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Below with commentary in [italics]:
Dear Visa/ATM Card Beneficiaries,
This is to inform you after much deliberation on your countless efforts to get 
your payment without success and with regard to your dealings with impostors. I 
wish to inform that a resolution has been reached by members of the payment 
committee to get your funds cleared and delivered to your home address within a 
period of 72 hours solemnly agreed by Board of Trustee of the United Nations 
World Re-compensation Commission (U.N.W.R.C). A VISA GOLD CARD containing the 
sum of Four Million Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars 
($4,800,000.00USD) will be issued in your Favor. Send your response to 
[Okay, where to start!!!!
a.  They are assuming I would just forget my "countless efforts?"
b.  A Visa Gold card with a 4.8 million dollar credit limit?? Is it actually made of gold?
c.  Re-compensation for what?
d.  Because AOL is the email provider for soooooooooooo many legitimate businesses in 2012.]
Secondly, as a result of widespread fraud over the internet and to avoid abuse 
of the program we will provide you details of the VISA GOLD CARD upon your 
response. Please we will like you to confirm the following information.
[Aw, how sweet of you to be concerned about people trying to defraud me!]
*Your Full Name: (No Abbreviation Please) 
*Current Residential Address:
*Direct Contact Telephone Number:
*Driver License or Passport:
*ID No: (optional)
[ asking for all the information one would need to defraud me.]
Upon receipt of the above we will furnish you on how to receive your payment 
within the next 72 hours.
Yours Sincerely,
Susan Kingham (Mrs.)
Payment Coordinator
U.N.C.C Regional office
West Africa Payment Outlet
[(Mrs.)  Because married people are more trustworthy!  U.N.C.C - because that last period was too much work!  West Africa - because no email scams have ever come from Africa!  AOL - still funny!!!!!]


Nov. 8th, 2006 10:21 am
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I love spam email. That they will send me an email entitled "Re: Can you help me? Need Viagra." as if I might somehow forget that I've never sent an email like that in my life and open it up amuses me endlessly.
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only not really.

Spam email of the week:

"Erect Ass Desire"

Yeah. They know their demographic. *stares at list of boy on boy porn I've written*

My secrets are out.
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Subject Line: pave aroma alkaloid sentential autocrat inputting irksome stamp bungalow discreet cloak plunk

Yeah, I can't even begin to imagine exactly what they could be selling.
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atkchj1uqg writes:

Small Pen-i-s Will Embrass U, Watch Out skiing

Because skiing is obviously where having a small penis cause big problems.
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Subject line: Eliminate your bills the Christian way

WTF? What does that even mean? Wouldn't the Christian way be to actually pay your bills on time? Why would I need an email to help me do that?
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Spam Email Subject Line of the Week:

re:-a.d.v.â.d.l.t..lùscious b0dy.ñymphs_whip_sinfùl.need orâl

Well, that about covers all avenues, doesn't it?

Plus I just love the "Re:" portion of it, trying to trick me into thinking I wrote away for "-a.d.v.â.d.l.t..lùscious b0dy.ñymphs_whip_sinfùl.need orâl" and just forgot about it.
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And the winner is:

Stop Paying... It's Free- Hard-core Strap-on Action

I mean.. WTF?

On another note... for all the slashers out there: What does OTC mean?
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"Want a massive ppenis?"

Apparently it's so big it will make you stutter!


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