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Mostly me just moaning about my life and posting (what I think are) funny asides.  Not really a fandom place for me, but I respond to fandom stuff.  Read as:  it links to my facebook, which is almost all IRL folk.  So my status updates are not fandom, but I have fandom conversations there.  Also, I'm still not over that one time Patrick Stump DM'd me.  Dying.


I have very few followers on tumblr, and I'm trying to up that.  It is mostly me reblogging things I like, which generally are either political, science, funny, or One Direction.  I just figured out last week how to post to tumblr without sending it to twitter, so it's becoming more fandomish.  I am loving this post, and I keep looking at 1D with babies, which is ovary-explosion inducing. 

However, I've also started blogging there as well.  I am addicted to Pinterest.  I love crafting.  The two have combined to me blogging about trying out stuff I've found on Pinterest. 

So far, I've done turning a t-shirt into a tank top, making a really awesome vodka slush drink, and duck-shaped baby washcloths.  It's a ton of fun, and so I just wanted to share it with you.

ETA:  Also, I'm over here on Pinterest: 
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 Oh dear god.  A US Senator from New Jersey just started following me on twitter.  I'm sure it was because I tweeted about voter suppression laws, but he's going to be so disappointed when he sees I generally just tweet about boybands and funny videos and cat vomit.
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How do the weekends go so quickly?

Today was a nice day - got up and met J & S for lunch, then we went to see Immortals. Their choice, not mine. It was as crap as it looks from the trailers, but hey, there were a lot of three-quarters naked men running around in short skirts so that's something. Then I did a bit of Christmas shopping and came home, then spent the rest of the evening working on my craft project. \o/

Last night while I was crafting, I was catching up on my hulu queue. Is anyone else watching American Horror Story? cut for spoilers )

Anyway, I am now all caught up on Grimm, Suburgatory, & American Horror Story. I still have two episodes of Castle to watch, and four of Once Upon a Time. And pretty much all of season 7 of Supernatural - I think I watched the first episode.
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  • I played tennis yesterday and today for the first time in a month. I took the month of November off from it entirely, to try to give the plantar fasciitis in my right foot a chance to heal. It hasn't. :( But I was so happy to play again. Playing two days back to back was probably not the best plan. Drills (community co-ed open play*) are on Fridays, my team play time is on Saturdays, and practice is on Mondays. I hate to give up any of them, but I think I will have to pick two of the three going forward. Friday or Saturday, and then Mondays.

  • I have also joined the YMCA. I have been meaning to do more core strength training for a while now, and they also offer pilates, yoga, Zumba, and water aerobics classes. The Zumba is out for now, but the others - particularly pilates and water aerobics - let me exercise without putting strain on my foot. They also offer something they call Coach Approach, where you talk to a fitness person about your goals and they help you build a program to meet them. I had my first meeting today. I wasn't crazy about the woman I saw, but I am happy about the weight training program I will be starting.

  • I am going gang-busters on the craft project I started today. It's a cross-stitch wall hanging of this picture I found on the internet. I will post a picture of the finished product.

  • M is home, so hopefully no more crazy cat stuff.

*There was no way to type that to not sound a little dirty.
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So today I played tennis. It wasn't a great game - our opponents had some serious issues with calling the ball out when it was clearly NOT. It's frustrating, because the game works on an honor system and you cannot challenge a call. I will never understand people who feel the need to cheat at an amateur level. Everyone makes a bad call now and then, but this was a pervasive pattern. Ugh. But anyway, I am tired, grumpy, and sore tonight. I can't remember if I've mentioned it on here, because I haven't posted as much lately, but I've injured my foot. It happened at the end of August - it's plantar fasciatis, or arch pain. I have cut my playing down from 3-4 times a week to only playing once a week in our matches. Unfortunately, it seems to not be enough. This season ends on this coming Sunday, and I think I am going to take a month off. In the meantime, I am going to look for a gym to take yoga and weight training. I hate it, because there's really not much you can do athletically that doesn't require you to use your foot. Except swimming but I don't really like it, and the last time I went swimming I ended up with a month of vertigo.

Apparently I'm falling apart.

Exercising less combined with eating more has lead to my weight going back up, completely erasing the progress I'd made in the first half of the year. Sigh. I'm trying not to hate myself for it, but it is hard not to get upset. I wish food was less of an emotional crutch for me, and that I thought things that were good for me tasted good.

To add to my mental disquiet, I've been working West coast hours for the last few weeks. It really disrupts my routine and isolates me from the outside world. I stay up too late, and then don't leave my house because it's too late to meet anyone after work.

Ok, so that's all my moaning. Now for the bright side: I have ordered new boots. I am working Central time for the next two weeks. I am looking actively for a gym (I even made a spreadsheet!) I am going to dedicate myself to eating right between now and my vacation. IT IS ALMOST TIME FOR MY VACATION. In 11 days, I will has a [personal profile] krazycat. Two days after that, I will be off of work for 10 days (including weekends.)


Sep. 15th, 2011 02:54 am
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I used to write a lot. All the time, every (or nearly every) day. I don't really do that now. I'd like that to change.

At Dragon*Con, I went to several of the writer's track panels, as I do every year. I whinged a lot to [personal profile] zillah975 about how I wish I was writing, like I do every year. Tonight, I went through all the notes I'd jotted in my iPod (yay technology) and I bookmarked all the sites they'd talked about and...

I didn't write anything.

I could have. I totally didn't need to watch those episodes of Criminal Minds (which I'd already seen), Monk (which I don't even like), & Without a Trace (what the hell am I still doing up at this hour?) I could have spent that time being far more productive. Except for the tennis I went and played, and then the drama tennis email waiting for me at home (LSS: we are probably kicking someone off the team for attitude issues.) Those were productive.

I have given this a lot of thought, and I have come to the conclusion that I don't know how to write at home. I did most of my writing in airplanes, airports, hotel rooms, etc. I was alone by circumstance and I had a large block of unfilled time with few other options for distraction. I also had a laptop with a lot longer battery life than I do now - at 45 minutes, I don't even bother to turn it on during the few trips I take these days.

When I was thinking about this entry (which I should have written hours ago instead of now, when it's closing on 3 am and I should be ASLEEP,) I thought the latest thing I'd written was earlier this year. I looked it up, and turns out it was last November. BTW, I never posted a link here; it's AI8 Kris/Adam fluffiness over on DW if you want to check it out. It's only 3500 words.

Anyway, I have decided that I need to work on finding a way to write at home. So I am going to try some writing exercises, to get myself back in the habit and to train myself to write at home. I have found a website with several prompts, and a podcast that is led by one of the panelists from Dragon*Con. So expect to read some weird things from me in the coming months!

OH, and [personal profile] zillah975 - remember when we were drunk and I told you that I once wrote cloud slash? here. And here.
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Today was my birthday, and I had a fabulous day.

Now I am about to tell you what I did, and there will be parts of it where you scratch your head and go, "She did that on her birthday and is happy about it??" That's okay. I have come to terms with the fact that I am indeed a special snowflake. It's fine.

First, one of the really cool things about my work is that included in what they call "floating holidays" is the option to take your birthday off. So today was literally a holiday for me. \o/

So this is what I did today:

  • Went to my GP for a physical, which included getting the update for my HepA/HepB vaccine, getting bloodwork done to test my cholesterol, and having an EKG.

  • Went to Krispy Kreme and got donuts as a reward for all the needles.

  • Went to Lowe's and got keys made for the house. Intended to get keys made for tenant, but instead got really pretty keys made for me. I also got more houseplants so I can pretend like I can grow things.

  • Went to Ross and got 2 photo albums, 5 shirts, and two dresses. 3 of the shirts I didn't even try on til I got home, but they are all great and one of them is so awesome I want to wear it EVERYWHERE. I got all this for $100.

  • Went to my laser hair removal appointment.

  • Went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and got more fabric cubes for my office.

  • Hung out with my friend at the tennis center; sadly couldn't play because you're not supposed to get overheated for 24 hours after the laser hair removal.

  • Picked up my dry cleaning.

  • Got a salad from my favorite Mexican place.

  • Came home and got the mail, only to discover gifts from friends had arrived!

  • Got wished happy birthday by my mom, who asked if I'd opened my card yet. I had not, as I'd just gotten the mail, so I opened it while I was on the phone with her, and YAY! They'd sent me a $100 check*! So it's like they bought me all the clothes I splurged on - *\o/*

  • Went on a "Don't Get Killed by Strangers from Craigslist" errand with the same friend from earlier and had a nice chat.

  • Came home and washed the curtains and baseboards in my bedroom.

*Yes, I'm the baby, why do you ask?

Now, as I said, some of you may be thinking that this would be a horrible way to spend your birthday. No special dinner? No friends everywhere? No attention? No party? But for me, this is perfection. Over the years, I have determined that while I love my friends and family, and I am excited to celebrate the occasion of my birth with them, it is in everyone's best interest if we don't do this on my ACTUAL birthday.

This is what happens on my birthday: I am a Virgo. On our best days, we're your friend who remember to bring sunscreen, bug spray, and bandaids on every outing. On our worst days, we are the anal-retentive bitches melting down on the side of the road because NO ONE IS FOLLOWING THE PLAN. Guess which one birthdays tend to fall under? Every year, my anxiety level would rise higher and higher as plans were made, but then changed at the last minute. Or people were late. Or the service at the restaurant was bad. Or we couldn't get to the movie theater on time. Even on the celebrations that turned out well, I always felt like at the end of the day, I hadn't had as much fun as everyone expected me to have.

The beauty of my day? Everything was under my control. I wasn't dependent on someone else to show up, no one was trying to make me have the bestest birthday ever, I got to do all the things I wanted. I accomplished things. I had a productive day, and was pleasantly surprised by all the things that I hadn't even planned on, like finding fun clothes and getting fancy keys.

And tomorrow, I will go out with my friends to a joint celebration with another friend from tennis whose birthday was this week (so we can share the spotlight, whew). It won't matter if half the people don't show, or if twice as many people show as RSVP'd, or if the guys at the karaoke place who barely speak English mess up our reservation and we get crammed into a tiny room. I had my birthday, and everything else is just icing on the cake.

Worn out!

Aug. 18th, 2011 11:12 pm
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Today I have mowed the lawn and then assembled 90% of this IKEA bookcase all by myself. I can't get the side and the bottom on, though, that will have to wait til Scott comes over on Sunday. Also, I almost broke it, but I think I salvaged the panel that I messed up, and only one dowel pin lost its life.

It has been a busy week for me as I am trying to finish up a lot of projects that have been in the works for months now, in order to con my tenant into thinking I'm not a total slob. Over the weekend, I moved my drum kit down to the rec room and vacuumed the packing room. Then on Sunday, I met Scott for brunch and a day of errands. This was my birthday present (early) from him - a day of helping me get some of the larger purchases I needed to make home in his SUV. We started at the furniture store where I bought this chaise lounger. Unfortunately they didn't have it in stock, so we will be going back next Sunday to get that. Then we went to IKEA and got the aforementioned bookcase along with this this bookcase. Yes, they are the same, but in different sizes and colors.

We brought them home and unloaded them, then Scott helped me move the bed from the guestroom to the packing room, which I will now have to start calling the guestroom. Then that night I put together the small bookcase. I got it together on my own, but I can't move it to the right spot so that is on the list for Sunday as well. In the meantime, NOTHING IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE AND MY HOUSE IS OUT OF ORDER.

*sigh* Someday I will learn to clean without first making a bigger mess, but that day is not yet here.

I'm also feeling the need to make a master to-do list, so feel free to ignore the next section.

Cut for boring-ness )

And all that before Labor Day weekend and all the Dragon*Con madness!
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I meant to come on earlier and update, but oh, how the evenings just slip away!

I had a very nice weekend:

Friday was tennis but no going out after - everyone else was out of town, injured, or not there. I could have met up with friends, but honestly after playing in the humidity & heat I was happy just to get takeout and go home. I'm making a mix for bandombigbang, so I worked on that.

Saturday was Ladies Brunch (G called it that once and now it's stuck that way in my head because I made fun of her for it), aka hanging out with my non-tennis friends. We tried a new restaurant in Buckhead, and I had the most divine breakfast sandwich - black forest ham, brie, and apples, with a maple syrup dipping sauce and a side of cheddar cheese grits. AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE HAM. It was amazing! Then after I did a little shopping, and found some great deals. I got a BCBG shirt that had originally been $140 for $10, and four packs of scrapbooking paper for about the cost of one if I'd gotten it at the craft store - I heart Marshalls. The only sad thing was I realized after I left that I had a card for instore credit from a return that I'd forgotten about, but I'll just use it next time. I also bought white pants. I haven't owned white pants in well over twenty years. We'll see how that ends up!

Saturday night, a friend invited me over to a dinner party at her house. One of her high school friends is a chef, and he cooked us a vegan meal - it was delicious! I can't remember now what all there was but dessert was chocolate mousse made from avocado and coconut.

Sunday was quiet. I'm working on finishing my 2006 photo album - I am through April totally, and through September without captions. I think I started working on it in June, so that's a pretty rapid pace. I'm hoping to power through this week and finish it by the end of the weekend.

And that's about it. I'm still not sleeping right, my neck hurts, but otherwise I am well. I've emailed the potential renter and am waiting to hear back; thanks to everyone for advising me this afternoon!
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Tomorrow's Agenda:

930: Stumble downstairs for breakfast
10: Walk on treadmill
11-1: Clean up self, house
1-hopefully 7: Work
7-9: Tennis
9: Pick up food

We'll see, anyway. I may be being optimistic about getting done with work in time to get to tennis.

This weekend was kind of blah. I went to tennis on Friday night despite having a headache; playing didn't make it worse, but it also didn't make it better. I went home instead of going out like I normally do, and then I slept most of the day away on Saturday. Like, I slept til noon, then took a nap at two. I was finally getting around to doing a couple of things when Scott called and invited me down to dinner and a movie.

While I was there, he mentioned that he might have a lead on a renter for me if I wanted it. I said no, but now I'm re-thinking it. He said she's looking for something short-term. It would mean moving my drumkit to the basement, and moving the guestroom stuff into the packing room, and my guest bathroom would be for the renter. I've emailed him to say that I might be interested after all. I think it would depend on meeting her, her not being allergic to cats, and being willing to stay at least 6 months. The extra cash would be nice, though.

Then today, I slept more, then went grocery shopping. I start back on my meal plan on Tuesday, and I am looking forward to it! I need to detox after a month of travelling. I don't want to step back on the scale though, ugh. I think I'll leave that til next week. After that, I came home and cleaned up the kitchen & the living room a bit (possibly due to thinking about having a roommate and me being a slob) while ruminating on how unfair it is that things get dirty when you're barely there to use them. I spent the rest of the evening working on my photo album for 2006 - I did all of May's trip to Paris, and laid out June. *sigh* I miss international travelling. Just the fun touristy parts, not the actual work. I keep reminding myself of that.

Oh, and I didn't win the lottery last week. I have three more chances on the ticket I bought, where I am betting that I will continue not to win the lottery. Which really is too bad as my plan for my winnings gets more detailed every day.
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I just had the stupidest breakfast ever.

I'm at Midway Airport in Chicago, and I wanted to get something to eat before my flight. The Bar & Grill at the food court seemed the best bet for actual breakfast, because as much as I like Chinese food, 10 am is a bit early for General Tso's chicken. So I looked over their (extremely) limited menu, and settled on the "3 Buttermilk Pancakes." When I ordered, the woman asked me if I wanted 1,2, or 3, which surprised me because the menu said 3, but I was pleased to be able to order less so I asked for 2.

Then they came out.

When I say these pancakes were the size of my head, you will think I'm exaggerating but trust me I am not. They were on a plate that was 10 inches, and they were hanging off the edge. They were about an inch thick. AND THERE WERE TWO OF THEM. No one, I mean no one, needs that much to eat in one meal. I'm pretty sure if you counted the calories it would have sustained you for the whole day.

When strangers stop to comment on your food, you have too much food.

So I'm sitting there, actually feeling humiliated (I have enough weight issues, I don't need to be seen as the piggy girl with the monster pancakes) and angry (so much waste!) I don't understand why the woman wouldn't have at least asked me if I'd had them before, and if I said no, have explained their size. What makes me even angrier is that I know they do this to be perceived as being of great value. That is why our portions are so out of control in this country; we've been trained to to value quantity over quality. And these pancakes were not good. I ate one corner of them, and then threw over 3/4's of them into the trash. Again, what a waste. Ugh.

I had planned to use my pre-boarding time to write up a post, but I didn't think it would be about that. Let's see, other things about my week:

  • I've been on a client site about an hour outside of Chicago.

  • I didn't leave the building I was in from Sunday to Wednesday, when I walked over to the building next door to watch a free movie.

  • Limitless was okay, I give it a B-. Points up for Bradley Cooper's pretty blue eyes, points down for gore.

  • This site had only buffet dining. The food is excellent but I have eaten way too much this week. Although nothing I had touches the Pancake Excess above, so I guess that's something.

  • I didn't work out at all, because I was tired and afraid I'd get dizzy on the treadmill, but mostly because I didn't want to.

  • I'm 3/4 the way through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'll probably finish it on the ride home.

  • I had made a huge list of things to do whilst on site this week, and I got through most of them.

  • I bought $30 of coloring books off of Amazon last night. Most of them were Christmas gifts for my cousin's kids, but a couple of them were for me, not gonna lie. Go to Amazon and search for Dover Coloring Books and you'll see why.

  • I haven't been sleeping enough this week. Like last night, when I stayed up til 1:30 even though I knew I needed to wake up at 7. Once again, I fail at being sensible.

One of the things I had on my to-do list was to explore Spotify. So far my judgement is, "That's cool, but it doesn't live up to the hype." Maybe I'm missing something, but their application isn't terribly user friendly. Icons with no explanation of what they do, the sync from my iPod duplicated, it doesn't sync up smart playlists (which is 75% of what I use,) and so far as I can see, it doesn't do anything Grooveshark doesn't do, except link up to Facebook. To be fair, I haven't linked mine up to Facebook, so maybe that's where all the fun is.

It's making me feel like maybe I'm getting old, because I don't see the big deal with it or with Google+. I guess if you use a web cam a lot, G+ would be more. Right now, it's just a social network with very little of my friends on it which is just... not fun. Facebook is fun. Also, I am grumpy at Google's lack of innovation recently... Buzz=Twitter, +=Facebook, Android=iPhone. They aren't coming up with anything NEW. Except for Google Wave, which, well... that didn't work out so well.

See? I feel like I'm yelling at kids to get off my lawn. Which should be mowed when I get home, so that's a plus.
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So today I sat on my couch from 10 am to well, NOW. So that was exciting.

The bright point of my day was when the County Code Enforcement officer rang my doorbell. Yeah, I've let the lawn get away from me. It was a bit tall when I left on July 2, but it hadn't rained in ages and I hated to mow it when it was so dry. I planned to mow it when I came back on the 8th, but of course I was too dizzy* to stand up that whole weekend so that did not happen. Then when I got home this weekend, I really should have done it but I was so tired. I really didn't do much but sleep. And it's rained a lot the last too weeks.

The guy was really nice about it, and there's no fine. I just need to mow it by the 30th. I have a guy that one of my friends uses coming by tomorrow because I think I need a backup plan for when I'm travelling or sick. It's happened a couple of times now, and it would take worry off me to have a plan.

The only other thing that happened today was that I called my sister, only to find out she was travelling with my parents and they were headed to a hotel in upstate New York that they weren't going to get to til 1 AM or later. I looked at it online out of curiosity and saw that one of the reviews said the hotel had bedbugs which of course I had to tell my sister. So she canceled that reservation and I helped her find a nice hotel near where they were so they could get off the road at a decent hour. Which was still a quarter til midnight, so I'm thinking it would have been more like 2 AM before they got there.

*While I was home I got sick with Labrynthitis, which despite sounding fake is a real thing. It's basically constant vertigo combined with nausea, with added sensitivity to light and noise. I don't recommend it.


Jul. 21st, 2011 01:34 am
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I did trivia with the girls tonight, which was great fun as always. The place was a bit rubbish, we are going to try a different location next time. Also, true to form, I am still upset over a question that I got right, but I feel was an incorrect question. The offender was "What British band had their US breakthrough with the album Kid A?" Now clearly, the answer is Radiohead. But OK Computer was their US breakthrough album! Kid A was the album after that, that everyone was so excited for because OK Computer was so amazing. :(

And I just got a bit spoiled for Harry Potter book 7 on Tumblr, after however many YEARS of avoiding it on the internet. :( Ah, well, not the end of the world - I'm planning to see the movie this weekend anyway.

I finally got around to watching Alice in Wonderland last night. I really liked it! Unfortunately I made the mistake of reading the book right before the movie came out, only to discover that I don't like the book. But it translates better to film, in my opinion - something that seems silly or boring on the page could be translated visually easier. Plus Johnny Depp's Scottish accent is dead sexy. Fr srs. I watched it on Netflix streaming, which I'm trying to decide what to do with my account now that they've raised the price. I mostly watch streaming, but not everything is available on streaming. So I am loath to give up the DVD option, even though I'm bad about watching them. :(

I sort of got a headstart on Cleaning Wednesday by starting the laundry last night. I was drowning in cat hair, it really couldn't wait. I really needed to sweep & vacuum, but trivia took precedence. I also took the trash out and switched Cinnamon's litter box out for the new, bigger one I got her. One of my coworkers pointed out today that I've been buying her things to make up for my guilt over leaving her alone so much this month. It's true; I got her a new scratcher too - which, omg, best thing ever, she loves it! It's this one. She's shedding overtime now though, not sure if it's the weather change to summer, or anxiety, or both. :(

I'm not really down, I just started doing the frowny face and it seemed like a theme. Just to end on a positive note.... :)
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*I've decided that when I can't think of a title, I'm just going to use whatever random lyrics are playing on my ipod at the moment. Prepare yourselves accordingly. Feel free to play 'Name that Tune' in the comments.

I went to tennis drills, where we warmed up for ten minutes before the skies opened up. Then I spent an hour hanging out at the tennis center chatting with my team captain who works there in the summer when she's off from teaching school. Then I went out to dinner with friends, for our usual Friday night tacos.

I drove up to Vinings Buckhead to get my second laser hair removal. I liked the attendant better this time, I think I will request her next time. She was kinda trashy, but you could also tell she actually did something so that's a win. After running the rest of my errands, I went to see Super 8 with a friend.


OMG, y'all. Whoever did the marketing for this movie should be fired! I was sort of on the fence about seeing it; we were originally going to go see Green Lantern but the timings didn't work out. So how this movie should have been marketed: someone drops the Goonies into the middle of a monster movie. Go. Go now! I laughed, I cried, I gasped, then I laughed some more because my friend screamed out loud in a crowded movie theater and I am a bad friend like that.

My partner & I kicked ASS in tennis! We won 6-0, 6-0. We were a well-oiled machine. We rock. :) And our opponents were nice, and fun, which trust me is NOT the norm. A lot of people take amateur tennis far too seriously. After I got cleaned up, I got my grocery shopping done and picked up Mexican takeout for dinner (I totes deserved guacamole!) Then I worked on my photo album from 2006 - I got through April, where I got to document my first ever face-to-face meeting with [personal profile] krazycat! ILU! Can't wait til November when we can hang out again. Why is November so far away?

TODAY WORK DID NOT SUCK. I nearly finished my installation in one day, which should give me plenty of time this week to finish up the training from last week. I know the idea of getting to do more work in the week isn't normally a positive, but I would really like to have everything wrapped up by Friday so that I can have the next two weeks (one vacation, one work conference) without old stuff hanging over my head. And then I went to tennis practice, and that also did not suck - although to be fair, it doesn't usually. It was soooooo muggy though. I was literally dripping by the end of it. Good workout though!

Today's Random Thought: My face looks thin again in the mirror. I like.
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Going to the Gardens
I did end up going to the Botanical Gardens last night for their Cocktails in the Gardens event. It was nice - after threatening to rain all day, the skies cleared and we got to watch a beautiful sunset over downtown from a swing while sipping pineapple Flirtinis. And I finally had an excuse to wear the vintage 50s faux-pearl necklace my mom gave me a few years back. Win-win.

Drills getting rained out
I tried to go play tennis tonight, but we didn't make it ten minutes before the deluge began. It was a scary one too, lots of wind and thunder. But it blew through pretty quickly, and I still went out to dinner with my friends. Sad I didn't get to play though!

Eaten alive!
In the ten minutes I was outside, I seem to have gotten at least two new bug bites. Between that, last night at the gardens, and tennis last weekend, I am a bug buffet. And since I have such pale skin, I don't just get bites, I get welts. Good times. :( Must buy bug spray.

Things I need to do this weekend
Buy bug spray. Get my next laser hair removal treatment. Buy a box of white adhesive labels for scrapbooking. Go grocery shopping.

Yay, New York State marriage equality! 1 down, 44 more to go. I'm pretty sure you can count on Georgia being somewhere toward the end of that.
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Ok, so more concert thoughts from Wednesday:
*I got to hear Gerard say 'mothafuckas' live.
*Mikey Way's bass is a sparkly, sparkly thing.

I took Wed-Fri off. Thursday I ran errands and then went to a laser hair removal appointment. I can't remember if I mentioned it on here, but I got a Groupon deal - 6 sessions for $400, normally a $2500 value. So I am giving it another go, we shall see. After that, I came home and started my major project, painting the panelling in my office. I got the deglossing treatment done on 3 of the 4 walls that night.

Friday, I went and got more deglosser and finished the fourth wall, then painted one coat of primer on the other 3 walls. It looked like crap. Like "oh my god I'm going to have to pay someone a lot of money to come fix this" levels of crap. I took a break to go play a tennis game (we won, yay!), and then came home and put a second coat of primer on the 3 walls.

Saturday started off with another game of tennis - we won again, but it took 3 sets. It really should not have, we were better players, but we couldn't quite get it together in the first set. Then I came back home and... you guessed it! Painted. By the end of the day, all four walls had 3 coats of primer on them. They looked pretty good!

Today, I slept in! After lunch, I went down and painted the trim and the door white, and then put the sample paint on the wall. I have learned that no matter how much you think the color you've picked out matches everything, it's best to try it out before you commit to purchasing a whole gallon. So far, I think it looks lovely, but I am going to live with it for at least another day to be certain.

As a reward, and to get out of the house, I went to see Thor. It was so-so. I was distracted by:

a) the guy who plays Thor sounds just like Heath Ledger
b) Loki is played by Johnny Weir's evil twin. No, really, look:Pictures or it didn't happen )
c) the completely unsubtle product placement. This movie brought to you by Southwest Airlines.
d) the lack of AC/DC. How can you make a movie about the god of Thunder, and NOT PUT THUNDERSTRUCK ON YOUR SOUNDTRACK????

And that was pretty much my weekend. OH! And another one of my plants is blooming - my mini rose! Apparently it's been all about the amount of sunlight, who knew?
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My favorite band in my favorite venue. I was so, so scared it wouldn't live up to my expectations.


I had such an amazing, amazing time. Like, I can't even tell you about it, it was so good. I can't explain it. We had great seats, on the first balcony so we were as the crow flies maybe 25 feet away from the stage. I swear Gerard made eye contact with me at one point (yes, I'm delusional, leave me alone.)

I'm shitty at set lists - they opened with Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na), they did Mama, I'm Not Okay, Teenager, Welcome to the Black Parade. They closed with Helena, and then came back for an encore and did the Gravity song off the new album (I can't remember its actual name but it's the one that starts out with "Graaaaaaaaaaaaavity"). Oh, and they did the Life on the Murder scene song (which I think is actually called You Know What they Do to Guys Like Us in Prison).*** They did Planetary GO, I jumped around like a mad thing.

I am bad with song titles. I can know all the words to a song and not know its real name. It's a talent.

In conclusion, AMAZING.

Oh, and I went with a friend (which is noteworthy in itself, usually I have to go alone), and she is now TOTALLY ENAMORED. Mikeyway strikes again. :D I just sent her this email. Some of you will recognize this from 2007!Me:
Cut for your viewing pleasure )
And now I will go to bed. :D

ETA:**** No it's not. It's "Give 'Em Hell Kid." It just came on my ipod.
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V. good. Would watch again, and in true HBO fashion, I'm about to.

Anyway, I enjoyed it. I haven't read the books, so I'm all confused about the kingdoms and all, but it left me wanting to see more. Not more skin though, because heaven knows they showed enough of that. Also, apparently in WhateverLandia, they can only do it doggie-style. LOL, HBO, LOL.

For a brief moment, I saw an advertisement that I thought meant HBO was allowing people to watch HBO streaming online for a fee. But it seems to be only people who already have HBO that can do this. WTF kind of business model is that?

I'm in South Beach, Florida this week. It's going to be a long week, work-wise, as I am training rather than interfacing. Eight hours of standing on my feet, talking. The hotel I'm at is nice, and right on the beach.

But their wifi which can't even load facebook is going to end me.

The rest of my weekend was kind of dull - Friday night tennis got rained out, but I still had a nice dinner with friends. I got my lawn mower back from Sears, and all the repairs were covered under warranty. I tried and failed to go to the Dogwood festival - no place to park, gave up. I finished sewing patches and gluing buttons onto my messenger bag, and learned how to use my hot glue gun (which was stupidly easy - plug in, put glue in, squeeze trigger, try not to get glue on everything.)

Mostly I just watched Coachella's live webcast all weekend and stayed up far too late.

*Written at 10pm, Sunday, April 17. Not posted til now due to aforementioned faily hotel wi-fi.
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Ok, so looking at my journal, it's been ages since I really posted here. On the bright side, my twitter to facebook connection is working again, so I am tweeting more which lets you know things like I went to the ER last weekend. That was fun.

So let's see. Last weekend - Friday night, tennis. Saturday, tennis. Sunday, walked a 5K in 53 minutes. This was my first 5K and I was happy that it was pretty easy for me. Of course, it's not like we walked super fast or anything but hey. It was fun. Actual fun, not the sarcastic fun from the previous paragraph. Then there was my little DIY accident. Lesson learned: never set power tools above you, they might fall. The major thing I have to say about that is that I was really disappointed with the ER at Emory. Since I moved here, people have always told me that if I need to go to the hospital, I should go to Emory. I think they must mean the one downtown, because the one at the campus hospital was tiny and dingy. And I had to wait for 3 hours to get an x-ray.

But anyway, thankfully it turned out to be nothing. It didn't even hurt really, just a lot of swelling which is now turning into a lovely large bruise with still just a tiny bit of swelling. Luckily the organizers of the 5K had included a sample of Arctic Ease so I tried it out. It feels weird because it's all clammy, but it was much more convenient than the bag of ice. Also, unlike the bag of ice, my cat didn't try to attack it and eat it.

I had to take a few days off from tennis on the doctor's recommendation, so I missed practice on Monday and had to postpone the match I had planned for Tuesday. I did finish the shelves though, and over Thursday and Friday I managed to deep clean the bathroom and get everything back in the closet. It's so nice to have a place for everything instead of having stuff piled up in a jumble. Other than that, I didn't accomplish much this week though.

Thursday night, I played a THREE HOUR TENNIS MATCH. Long match was long. I won though, so that's something. Then last night, it was the usual - tennis drills and tacos after with friends. Then I had the make up match from Tuesday today. Sadly, my legs went "Bitch, do you think you're an athlete or something???" and then replied "Um, no." I totally lost the will to live in the second set. I'd planned to come home and mow the lawn, but as tomorrow is our Spring ALTA season opener, I felt I owed it to my partner to rest up tonight and try to be fresher for tomorrow. We shall see.

So all of that is to say that if you were to ask me what I've been up to, I would say: playing tennis.

Tonight I have:

  • Sat on my couch.

  • Eaten candy.

  • Watched the movie Brothers and cried.

  • Worked on my iPod playlists.

  • Took pictures of the Super Moon.

  • Packed for my work trip to (near) Chicago tomorrow.

  • Written you a long, fairly boring LJ post.

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Last night I went to a karaoke place with my friends from tennis. This was the first time I'd really done to karaoke - except one time when I lived in Las Vegas that totally doesn't count because I was too drunk to remember it. Anyway....


I want to go again. Like, now. They had private rooms so you aren't singing in front of strangers, just your friends, and it wasn't very expensive. This is totally what I want to do for my birthday this year. Hopefully I can get people together before then too, because August is a long way away. There are videos up on my facebook if you want to see. I look fat. :(

Totally sucked last week. I worked three 12 hour days, including Friday when I didn't get done with work until 10:30pm. Ugh. Fingers crossed that this week is better. Oh, and I might be going to someplace that's near Chicago in a couple of weeks. And I actually got my cost-of-living raise this year, it started with Friday's check. Not much, but every little bit helps these days.

I need to clean like whoa. Last week dust clumps started flying off the ceiling fan in the living room. Time for spring cleaning! Prepare to see more about this in the following days and weeks - I am planning to set goals for myself each day. I am going to start in my bedroom, as it needs the least work - just curtains, windows, dusting, and baseboards. Oh, and I'd like to clean the carpet but I could wait on that. Then I will do the living room and hallway, the kitchen, the two upstairs bedrooms, then move to the basement last. Whee.

Oh, and I had to crawl under the house again today, because the hose for the sump pump that pumps the standing water from the foundation had fallen back inside, so it was just pumping continuously and not going anywhere. I need to get something to go around the hose to keep it from being able to do that this week, and I need to buy two more shelves for the bathroom so I can finish that project.

And now I'm going to go have a snack and read my book that's due back to the library on Tuesday. Have a good night!


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