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*sigh* Sunday night already? Really?

Um, let's see. Friday night was fun - gotta love trips to the ER! I started having abdominal pains that came on really suddenly, and I knew what it was from last time - kidney infection. So I called my doctor's office but the doctor on call said I had to go in because they can't diagnose that over the phone. Fair enough, but that meant four hours in the ER. It was at least humorous since the exam room they had me in was next to the nurses' station and I got to listen to them saying things like "Anyone know what happened to the pregnant lady in 36?" Apparently they lose people.

So Saturday was pretty quiet, because I was feeling kind of out of it, while the antibiotics kicked in. I was so muzzy-headed that I set off my home security system trying to go out to plug in my lawnmower! I haven't done that once in the two years I've lived here!

I took it really easy on Saturday because I knew I had a tennis match today, and I wanted to be able to play. My partner Claire and I were playing last, so we took the court around 4pm, and let me tell you, today was a warm day in Atlanta! It was low-to-mid 80s here, and so hot that I had trouble taking a deep breath on the court (hi asthma, thanks for showing up at inopportune times). BUT! Despite all that, we won! My goal for this season was to win one set, since last season (our first) my goal was to win one game and I did that. This season I have come close a few times but could never close the deal, and today was the last game of the season. So now I have won game, set, and MATCH! And I was playing really well today, so I'm pretty proud.

I was in such a great mood when I got home, I sat down and played my drums, which I have been woefully neglecting, for almost a whole hour! Now I'm trying to catch up on some housework - notice I'm doing an awesome job of procrastinating by blogging. Which I still feel like I don't do as much of since I got twitter. Ah well! Maybe I'll start trying to do one serious journal entry a week? I'll think about it. Feel free to share your thoughts!


Sep. 30th, 2008 11:44 am
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Ok, I lasted 20 minutes in the Fall Out Boy online chat - I didn't mock the teenagers outloud, so I'm counting it as a win. The radio station's chat software sucked though, and after it froze for the second time, I gave up. There are apparently limits to my thirteenishness.

In other news, let's see. I worked in my back yard this weekend, managed to remove most of the concrete lip that former owners had built to hold the old shed and hauled all the detritus from the sheds out to the curb. Sunday=sore from all that work.

Yesterday, still sore. Work sucks, nothing new there. I played tennis to see if I could get rid of the sore, which seems to have worked. One of my best friends had her baby yesterday :) I practiced my drums, and went to bed early (for me - midnight).

I didn't sleep really well, never went into deep sleep, and at 2:30 I woke up to the sound of gunfire. Always fun. :( It sounded like someone emptying a whole clip. I know it makes Atlanta sound dangerous, but I don't think it is, any more than any other large American city. I hear gunfire about once a year - Scott and I used to have conversations that went "So last night, that was?" "Yup." "Okay then." I usually just note the time and then go back to bed, because I am prepared to answer police questions. :D It's possible I watch too much Law & Order.

OH, and I have new neighbors, I think! They moved in at 2 am on Monday morning. I was just going to bed and I heard a truck backing up. I haven't actually seen anyone, but there's a car there this morning.

And that's the state of me. :)
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Drums practiced!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any writing done today. Yet - the day obviously isn't over yet. I thought I'd go to the internet cafe that I like and write there, but their internet kept going out, and since I am keeping my writing in Google docs right now because I keep thinking my computer's due for a crash, I didn't get much done. I moved to a second cafe, but I was just too distracted.

Also, Atlanta's (well, the southeast's, really) gas crisis goes on. Gas is $4.29 a gallon, and about 1 in 3 gas stations is completely out of gas. Yes, Rest of the World, I know you pay more than this for gas. But the national average right now is $3.64, so we are paying a lot more than the rest of the country. Ugh.

And finally, I can has fake tattoo )

It's a little blurry, but that's the camera, not the tattoo. :( *wants new cam*
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So we're supposed to give the Treasury $700 billion and not ask them what they did with it? Yeah, no. What I find amusing about all of this is that the Republican party still has the nerve to try and paint Democrats as 'tax and spend' - pot, kettle, black much?

Anyway, so our economy is failing and I'm too chicken to go online and see what this is doing to my 401k. Also, I've forgotten my password, but mostly too chicken. At one point I had $70k in there, and the last statement I got, which I think was Q1, I remember that the amount of money I'd lost this year equaled the amount I invested last year. Good times. *chants 'long term investment, I'm only 33' over and over*

In good news, at least I have my health! I went today and got my hearing tested because it's been a year since my operation. My good ear is slightly above normal, and my operated-on ear is mostly in the normal range, with some below normal in lower frequencies. \o/ Yay for not being deaf in one ear, which I basically was last year.

I plan on celebrating this by practicing my drums tonight. I have really been slacking with the drums. I think about them every single day, but that is not the same as playing on them. Oddly, I think I'm developing a fear of failure about it - like I'm afraid to find out how bad I really am. Which is stupid, because it's not like I intend to do anything with it. I'm not exactly looking to join a band or anything.

I've also been trying to meet a goal of writing 500 words a day. I've hit it most days, and my bandom Harlequin is at 8000 words now. Sadly, I'd say this is the half-way point. Or maybe the third-way point, because I keep thinking 'oh, and I need to address this, and this. Oh, and this.' I'm going to have to make up my mind about what really goes in. Also, I've finished writing all the parts I had plotted out, so I guess the next step would be figuring out where it goes from there. I was hoping it would have just come to me by now. That did not work out.
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Just around the corner. How do the weekends go so fast and the weeks so slow?

I didn't do all that much this weekend, just worked on craft projects and practiced my drums. Tonight I watched the VMAs. Remind me not to do that again, ugh. It was the Britney awards, and she didn't even perform. Christina Aguilera did - hi, does anyone else feel like we've gone back in time? - and she looked like she was actually impersonating Britney in the Toxic-era. Also, Michael Phelps came out wearing a headset and I thought those were his ears. Also performances by Kid Rock and Pink. Seriously? *eyeroll*

I did like Russell Brand - he was amusing, even though he kept trying to convince us all we were having SO MUCH FUN.

Anyway, enough of that. On to the purpose of this post: Camwhoring my new jeans! )

Just FYI, it's really hard to take a picture of your own ass.
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I feel like I've had a long day, even though it really wasn't that bad. I got up at 11, had breakfast, got ready, went to my drum lesson at 1, was COMPLETELY FAILY AT DRUMS for an hour (for srs, I sucked today), ran errands for an hour then met up with Scott and Jon and saw The Dark Knight, went out to dinner and came home.

Now all I want to do is go to bed.

No, that's not true - what I WANT to do is finish my writing assignment for Monday's class and finish the Amish Panic fic sitting on my hard drive making me feel guilty and clean my house from top to bottom before my company comes next weekend, but all I have the ENERGY to do is go to bed.

Apparently, I'm feeling a little 'woe is me' tonight. I'm going to blame it on the wine I had with dinner and the way I got completely lost on the way from the movie theater to the restaurant tonight. I hate it when I get lost on the way to a place that I know. They're repaving the main interstate that goes through Atlanta, and redoing one of the bridges and it threw me all off. *pouts* But the movie was awesome, so that's something.
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I've been meaning and meaning to update, but I never get around to it. So in a nutshell, what I have been up to:

*Went home to Missouri for the 4th. It's a big holiday for my family, and we're all about going to the lake and going boating and water-skiing. The lake is up really high with all the rain they've been getting, up higher than my dad, who is 73, can ever remember it being. Here's a picture, which is probably only funny to people who know what it normally looks like, but suffice it to say, the lake, while always ahead, not usually that close:

picture )

Anyway, good times. Got to hang out with my sis, my brother and his wife drove in from Boston, and my cousins were down from Iowa. I managed to get the first actual sunburn I've had in probably a decade, in which I managed to burn my back, and ONE SHIN. Just one. It was a good look, let me tell you.

*Got back, managed to do absolutely nothing for two days, except for read a fantastic book, My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Piccoult. [ profile] krazycat recced it to me, and it was so amazing. One of those books that makes me wonder why I even want to bother trying to write, because how can I ever do anything close to that?

*Which was an excellent way to feel when starting a course on Creative Writing, which I did last week! Fear my timing, people! :D I'm taking a five week course from Emory University's night school. By the end of it, we are promised to have two chapters of our novels written, and then critiqued by the professor. Last week, I had to leave a bit early, so I missed the in-class writing assignment. Our homework though was to write the first three pages, or the hook. I got it done, sort of - I wrote 3 pages, but didn't finish my scene. I handed it in anyway, we'll see what he has to say. Tonight was the second class, and we did a couple of in-class exercises. One I did well on, but the second one was a group assignment and it was hard to corral everyone, without taking over. We were supposed to be constructing a scene based on information given to us by the teacher, and they kept wanting to write the whole story.

*Last week I was in Florida. Not much happened. My insomnia, which had gone away while I was on vacation, came back full-force. Whee. This is partially why I didn't get my scene finished; creativity is low when sleep is deprived.

*This week, we are meant to write the first chapter of our novel to turn in on Monday. The only problem is that I'm not sure what length the professor is looking for. I sat down tonight after class and wrote out an outline for what I consider to be the first two chapters, and wrote the first scene of the first chapter. Then I tried to figure out the length requirement, because I am a brown-noser student :) The teacher talked about his first novel being 50K, with 60 chapters. That seems a bit short though, because that would mean a chapter is only 834 words. Maybe once I read the assigned text it will be clearer. Either way, I got 695 words written tonight, and my goal is to write one more scene and fix the intro this week.

So I'm trying to learn to parent myself again while I'm home, since I'm not traveling for the next month (knock on wood). My plan is to try to practice my drums in the morning before work this week since I'm working West Coast hours, then after work to write from 10 to 11pm, quickly get ready for bed and then watch the Colbert Report and go to bed by midnight. We shall see! The laptop is no longer allowed to go upstairs with me.

Also, since the Colbert Report just finished, I'm off to bed.

ETA: And of course, I type this all up and LJ freakin' goes down. Guess I'll post it tomorrow!
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Well, I had a nice evening out - Scott and I went to the Gay Men's Chorus performance of They Had It Coming: The Music of Kander and Ebb. So now I have And All that Jazz stuck in my head, and I know that the ASL sign for applause is in fact jazz hands. Jazz hands over your head, but jazz hands nonetheless.

Otherwise, I'm having a pretty quiet weekend. I played tennis last night, but I got too hot and didn't feel good afterward. I wish they'd push the lessons back by an hour now that it's summer. I got dehydrated and got a headache and pretty much did nothing for the rest of the night but sit on my couch and mess around with loading music onto my iTunes.

Today I slept in, then went to my drum lesson. It got pushed back and shortened because my instructor's dog got sick. This is the second time that's happened, and it cracks me up because my instructor always gives me TMI. Instead of 'my dog is sick and I have to take him to the vet' I get 'my dog ate something, we think maybe bark from a rotting tree and then she started bleeding internally and now there's blood all over the driveway.' Ooooooooookay. You go take care of that. I'll be over here trying not to think about it too hard so I don't throw up.

My goals for tomorrow are to clean my kitchen and hang curtains in my bedroom. Wow, my life, so exciting! :D I also need to pack to go home to Missouri on Monday, so I probably won't be around much for the next week ago. So Happy Fourth of July to the Americans on my flist, Happy Canada Day to the Canadians, and happy July to the rest of you!
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Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Okay, so I get this really weird form of jetlag. It's only started in the last year or two, so I'm guessing it's one of those joy-of-aging things. (OT, this July is my tenth anniversary of being a road warrior, go me!) So the night I get back from travelling, I am tired, but I always make myself stay up til at least 10 pm. This time around, I made it til 11, then I slept til 1pm the next day.

All of this would have at one point gotten me back on track quickly. Not so these days. So I then proceed to stay up til 5 am on Sunday/Monday, which was okay because I had Monday off. Then came Monday/Tuesday, when I stayed up til 2:30am when I had to get up at 9 the next day. Tuesday/Wednesday was especially fun, when I went to bed at 1:30am - progress, right? Except I woke up a few times in the night and then woke up at 7 and couldn't get back to sleep.

Wednesday night, I broke down and took a sleeping pill (OTC) and actually got 8 hours of sleep. Blessed, joyous sleep! So I was in such a good mood yesterday that after I got back from having dinner, I played drums for an hour, then caught up on some of the work I'd slacked off on, then talked to a friend for an hour on the phone, then read a story from [ profile] bandombigbang, then burned a CD, then imported that CD into my iTunes, and posted on a comm looking for my song (Beth by Kiss) which meant I had to upload one in return. And yeah, by that time? 3 am.

*sigh* And then it was back to the waking up constantly, and then wide-awake at 6:45. This sucks and I want to sleeeeeeeeeeeep.

I'm going to stay in tonight, instead of going to play tennis, because a) I'm too tired, and b) I want to watch the premiere of FNMTV because I can't resist the novelty of music videos being played on MTV and the possiblility that I might get to see Panic at the Disco jam with Snoop Dogg. Thank you, Pete Wentz, you giant freak.

Also, thanks to [ profile] mandieleigh pointing out the site, I am now the proud owner of this t-shirt:
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Ugh, so tired. For some reason, I thought it would be a really bright idea to stay up until 3 am last night. That was dumb.

So this week has so far been a wash work-wise, but I did get a craft project finished while I was hanging around waiting for the other vendor to fix their problems. I was explaining it to my coworkers on the phone before our departmental meeting last night, and one of them called it a 'cell-phone cozy' which I guess is a decent description. It's a box that I cut a hole in and covered with stickers I made out of old Spanish maps and ships and stamps, so that I can have all my chargers for the phone, the headset, my Garmin, etc in my living room without them being out on display. Now I just have to buy a table for it to sit on and all will be well :D

In other news, I'm trying to learn something new on the drums and it's not going well - I have to move both of my feet at the same time, in the same direction. You'd think this wouldn't be difficult, but oh, you'd be wrong!
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YouTube - Broadcast Yourself!

Um, so here I am playing the drums! I suck! But that's okay! There are times when I mess up, but I am changing the bass drum around on purpose, I swear.

Also, I'm a giant dork! This should come as no shock to anyone who's ever met me!

ETA: Also, I fail at embedding files.

Ho Hum

May. 17th, 2008 10:55 am
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Hi everyone! I've meant to update all week, but considering how in turns stressed out (work) and sad (personal life) I've been, it's best I didn't. But my mood is better today, I'm going to go work outside in my yard and get some sunshine, go play the drums this afternoon, and maybe go buy myself some stuff from IKEA tonight.
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I have new music, yay!

I just ran to Best Buy and bought the new Counting Crows and the new Panic at the Disco. God, I miss Tower Records. They used to have pretty much everything that was alternative for $8.99. Now Best Buy had some good deals on both of these at 9.99, but there's a new Raconteurs album out (fail, universe, for not telling me this) that they wanted $14.99 for and The Hush Sound's new one was $12.99. I refuse to pay more than $10 for a CD, there's just no reason for it. Not unless it's a double CD or has a DVD in it. Just my personal opinion.

But now on to how my iPod owns me. So I'm going through all my new music which I cunningly stole from the internets which I have been trying out for a few months now, and of course the way I want iTunes to work and the way it actually does are two different things. So I am going through the process of burning CDs, then I'll have to delete the files off my computer, then burn the CDs back on. I know it sounds dumb, but if I don't then I get a ton of files on my computer and it's all messy and it bothers me. Anal retentive much? Yes I know.

But new music, yay!

Off to practice my drums! Oh! My sis-in-law and I were talking and I might have told her I'd make a video of me playing the drums. If I do, I shall be sure to share the hilarity with you here. :D


Mar. 17th, 2008 10:20 pm
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Killer day at work. So stressful, and yet part of me feels like it shouldn't have been because I spent most of my day waiting for other people to do stuff, so I could then try to do my job. :( I'm doing something new this week though, so there's the uncertainty of that, with added things not going well, and the looming idea of yet another new thing on Friday. Because why not just pile it on me, you know? No sense in spreading these things out!

Anyway, so taking up the drums was an excellent plan, because banging on them is v nice after a stressful day. I'm still tired though, and stiff, and my head feels like the picture in my icon, so I think I'm going to take some tension headache meds and go to bed in the hopes that tomorrow will be nicer.

On a related note, my sister, who is now working 5 days a week after 15 years of working 1 to 2 days a week asked me how I've done this whole full-time job thing for so long as it is very tiring! :D ♥
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They are Tama Imperialstar, and they're dark blue. I called about them, like, ten minutes after the ad went on craigslist, and the woman I bought them from said that 32 people called her today.


Ok, they don't look like that right now, because I have no idea how to put that back together. And I'm still sooooooo excited! *bounces*


Mar. 2nd, 2008 10:08 pm
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This week I'm staying at The Stanley Hotel this week, which is the hotel which inspired Stephen King to write The Shining. It is kinda creepy.

And uh.

Okay, so I was just practicing my drums and I swear about halfway through, my metronome got turned away from me. I think perhaps the ghosts do not appreciate my mad skillz.
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So I thought I was buying a drum kit today, but it got sold out from under me. I was on my way to pick it up and the lady called me to tell me that someone who'd said they wanted it before I did had come to get it. She hadn't thought they were legit, so she didn't say anything when I called this morning but it turned out that they were. I'm trying to tell myself it just wasn't the right set, but it is disappointing.
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You know how you're driving along, listening to a song, and when you get out, you are still singing along with it?

Yeah, so I'm doing that, to the Raconteurs' "Hands" tonight. The lyrics are pretty simple - "Girl, you got those hands that feel" and then in the second part it's "Girl, you got those eyes that see."

Somehow my brain decided I needed to turn that into "Girl, you got those eyes that feel."

GINORMOUS DORK. What makes it ginormous is that I felt the need to tell you all about it.

Happy Saturday! I didn't buy those drums, btw. Thanks for everyone that voted though. I made an offer and the guy didn't so much turn me down as stop emailing me, so I don't think it's going to happen. It was a bit strange. Otherwise not much is new in my life. Hope all is well with you!
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Okay, so when I started taking drum lessons, I decided I should wait two months to purchase actual drums, because there's no need wasting money/space on something that I might get bored with quickly. The only problem with that is that there's a nice set on craigslist now that's within $100 of what I wanted to pay, and I like the color (I have learned there are some really horrific colors for drums out there). So what do you think?

[Poll #1140544]
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It is 9:30 on Saturday night, and I am in bed in my jammies.

In my defense, I have had a busy day, a busy weekend actually. I got my hair cut and colored yesterday, which takes about 3 hours. It's still red with the blonde streaks, but it's much shorter. Me like. I came home and started hanging up my wavy IKEA mirrors in my bedroom. Of course I ran out of drywall screws, and since it was midnight, I couldn't go get more. This is what I get for starting home improvement projects at 10PM.

I went to bed at 3:30am, which was absolutely dumb since I knew I had to get up in time to get to the post office this morning. So I only got about six hours of sleep, and I woke up having a dream that I was driving my parents' SUV, the one they had when I was in high school, and it got stolen while I was inside a gas station buying a candy bar. I'm sure that says something about a guilty conscience, but I'm not sure what. So I drug myself out of bed, tons of cranky, couldn't wash my hair because of the dye, added cranky, and headed out. Ran by the dry cleaners, and then on to the post office. Only to find out that the Little Five Post Office doesn't open on Saturdays anymore. DOUBLE TONS OF CRANKY. So I had to go all the way back to Decatur to the busy post office, but I got my tax returns mailed along with my brother's Christmas gifts, since I've given up on getting to visit them this month, and really March is too late to give gifts.

Then I went to Lowe's and got the screws to finish hanging the mirrors and got a second paint sample for the living room as after two weeks of living with the other sample, I've finally decided it is not the color. Fingers crossed on this one. I also got curtains and a curtain rod for the laundry closet, and assorted other stuff. Yay shopping!

Next it was time for my drum lesson, so I trucked over to Earthshaking. My instructor wasn't there yet, so I started practicing on the actual kit what I've been doing at home all week using my practice pad as a snare, thin air for bass, and a carefully constructed tower of notebook/Kleenex box/glass coaster for the highhat. Oddly, using the kit was easier. :) After half an hour and still no teacher, I asked the shop to call him and went back to practicing. I got a full hour in when he called the store to let me know he couldn't make it - I'd only given him my home number and he'd left me a message. Not upset at all, I got to bang on a drum for a FULL HOUR today, wheeeeeee!

Then I came home, finished hanging the mirrors, and then went to work on the laundry closet: hanging brackets for curtain rod, putting the rod together, ironing curtains, removing doors, hanging curtain. For the first time in almost a year, I can easily open my dryer door! FTMFW! \o/

The downside to all this is I now feel like I've been run down by a Mack truck. So now, I'ma read for a while and go to sleep. Happy Saturdaying to you all!


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