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Some of you may be aware, there's an election happening in my country on Tuesday.

I've already cast my vote, so my part in this drama is over.  Now all that's left is the waiting, the watching, the worrying.

I am violently afraid that Romney will win.  Like, I nearly went into a panic thinking about it this afternoon in the parking lot at Target.  I don't understand it.  I don't understand how anyone could want to vote for him.  Okay, scratch that, I don't understand how anyone who makes less than $250,000 a year would vote for him.  That's roughly 6 million people, which is  about 2.5% of the US population eligible to vote, if I did the math right.  So I don't understand how the population is basically spilt 50-50.  

Ugh, what actually scares me is that I do understand why some people are voting for Romney.  You have the religious zealots, the racists, the anti-LGBT rights crowd, the misogynists.  I just didn't realize there were so many of them.  

It makes me want to cry.
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 By the time I post this, I'll be in New Hampshire, but currently I'm up in the air, flying to Boston.  Three weeks away from home seems like an incredibly long time, which is weird because I used to be gone so much.  I have become very accustomed to my life at home: going three weeks without tennis, or my cat, or my friends, seems interminably long.  And it will be longer than that for several of those things - I probably won't get to play tennis until the end of March, unless I manage to make it to Sunday morning drills some weekend (not likely, see the word 'morning' there.)
But there's some plus sides to the whole thing.  I'll get to see my brother & his wife, and my best friend.  And I'm excited to learn our new product.
I spent most of this week trying to get everything ready to be away - doing laundry, my taxes, getting everything squared away with M's lease which was up at the end of the month.  She's signed for another 3 months, which will be through the end of May.  I will miss the extra income when she moves out, but while our interactions have been friendly and mostly positive, I won't be sad to live alone again.  But I am glad and grateful for the monetary respite that her living there has brought me.  I won't miss her cat though.  :(
Speaking of cats, I made the mistake of waiting until last night to deal with putting the new SoftPaws on Cinnamon.  These are caps that go over her claws so that she doesn't damage the furniture when she scratches things.  They go on with a non-toxic glue, so I have to hold her down to put them on her, then hold her still for fifteen minutes while they dry.  Predictably, she HATES them.  Whenever I put them on her, I generally get the cold shoulder for the rest of the evening.  So no kitty cuddles for me last night, when it was the last night I'd be home.  That was poor planning on my part.  She'd forgiven me by this morning though, so that was good.  I often wonder if I should just get her de-clawed - ie, would that one-time stress/pain be worse than putting her through this every 6-8 weeks?  I don't even know if it's still an option for older cats.  Guess I'll ask the vet next time.  
As a reward for getting everything done, I went to the movies last night.  I saw Red Tails, the movie about the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II.   I liked it, but didn't love it.  The acting, I felt was very good.  The script however I felt was flawed.  I've been mulling this over since, trying to figure out if my response to it was driven by a true criticism or by the fact that the characters I felt were flat and one-dimensional were - for a very big change - my race.  I live in the South, and I try very hard to confront and dissect my own issues with race and racism since I moved here.  As the song says, 'everyone's a little bit racist,' and I know that I'm no exception to that.

I had no problem with the white characters not being central to the film.  I had no problem with white people being represented as racist.  I did have a little problem with the portrayal of the Germans as Pure Evil, but while that gave it a less-nuanced feel, it was no worse than other films I've seen.  I think perhaps the biggest problem I had with it was feeling that the movie as a whole felt a little... superficial to me.  What I mean is, I felt like we were barely introduced to some of the characters, like the scope of the whole thing was too unfocused, and therefore a little emotionally unsatisfying.  Like, they tried to make EVERY war movie in one movie.  
Also, the white characters were generally used to deliver large chunks of expositional information, in awkward, tell-not show ways.  While I'm pretty sure my dislike of that is because it's a crappy, lazy writing technique, I also know that there a million examples of this in reverse for people of color.  I don't know.  If anyone else has seen it, I would love to chat about it.

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I bought my first laptop in 1998, and using the free CD from Best Buy, I signed on to AOL and began my first foray into the wild and woolly place that was the World Wide Web.

There was a lot of confusion about what this Information Superhighway was, what it could do, what its ultimate purpose was. (Here is the answer to that) But one thing was for sure: we weren't using our real names for this. I remember picking out my first username - showing my state pride & pointing out that in my early twenties, I was still uncertain about being away from everyone and everything I knew. Over the years, I've tried different ones out for size as I built my first web page, posted onto my first message board, joined my first online dating site. Then in 2003, on a slow afternoon onsite in Winnipeg, [personal profile] vixalicious was born, and that has been my online identity ever since. If you google it, seven of the first ten links will point you in my direction.

But now, the online world is changing. It has gone mainstream. My parents are on facebook. Newscasters awkwardly fumble to tell viewers what twitter hashtags to use. So now I have three online realms: 1) Fannish world: LJ & DW; 2) Online dating - linking to nothing else I've ever done; and 3) Facebook, twitter, and tumblr - all the public face of Real Life Me.

The only problem with that is that I didn't understand the change when I was setting everything up. My twitter and tumblr usernames are set to vixalicious, my email on facebook points to it. I have multiple email addresses that are set up to forward to my main email, which is, again, vixalicious. I could then choose which one I reply from, but now with my smartphone I can't; if I reply on my phone, it comes from vixalcious. So basically my family, friends, co-workers, and random people I've met are all one google search away from finding my fannish life. And that makes me uncomfortable.

Option A: Let it go. Continue hoping that no one will be curious enough to search it based on the link they see on my facebook profile, and laugh it off when someone asks about my weird email address.
Option B: Change my email accounts around so that my name account is the main one, and vix routes to it. Annoying because I'd have to move my contacts around, and I'm not sure what would happen with all my calendar stuff.
Option C: Rename my twitter and tumblr accounts, and switch my email around; possibly even create a new email to match that could be given to everyone. Giant pain in the arse, but gives the greatest level of protection.

I am not sure yet what I'm going to do. Still mulling it over...


Sep. 15th, 2011 02:54 am
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I used to write a lot. All the time, every (or nearly every) day. I don't really do that now. I'd like that to change.

At Dragon*Con, I went to several of the writer's track panels, as I do every year. I whinged a lot to [personal profile] zillah975 about how I wish I was writing, like I do every year. Tonight, I went through all the notes I'd jotted in my iPod (yay technology) and I bookmarked all the sites they'd talked about and...

I didn't write anything.

I could have. I totally didn't need to watch those episodes of Criminal Minds (which I'd already seen), Monk (which I don't even like), & Without a Trace (what the hell am I still doing up at this hour?) I could have spent that time being far more productive. Except for the tennis I went and played, and then the drama tennis email waiting for me at home (LSS: we are probably kicking someone off the team for attitude issues.) Those were productive.

I have given this a lot of thought, and I have come to the conclusion that I don't know how to write at home. I did most of my writing in airplanes, airports, hotel rooms, etc. I was alone by circumstance and I had a large block of unfilled time with few other options for distraction. I also had a laptop with a lot longer battery life than I do now - at 45 minutes, I don't even bother to turn it on during the few trips I take these days.

When I was thinking about this entry (which I should have written hours ago instead of now, when it's closing on 3 am and I should be ASLEEP,) I thought the latest thing I'd written was earlier this year. I looked it up, and turns out it was last November. BTW, I never posted a link here; it's AI8 Kris/Adam fluffiness over on DW if you want to check it out. It's only 3500 words.

Anyway, I have decided that I need to work on finding a way to write at home. So I am going to try some writing exercises, to get myself back in the habit and to train myself to write at home. I have found a website with several prompts, and a podcast that is led by one of the panelists from Dragon*Con. So expect to read some weird things from me in the coming months!

OH, and [personal profile] zillah975 - remember when we were drunk and I told you that I once wrote cloud slash? here. And here.
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Today was my birthday, and I had a fabulous day.

Now I am about to tell you what I did, and there will be parts of it where you scratch your head and go, "She did that on her birthday and is happy about it??" That's okay. I have come to terms with the fact that I am indeed a special snowflake. It's fine.

First, one of the really cool things about my work is that included in what they call "floating holidays" is the option to take your birthday off. So today was literally a holiday for me. \o/

So this is what I did today:

  • Went to my GP for a physical, which included getting the update for my HepA/HepB vaccine, getting bloodwork done to test my cholesterol, and having an EKG.

  • Went to Krispy Kreme and got donuts as a reward for all the needles.

  • Went to Lowe's and got keys made for the house. Intended to get keys made for tenant, but instead got really pretty keys made for me. I also got more houseplants so I can pretend like I can grow things.

  • Went to Ross and got 2 photo albums, 5 shirts, and two dresses. 3 of the shirts I didn't even try on til I got home, but they are all great and one of them is so awesome I want to wear it EVERYWHERE. I got all this for $100.

  • Went to my laser hair removal appointment.

  • Went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and got more fabric cubes for my office.

  • Hung out with my friend at the tennis center; sadly couldn't play because you're not supposed to get overheated for 24 hours after the laser hair removal.

  • Picked up my dry cleaning.

  • Got a salad from my favorite Mexican place.

  • Came home and got the mail, only to discover gifts from friends had arrived!

  • Got wished happy birthday by my mom, who asked if I'd opened my card yet. I had not, as I'd just gotten the mail, so I opened it while I was on the phone with her, and YAY! They'd sent me a $100 check*! So it's like they bought me all the clothes I splurged on - *\o/*

  • Went on a "Don't Get Killed by Strangers from Craigslist" errand with the same friend from earlier and had a nice chat.

  • Came home and washed the curtains and baseboards in my bedroom.

*Yes, I'm the baby, why do you ask?

Now, as I said, some of you may be thinking that this would be a horrible way to spend your birthday. No special dinner? No friends everywhere? No attention? No party? But for me, this is perfection. Over the years, I have determined that while I love my friends and family, and I am excited to celebrate the occasion of my birth with them, it is in everyone's best interest if we don't do this on my ACTUAL birthday.

This is what happens on my birthday: I am a Virgo. On our best days, we're your friend who remember to bring sunscreen, bug spray, and bandaids on every outing. On our worst days, we are the anal-retentive bitches melting down on the side of the road because NO ONE IS FOLLOWING THE PLAN. Guess which one birthdays tend to fall under? Every year, my anxiety level would rise higher and higher as plans were made, but then changed at the last minute. Or people were late. Or the service at the restaurant was bad. Or we couldn't get to the movie theater on time. Even on the celebrations that turned out well, I always felt like at the end of the day, I hadn't had as much fun as everyone expected me to have.

The beauty of my day? Everything was under my control. I wasn't dependent on someone else to show up, no one was trying to make me have the bestest birthday ever, I got to do all the things I wanted. I accomplished things. I had a productive day, and was pleasantly surprised by all the things that I hadn't even planned on, like finding fun clothes and getting fancy keys.

And tomorrow, I will go out with my friends to a joint celebration with another friend from tennis whose birthday was this week (so we can share the spotlight, whew). It won't matter if half the people don't show, or if twice as many people show as RSVP'd, or if the guys at the karaoke place who barely speak English mess up our reservation and we get crammed into a tiny room. I had my birthday, and everything else is just icing on the cake.
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I was going to post about all the things I want lately and how I can't afford them now, and how much I miss being able to afford going on vacations.

And then I spent the last half hour reading about people from Joplin, which is about an hour from where I grew up. How there's a family with an 18 year old child, who don't know if he's alive and have been searching for him for five days. How a family of five are missing. How there are still over 200 people unaccounted for.

I am lucky.
I am lucky that I have the material things that I do have.
I am moreso lucky because I have so many lovely people in my life, who love me.
I am even luckier than that because my Joplin family are safe and healthy and whole.

People of Joplin, I am praying for you, and donating for you, and hoping for the best for all the families out there waiting for answers.
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Am reading the updates on the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ and the uprising in Libya. Is it just me, or are there more natural disasters now? And I know the Middle East is always a powder keg, but it does seem more explosive than ever. I wonder if this is truly more unrest and distruction than before, or if it's just that with the internet, the size of the world has shrunk.

It makes me think of the Eddie Izzard bit:

"In world news today, three British people skinned their knees. Loads of other people died, but we don't know 'em, so who gives a shit!"

Now with twitter and blogging, we know those other people, and we do give a shit.

In other news, today I have been watching The Tudors, season 2, and working. No holiday for me!
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Tuesday, August 14: Atlanta's Symphony Hall

I have to admit, I was not all that excited about going yesterday. This week has been a busy week, and I had a lot going on yesterday and it became just one more thing on my to-do list. Added to that I had planned to take MARTA to avoid traffic and paying event parking; in other cities, taking the subway makes life easier - here, not so much. I had to make sure I knew the train schedules so as not to repeat the Great MARTA Debacle of 2007.

Also, while I am very glad I went to the concert alone rather than miss out on an experience just because no one else wanted to go, the part that gets sacrificed is the pre-show excitement. When you are going with someone else, you get to plan together, you get to talk about what you'll wear and eat and listen to and all this excitement builds. By myself, it's all worry and obstacles.

Until the curtain comes up, and then it doesn't matter, because there's music.

Allison Iraheta, the girl who came in fourth on AI8, was the opening act. I like Allison: she's spunky, she's got fiery red hair, I like the way she dresses, and she's got a great smoky voice. I just wish I could like her music. It doesn't really connect with me, and on the couple of songs I thought were catchy, I have problems with the lyrics. Case in point, Beat Me Up. I realize that isn't what she means but I can't get behind a song that says I love you even though you beat me. I'm hoping that as she matures (she's only 18), she'll come out with something I enjoy.

Her band was amusing. I am officially old. They all looked like teenagers: the guitarist was actually painfully emo-looking. The bassist and the drummer were girls, so go Allison for that! Her stage banter was good, and other than not actually liking the music, I enjoyed the show. She needs to work on her dance moves though, in that she only has one. Also, the sound system was clearly not adjusted for her, which is common for opening acts, but she sounded fuzzy which was unfortunate.

The break between acts is when I really started having fun. Prior to that, all the seats near me in my row were empty (way to emphasize me being there by myself, universe) but then two women came and sat by me so I had someone to chat with. And then the whole crowd started dancing and singing along to the music they were playing as they swapped out the equipment, and I am never one to pass up dancing and singing along.

And then it was time for the show! Adam is such a theater kid, I have to admit I cracked up a little. But I loved the choreographed dancing (boy can move, just sayin') and his vocals were amazing with the acoustics in the hall. It felt to me like he was really enjoying that, but that could just be an every show thing. The crowd got into it, as much as the venue would allow - symphony hall =/= rock concert - and the light show was awesome without being distracted. My only complaint for the show was that it was overly staged; what I enjoy about seeing musicians live is the chance to feel like you've interacted with the artist. I like the silly stories about what they did that day, or how they got lost on the way to the venue, or explanations of in-jokes with the band, etc. This was very much like watching a play, where Adam was the lead character, with his script and no deviations from that. And it was kind of a cheesy script - all you need is love. It was still a lot of fun, though, and I'd go again.

No pictures to share, because I actually purposefully didn't take my camera. I wanted to just enjoy the venue, and I'm sure people with much better cameras than mine will be posting pictures soon.
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One of the reasons I haven't really updated my journal lately is because I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed by life lately. It's silly, because this is a great outlet for frustrations, but I haven't felt up to using it. I'm going to try to be better about that.

Some of the reasons I am feeling overwhelmed:

My family:
This has not been a great year for my family. My mom had a stroke. My aunt had a lumpectomy, which led to a mastectomy, which then led - I'm still not sure how - to a ruptured colon. My oldest brother had a bicycle accident that collapsed his lung. My other brother has had some unknown virus that caused him to lose 25 pounds (which he didn't have to lose; I asked how I could get this virus, as I could stand to lose it easily.) Everyone is healing from their calamities nicely, but it's been one thing after another, with a lot of worrying and feeling helpless. And I've spent a lot on flowers.

My job:
I've had a lot of problem sites, with challenging installations, lots of overtime. It's been a rough summer.

My weight:
I've gained about 25 pounds in the last year. I am super unhappy about this - I feel fat and gross and ugly. I know these things aren't true when I look in the mirror, but it doesn't stop from me from feeling them. Luckily I'm not carrying it the way I did last time I was this heavy, because I am a more active person now, but I do not want to stay this way. I'm trying to diet, but I'll do good for a few days then blow it (usually on the weekends.) I play tennis two or three times a week, but I need to supplement that with the Wii and with the treadmill, and I haven't been able to motivate myself to do so.

My house:
Well, really the yard. After I had that horrid bout of poison ivy, I got kind of scared to go out there. It turned into a jungle. This is one area where I've made some progress recently. I had let the house get dirty, and I've been cleaning. I finally got the yard mowed today - I was going to give up and call someone to do it, but the weather was under 90 today with a breeze, so I sucked it up and spent about 4 hours mowing, weed-eating, and leaf-blowing. I still need to spray for the poison ivy and weeds. I want to buy some sort of sprayer that will be easier to use than the Round Up I've been buying - the squeezy thing hurts my hand.

So these are my woes. They're not the worst in the world, and trust me, I know there's a lot of people that have it worse than me. But they are mine, and they have been making me sad. I'm still getting out, playing tennis, meeting up with friends, etc, but I don't feel like myself.
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The last bastion of true newscasting in America, PBS, has broadcast this documentary looking at healthcare systems in other countries, what they're doing well and what they're not. An interesting look as we start our national debate about the future of American healthcare:
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I mentioned a while back that I feel sometimes like Twitter has taken over from where I used to post, although honestly I don't think I post less, it's just that because the twitter feed posts here every day, I feel like there's less actual content on my blogs. I immediately came up with a list of things I wanted to post about and then, just as immediately, failed to post about any of them. Now I will attempt to start remedying that.

One of the things I came up with, and that's been on my mind lately, is writing. Writing and Why I'm Not Doing It, to be more specific. I haven't written anything since last November, not even stuff that I just haven't finished really. I have a two-paragraph bandom thing that I think I did in December, but trust me when I say it doesn't count. I could give a million reasons why I'm not writing now - I was burned out by life in December, I've been working on craft projects & stuff around the house, I'm focusing on other hobbies like tennis & drums (haha, yeah, not reall) - but they'd just be excuses.

The real reason is that I'm scared.

I'm scared, because of what I want to write: the novel that I started plotting out last year for the creative writing class that I took. I'm scared, because I honestly think it's the best idea I've ever had, and because writing it means committing to doing something about it when (if!) it's done. I'm scared by the amount of research, the scope of the novel, the amount of work and disappointment that goes into trying to get published. What if I can't do it? What if I do it and it sucks? What if I do it and it doesn't suck? I've sort of worked myself into a tizzy about it, to the point that rather than think about it, I just do other stuff. I've bought some of the books I wanted for research, but didn't read them. I downloaded a free software for writing, but haven't taken the time to read the instructions (although I have actually played with it - it seems... complex).

Also, I still haven't managed to fit writing into my 'at home' activities. It was so easy before to fit it into the 3-5 hours a week I spent on airplanes, away from the distractions of the internet and the rest of the world. Now I am home more, I don't seem to make time for it. Heaven forbid I watch one less episode of crappy TV a week or anything.

So that's what's been on my mind writing-wise. I don't know that this was the most coherent explanation of it, but that's what I've got today.
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Hmm. So I'm looking at this list, and I have to say, I agree with some of that as being wasteful - particularly the stuff for Washington DC, the sewers and the Smithsonian stuff. I really wish Obama and the Democrats would explain some of the ideology behind what they're thinking with some of this stuff. Also, I've yet to see a comprehensive list of what the bill actually includes.
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I feel like I haven't really updated in a while, other than twitter posts and the occasional 'hey, look at this' link. I'm doing good, just focused elsewhere, I guess. I've been playing a lot of tennis, although our league wrapped up on Saturday for the winter season. I had my best game so far, so that was awesome. I saw My Bloody Valentine with some fellow Supernatural enthusiasts on opening day. I enjoyed it a lot, mostly because I was in a theater full of people intent on having a good time. It was cheesy but fun, and I wish the theater had had the 3D stuff because that would have been awesome.

I watched the inauguration, of course, and twittered through it - which kind of cracks me up, but anyway. I thought his speech was good, and I hope that the rest of the nation takes it the way I took it, that it's great he got elected, but that our duty didn't end there and now we have to help turn things around by volunteering, by staying involved in local, state and federal politics, and by holding our elected officials accountable for their voting.

I'm of two minds about the whole closing of Gitmo thing. On the one hand, I am happy that Obama is moving to close the torture 'loophole' - that goes against everything we sell ourselves as as Americans, and you cannot say we stand for liberty and justice and freedom for all, but we have to do this horrible thing because everybody else does it and the ends justify the means. No. On the other hand, it opens up a whole host of really uncomfortable questions, and I hope that this is step one, and step two is a really clever plan to address them. Where do these detainees go? What should the legal process for indicting/prosecuting/imprisoning terrorists be? Should there be degrees of terrorism like there are degrees of murder? There's a lot of hard questions there that I don't have the answers for, and am frankly glad that I don't personally have to come up with them. Like it says in this video, I'm glad we've elected the smart guy, because decades of going for the charismatic guy that doesn't make us feel stupid had gotten us in this mess. My understanding is that the Obama administration is asking for a 30 day suspension on everything, and I hope they come back with a plan at that point.

In other less political news, I came home on Sunday and started putting away my groceries only to notice that something was amiss in the kitchen. On further inspection, I discovered that my cabinets, which are ONLY TWO YEARS OLD are coming un-nailed from the back of the cabinet (which is mounted onto the wall). So now they're crooked and I'm trying to find a good handyman to put them back. To add to the unfairness, it's not even like I put that much food into them. Argh, I say, argh!

And that's about it. Most of my focus these days is on my diet (which is going well), making a blanket, figuring out what I'm doing with my vacation time this year (trips to Denver, home, Savannah, home), and fighting off a cold.


Dec. 4th, 2008 01:45 pm
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In the 'Have You Ever' meme, [ profile] mrsquizzical asked about me piecing a quilt.

Before I was old enough to go to school, my mom worked so I stayed with my grandmother instead of going to preschool. Grandmother lived next door to us, and she was big on not letting TV rot your brain, so as a three year old, I learned to read, write, and generally entertain myself. I particularly liked gluing stuff to other stuff - this was hours of entertainment. Grandmother never seemed to care what I ruined, as long as I was having fun doing it.

I also spent a lot of time with her while she did her errands and hobbies. We went to church, to the bank (they always gave me free candy through the drive-thru window, I remember them fondly. Plus you had to drive through the middle of a building to do it, which was inherently cool), to deliver meals on wheels. And she had a quilting circle. She would give me a pattern piece and tell me how many she wanted, and I would diligently pin and cut and count til I had the right number. Then she showed me how to thread the needles and tie knots, and I would sew pieces together and give them to her, and she would put them in the right place in her squares.

And then once a week, she would set up a big quilting loom in her basement, and all her quilting friends would come over. I helped sometimes, but I was too little for most of it. I remember clearly though, lying on my back under the table and watching all their needles going in and out in tiny delicate stitches as they put everything together. I have one of her quilts, a wedding quilt, that I plan to hang on a wall in my guest room one day soon.

So it's not exactly the same as putting one together on my own, but I figured it was close enough to count, and it gave me the skills to make this, which I did over the weekend:

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I survived my very first political rally, mostly intact. Nothing that a few aspirin won't fix! :)

I went to the evening event (there was an afternoon march at the Capitol Building that I couldn't make). There were a lot of people, despite the cold and wind. However, very difficult to have a candlelight vigil on a windy day, even with wind guards (ok, styrofoam cups). I had to choose between holding my sign or holding a candle - I picked my sign.

Me with sign )
I got lots of comments on it, which was cool. I'd actually made two signs, because I was going to put them back to back, but the organizers sent out an email saying no sticks allowed so I chose not to try that. I gave the other one to some kids who didn't have one - it said Let Everyone Marry.

So there weren't any hecklers or anything, although one douchebag did yell something at the group of people I was walking with from the MARTA station to the rally. The rally itself was a great crowd - everyone was hyped up and friendly, and we sang and danced and waved our signs at passing cars. The crowd started thinning out around 7pm, so those of us left took to crossing the roads (with the lights, of course) and chanting 'Gay, Straight, Black, White, marriage is a civil right' and things of that nature. Chanting was not our strongest point as a crowd :) But it was nice to move around a bit at that point.

Here's some really crappy pics of the crowd:
pics )
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+ Drug myself out of bed, wishing I had not stayed up til 2 am out of a paranoid worry that Obama's victory would somehow be snatched away.

+ Obsessively refreshed and to track what was going on in Senate races and with Prop 8.

+ Failed at being a good aunt. I didn't forget my niece's birthday, but I couldn't think of anything to get her. I'll mail her a card and some money this weekend.

+ Pondered what I want to do to be a part of positive change in this country.

+ Got my site up and running.

+ Did some shopping on Amazon. Will soon be the proud owner of a new yoga DVD, A People's History of the United States, and a new photo album.

+ Requested a couple of books online at the library and renewed the two I have out. Fingers crossed the books I requested will be available by Saturday!

+ Filled out a form to volunteer at the library.

+ Emailed Habitat for Humanity to find out more about their Women Build program.

+ Bookmarked the CARE website to look into volunteer opportunities with them.
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I was on wikipedia, and one of the featured articles there was about the Panic of 1907 - what is up with the US stock market and the month of October? Maybe they should take vacation then.
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So we're supposed to give the Treasury $700 billion and not ask them what they did with it? Yeah, no. What I find amusing about all of this is that the Republican party still has the nerve to try and paint Democrats as 'tax and spend' - pot, kettle, black much?

Anyway, so our economy is failing and I'm too chicken to go online and see what this is doing to my 401k. Also, I've forgotten my password, but mostly too chicken. At one point I had $70k in there, and the last statement I got, which I think was Q1, I remember that the amount of money I'd lost this year equaled the amount I invested last year. Good times. *chants 'long term investment, I'm only 33' over and over*

In good news, at least I have my health! I went today and got my hearing tested because it's been a year since my operation. My good ear is slightly above normal, and my operated-on ear is mostly in the normal range, with some below normal in lower frequencies. \o/ Yay for not being deaf in one ear, which I basically was last year.

I plan on celebrating this by practicing my drums tonight. I have really been slacking with the drums. I think about them every single day, but that is not the same as playing on them. Oddly, I think I'm developing a fear of failure about it - like I'm afraid to find out how bad I really am. Which is stupid, because it's not like I intend to do anything with it. I'm not exactly looking to join a band or anything.

I've also been trying to meet a goal of writing 500 words a day. I've hit it most days, and my bandom Harlequin is at 8000 words now. Sadly, I'd say this is the half-way point. Or maybe the third-way point, because I keep thinking 'oh, and I need to address this, and this. Oh, and this.' I'm going to have to make up my mind about what really goes in. Also, I've finished writing all the parts I had plotted out, so I guess the next step would be figuring out where it goes from there. I was hoping it would have just come to me by now. That did not work out.


May. 5th, 2008 12:21 am
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Happy Cinco de Mayo! (or at least it will be by the time I get done typing this!)

So I kinda posted last week and then disappeared, sorry about that. Thanks for everyone that replied to my post. Work was a complete clusterfuck all week, and left me mostly comatose in the evenings. To update on the dog story: So I called animal control again on Wednesday, because the dog not only had been out each day since I'd asked my neighbor to keep him in on Monday, but also because he was dragging trash into my backyard, and they weren't home when I went over to tell them. Then on the way back to my house, the dog got between me and my door and wouldn't let me go in my own house. I had to get a stick out of another neighbor's yard and threaten him with it before I could go back in. So I called them, and I don't think they ever came. More dog sightings on Thursday and Friday, complete with their OTHER dog out and in my backyard. I was pissed, but so consumed with work I didn't have time to do anything about it.

Friday is my day for tennis class, but I got a big surprise when I walked out my front door after work. The curb and yard of the neighbor's house was piled up with trash and furniture and kids toys. All their cars were gone. They're moving out! I had about 1 minute of pure joy, and then I realized that THE DOG WAS STILL THERE. :( Fail, neighbors, fail. There wasn't much I could do about it, since they were gone and it was after 5pm, so I went off to tennis. I am loving playing again - it's nice to do exercise that doesn't involve machines, and that does involve socializing. I am making new friends, yay!

Saturday I heard movement next door when I got up, and saw them moving more stuff out to the curb. By the time I got ready, they were gone again, and there was no sign of the dog, so I hope they took him with them this time. Maybe they were just making a trip on Friday and came back for him that night, idk. I'd gotten up early so that I could go to the art museum. This weekend was the last weekend for the Georgia O'Keefe/Stieglitz showing. I am not a huge Georgia O'Keefe fan, but I bought a membership to the High (yes, that is the name of Atlanta's art museum - I really wish they'd do a 'Come On, Get High' promotion) this year and I want to try to go to all the exhibits. I was a little skeeved by the description of her mentor/husband, because there were a lot of references to his belief that women brought a child-like innocence to art that had a lot of creepy undertones to them, and his photography, particularly his nudes of her, was disconcerting and awkward. I did enjoy some of the other artists he had mentored though, particularly some of the photographs by Gertrude Kasebier.

Today, I got up and fixed both of my gates, so if there is a return of the dog, or if I get new neighbors, I will be prepared! I do feel bad for the owners of the property - they are a nice couple about my age, and this was their first flip then they couldn't sell it so they had to rent it. I guarantee you the renters destroyed the place. Then I drove up to Buckhead to go to the sporting goods store because I needed tape for the handle on my tennis racquet. This should have cost me $5. It ended up costing me $90. I now have: tape, a new racquet (it is purple and pretty and part of the proceeds go to fight breast cancer), a new tennis outfit, and socks to match it. Oops?

My little detour almost made me miss my flight out, not because I took to long, but because I didn't realize that the construction on 75/85 had moved from the northbound lane to the southbound. But I made it and now I am in French Lick, Indiana, lucky me! The hotel is really nice, and here's to hoping that this week goes better than last week!
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Okay, the subject line is just because I've had that song stuck in my head all week. I just bought it off iTunes last weekend. Video here, if you're interested.

So one of my friends was teasing me about having deep thoughts lately, and I realized I hadn't shared them with you all. And that is a travesty! :D

Thought #1: I wonder how much of global warming can be attributed to setting off atomic bombs? I don't pretend to know a lot about science, but it seems to me that a few giant mushroom-cloud-inducing explosions cannot have helped, but no one ever mentions it in relation.

Thought #2: I've been thinking about how music has shaped my life, and how much the internet has played a vast part in that. Ten years ago, I never listened to anything that I hadn't heard on the radio. Now, 90% of what I listen to isn't even played on the radio. And it's changing the way people who grew up like I did, rurally, have access to the outside world. As a teen, I didn't even realize there was other music out there than what showed up on the Top 40 stations. When the pop scene got particularly bad (Milli Vanilli, anyone?), we threw in tapes of the Eagles, Queen, the Beach Boys and the Beatles. The Pixies? Nope. The Ramones? Never heard of them. The Stone Roses? Forget about it! I'm really amazed at myself now for not questioning it.

Thought #3: I don't question a lot of things, or at least I didn't then. I started my drum lessons two weeks ago, and my instructor was telling me how he started playing in band, but his parents wanted him to stick to piano, not drums. Very similar to my story, except when they told him no, he learned anyway. I'm actually frustrated with myself over this, although maybe I shouldn't be. I'd like to think I've grown a little in this area, learned to stand my ground, to stand up for myself. I also can't remember if I said anything to the teacher about it at the time. I hope I did; I hope I didn't just quit. Although that flute was pretty damn nasty - they smell like spit, people. Dried, metallicized spit.

and these are my thoughts. aren't you glad I shared them?

In other news, I am mostly recovered from the plague, save a lingering cough. I have my second drum lesson tomorrow, and I haven't practiced as much as I would have liked to (difficult to drum and cough at the same time, as you would imagine). I am going to try to buy tickets tomorrow to see Panic! at the Disco in April (fingers crossed!). Also, I might be writing another song. It is called "Nothing Rhymes with Circus" because I'm sorry, but some things DO IN FACT RHYME WITH CIRCUS. You will just have to wait and see what, though.


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