-watching.

Also, just wanted to wish [ profile] dustyskinandall a happy birthday!


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