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Another weekend gone.

I woke up at 5 am this morning and could NOT get back to sleep, despite not needing to be up til 9. Suck. But I had plenty of time to chop up the watermelon I'd bought to take to my tennis match, so that's something.

We did not win. Overall, my team won 1 match out of 5. We've moved ourselves up a level this summer, & our opponents are not that much more skilled than we are but they are more consistent. But it is actually a lot more fun & we are all learning a lot, even only 2 matches in to the season. My partner & I lost 2-6,5-7 - we nearly took that second set! So that was 2 hours of tennis, & then 2 of my teammates wanted to play more after their match as it was over pretty quickly so we played for another hour or more with them.

All this to say: god, I am sore.
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So lets see...

I've been sick this week, so that sucked (flu-ish thing, with chills & dizziness, although to be fair most of the dizziness happened while I was playing tennis with a fever so...)

Today, I got up, went to yoga (trying to make that a weekly thing, prolly just jinxed it,) came home, ate lunch, played my new wii karaoke game, took a nap, folded laundry, walked 6 miles, went grocery shopping for my tennis match, got dinner, watched a movie, unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher, & put away my laundry.

That was my day. Was it like you were there?

How wrong, on a scale of 1 to 10, to take band merchandise you like the idea of but not the execution of, and get it made somewhere else? Aka fall out boy, I would give you money if you'd stop making ugly merch.


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