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 So very tired.

I had today off work, and I had a doctor's appointment and a dentist appointment so I had to get up early and head into downtown.  Well, Midtown really but I find that confusing in Atlanta because really they are next door to each other. So weird.  Then I ran over to the library, where I got, among other things, Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez.  I was getting another book by the same author, and was sucked in by the cover.

That's Matt Bomer, isn't it?  The guy in the back?  Or just someone who really, really, really looks like him?

I also went to see Spiderman again.  I had a free pass.  It was as good the second time.  Spiderman isn't my favorite superhero, I generally find him a little whiny, but I like this iteration so far.  

Then I came home, at lunch/dinner, and cleaned up a bit.  Then I absolutely crashed out.  I fell asleep on my couch; I never do that.  I hope it doesn't throw me off tonight, as I'm driving to Asheville tomorrow to meet up with my parents and my sister for the weekend.  They decided at the weekend that they wanted to get away for a week or so and are coming out to the mountains to get away from the awful heat and dryness of the midwest right now.  

Also tomorrow, I am getting my first ever mammogram.  It's a few years early, but my doctor wants me to have a baseline on file, which makes sense.  I'm still a little nervous though.
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Well, today sucked.

To start off, I made a poor plan for arriving at this hotel.  It was a good plan when I made it.  I booked a 10pm flight two weeks, knowing that this would get me to the hotel between 12:30 and 1 AM, because I knew I'd need to be available on my tennis team roster.  We generally play from noon to 6 or 7pm, depending on which line, and I wanted to have plenty of time to get home and get cleaned up.  So it was a good plan, but then we moved the match up (yay! earlier = less hot, which is always a good thing in Atlanta in the summer) so then I had a whole day in between.  So I could have gotten in at a decent time, but I had no way of knowing that two weeks ago, and since I've lost status on Delta, I can't change flights same day anymore without paying a whopping amount of fees out of my own pocket.

Then when I got here, I realized that I left my prescription Pepcid at home.  So after my five hours of sleep, I woke up with the now unmistakable feeling of having had acid reflux in the night.  Sorry, gross, I know.  I never noticed that that's what was happening before, but now I can tell. 

All of this before I even get to work, which then started off with a bang.  Suffice it to say that the client is not happy, and my chances of making them happy are slim.  So stress all day long, and now I seem to have heartburn?  Or an ulcer, idk.  Then my kidneys started hurting and I thought I might be getting a UTI, which.  Awesome.  I did dehydrate over the weekend, so it's entirely possible.

Then I went to dinner, and my site this week features two of my all-time least favorite things:  
1) Conference dining!  Because the chance to sit at a table with complete strangers is fun!  
2) Buffet as the ONLY choice.  Buffets are a dieting nightmare - so easy to go overboard, and you end up eating bizarre combinations of food.  For example, tonight for dinner I had Swedish meatballs and a pretzel covered jalapeno popper.  Bwuh?

To top it off, all day my email was popping up autoreminders for me of stuff I needed to do, but didn't have time for.  Like the $3K worth of expense reports I needed to figure out and submit so I can get my money back.  

I've gotten a handle on the stress now, I think - I went to Walmart and bought OTC Pepcid which looks like what the doctor gave me, just without the insurance coverage, but whatever, it was $5 for 8 pills, which will cover me til I get home.  I got all my expense reports submitted and reconciled, and tomorrow I'll need to find time to send in the receipts but whatever.  My kidneys feel less like they're going to fall out, so maybe that was just panic?  IDK.

I really wanted to write tonight, but I think whatever creativity I might have had in me has been squashed today.  *sigh*  I was really hoping for an easy week, but it is not going to happen.  
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 Cramps, oh god, the cramps. :((((((((((((((((( I'm literally curled up in bed with a heating pad right now, which NEVER happens to me. I am displeased.

My last post was about all the things I was going to do this weekend, and I mostly did them except for the craft project.  To be fair though, that was because it took me almost all damn day on Saturday to find the stuff to do it with.  Oh, and I didn't go to bed early, but did anyone really think that was going to happen?  I also didn't return my library books, must do that tonight if I go to tennis.

I also wrote something!  It's nearly finished, and is only about 2500 words, but given that I haven't written anything in about a year, it is impressive to me :)  I only have one little awkward transition to work out and it will be complete.  Yay new fandom!

Also, for anyone on my flist who is curious about who the hell One Direction are, and why they've eaten my life lately, <user name=harriet_vane> did a very funny primer which is here: 

Yes they are very young, but they are all over 18, so I've chosen to be fine with it.  

And it's taken me so long to type this that my cramps have mostly subsided, yay!  

Now if only I could have managed to do any actual work today. :(
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 You know what's really not an awesome idea?  When you're already writing (ish) two One Direction fics, and you decide to start a third.


At least this one is a) short and b) completely plotted out.  An unfortunate side effect of that was that I was so busy plotting it in my head while I was pumping gas this morning that I didn't see a homeless lady come up to panhandle me, which a) nearly scared me to death and b) reminded me that gas stations are not the safest place to zone out.

I have had to get up early the last two mornings to go to the doctor's.  I still have a sore throat - 2 weeks tomorrow, ugh! - and I decided on Sunday that enough was enough.  So I went to see my fantastic GP yesterday, very worried that he would tell me I needed to have my tonsils out, or you know, that I had throat cancer.  WHAT?  It's an option!  Did I mention I'm a hypochondriac?  Anyway, he examined me, and said that he thought I was having reflux issues at night and that that can lead to throat issues and a susceptibility to infection, which could explain why I've been sick 4 times already this year.  He referred me to see an Ear Nose Throat specialist, the same one I went to for my otosclerosis in 2008.  So I saw him this morning, and he agrees.  I'm taking Pepcid for a month, and I'm supposed to elevate the head of my bed with books and not eat 3 hours before I go to bed.  Oh, and he's running a DNA test to make sure it's not throat cancer.  WHICH I DID NOT ASK ABOUT, I SWEAR.  I am aware of my own neurosis.  He is just thorough.  

Cut for medical grossness )

I have a ton of things to do, and I need to make a master to-do list to calm myself down, but I'm not in the mood right now.  I'll just add that to my mental to-do list.  *sigh*
ETA: OH! And I have an AO3 account now! Am vixalicious there too. (thanks MrsQ!)
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So I'm doing a deep clean on my bedroom today and was cleaning out my bedside table.

In my... let's call it my "Special Drawer" I have a collection of about six or seven condoms leftover from my last relationship, purchased by K and left at my house. Now... I don't really want to USE them, as that seems like questionable karma, using a condom in a new relationship bought by your last one (not that that's an option now, but the don't expire until in 2014, and PLEASE JESUS I will have sex again before then.) But throwing them away seems wasteful. Hmm...

Anybody need condoms?


Feb. 28th, 2010 11:42 pm
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Is Mercury in retrograde or something? I have been in a foul mood all weekend, and not a much better one for most of last week. I'm not sleeping well - in a weird way, where I'm getting plenty of sleep, but I'm dreaming almost constantly and I wake up exhausted. Work's going okay, but everything else just feels off. I get mad at myself for not accomplishing anything when I'm not really being any more lazy than normal, I get mad at K for, ok for valid stuff, but stuff I'd normally let slide. My rage just feels hair trigger, and I'm more teary than normal. I wonder if this is some sort of month-long PMS brought on by my birth control injections, or just that February always sucks balls, or what.

I'm not an angry person, and I hate feeling this way. I hope whatever it is passes soon.
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So I had a check up with my doctor today from my little hospital trip. All is well, and I always come away from my visits realizing how awesome my doctor is. Today's notable things - I had to have a sunspot burned off, so that's not good. Pale skin for the lose, there. Also, he vetoed that Breastlight thing I posted about a while back. :(

ETA: Also, dilemma - my cordless phones have stopped working, and I believe it's due to the batteries. Cost to replace the batteries - $64. Cost to buy new phones - $80. I hate to buy something rather than repair, but I'm worried that if I shell out fo r the batteries, it might not turn out to be that that was wrong. Ugh.
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I just took a shower. It's the first one I've had since Wednesday. Oops?
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I am slightly drunk and therefore not responsible for this post. It's the new drunk dial.

I'm back from Canada today, from Niagara Falls. It's how Canada does sleazy.

In the last two days, I've had two sex dreams. One of which featured an ex-boyfriend, and the other featured Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance.

/random. Merry Christmas!!!

ETA: You must understand that my newfound infatuation with My Chemical Romance makes me feel about fourteen and fake goth-emo. AND Mikey's not the one I think is cute. I'm a Frank Iero girl all the way. Not that Mikey's not nice, but he weighs like 2 pounds and I would squish him not to mention his WIFE would cut me.
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Just when you thought all the weirdos are gone from the internet...

A message I received on OKCupid:


You seem pretty cool. In fact, if you were any cooler, I'd let you pee in my mouth just so I could say I tasted it."


I mean, what seriously would be an appropriate response to this? Other than 'Fuck off'?
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Weekend stuff - I saw The Fog. Eh. I saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. LOVED it. I saw the Atlanta Rollergirls, whee rollerderby!!

Today, I went to the doctor to get a physical, which I haven't done full scale since about 2001. I'll put more info under a cut below, but the short, non-TMI version is I appear to be in decent health, which is yay! Also, if anyone in the metro Atlanta area is looking for a GP, I highly, highly recommend my doctor - Dr. Jeffrey Rollins - he is the only MD I've ever been to where he spends more time with you than the nurse does. He rocks.

After the doctor, I had planned to run like 3 errands and come home. I ran all three, but it took me about four hours to do so. Mostly due to an unscheduled stop at Filene's Basement. Where I unloaded copious amounts of cash. Then there was a stop at Tower Records. *meeps* Some of it was Christmas shopping, I swear! *pets new clothes and cds*

And tonight I have done an all out cleaning of my bathroom, including throwing away all expired meds and makeup and lotions and stuff that I don't use but always try to tell myself I will. I am so wasteful! Really, it's not good. I'm going to try to be less so in the future. The OTC meds are always an issue because I buy them on the road, because I don't feel good - and then don't want to carry them around, so I unpack them when I get home, and then two months later, I need them again, but they're home and I'm not - and you see the vicious cycle. So stuff goes bad.

Girly TMI Health Cut )
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So I had my first ever solo bottle of wine last night.

Yes, I'm nearly 30 and I've never had a bottle of wine by myself before. I said it was weird. I'm so proud of myself for being able to get the cork out without mangling it.

That said. I have a hangover today! Gah! But I'm so much less stressed!
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no not for that reason, damn the luck! Yesterday, I did my yoga for the first time in over six months, and I am sore in places I didn't know I had *g* Seriously, a great workout and I feel so much better about myself for having done it.

*pats self on back*
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I am so bad at dieting.

I am supposed to only be eating one meal a day and eating just cereal for the other two. I just ordered a second meal from room service. It wasn't cereal. I have no f#$king willpower
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Well, I've had an interesting couple of days...
My Grand Adventure )
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As we were all leaving the house today, my roommate looked down at the gray object in the vestibule and said, "Are those yours?"

I looked over at the object, which I'd noticed on Friday night when I got home. "No, I thought it was yours. What is it?"

It was women's underwear. Not mine. Definitely not his.

Tres bizzare, n'est pas?


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