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 Ok, how do we code user names to work on both DW & LJ?  Because clearly I can't.  
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Has anyone seen the new Muppet movie?

If so, does this song appear in the movie pretty much as it does in this clip? 

I need to know for science. 
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Ok, so my spanking new work laptop has a web cam.  I have never had one before, because generally speaking the last thing I want to put on the web is a video of me doing anything.


One of my favorite bands is doing a project where they want people to sing one of the songs on their upcoming album.  "The idea is that you will pick one of our four voice parts, sing it into your computer via youtube, and we will assemble the audio and video and create a virtual choir version of the song"

So I want to play along, but I have NO IDEA how to make this work.  I know how to upload a video onto YouTube, but I don't know how to make the video in the first place - I know how to make audio files.  So I'm assuming I need some kind of software that works with the web cam to make a video, but I don't know what to use.  Help?  Any direction appreciated! 
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Does anyone use Wachovia? Is their free checking really free? Anyone have any IRAs with them?

I'm still trying to get away from Bank of America, yes. It may take years.
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So I'm doing a deep clean on my bedroom today and was cleaning out my bedside table.

In my... let's call it my "Special Drawer" I have a collection of about six or seven condoms leftover from my last relationship, purchased by K and left at my house. Now... I don't really want to USE them, as that seems like questionable karma, using a condom in a new relationship bought by your last one (not that that's an option now, but the don't expire until in 2014, and PLEASE JESUS I will have sex again before then.) But throwing them away seems wasteful. Hmm...

Anybody need condoms?
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So I finally got around to setting this up (on one laptop anyway). Does anyone know if there's a way to get your icons to match up when crossposting from Dreamwidth to LJ? I've looked on the faqs, but can't seem to find anything that mentions it.

In other news, I re-watched Julie & Julia tonight - I've blogged for years, no one has wanted to publish me! :( But still, a cute movie.

ETA: Well that was stupidly easy. If the keywords match exactly, it posts. I'm a dork.


Dec. 31st, 2009 04:06 pm
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Ok, so I just bought my Wii, and now I'm trying to order games from Amazon, because of course all the stores were out of everything I wanted. Can anyone tell me if I'm forgetting something?

I bought the Wii Console, the charger kit with the wireless sensor bar, an extra remote and nunchuck thingy. I also bought the Wii Fit Plus.

I am on Amazon now, and I'm buying the Guitar Hero band kit (for the superior drum kit) and Rockband 2. Do I need to get a second guitar so someone can play bass? I figure there's almost always 4 people to play. Is there anything else I shouldn't miss out on?

Oh, guess I should put the damn thing together first :D brb
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Ok, so this morning I went into my networked hard drive to delete a sub-folder I didn't want, and accidentally deleted the whole folder. Vista apparently thinks that things from a networked hard drive don't need to go to the recycle bin. What was in this folder you might ask? All of the music I've downloaded in the last six months, including several mixes from Bandom Big Bang that are mostly unrecoverable if I can't get the files back.

So I've spent this morning downloading file recovery programs from CNET. I can't find one that can search networked external hard drives (I have an IOMEGA drive). Does anyone out there know of something that could help? I'm willing to pay for the software if it's reasonably priced.

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Hey, so, it's stupid question time on the internet!

Who do you use for your picture hosting needs? I've used GeoCities for years, and today I got an email that said they're shutting down/merging. I thought I'd take the chance to try something new, and preferably something free. All I'm looking for is a place I can put up photos to link to places like LJ and facebook.


Jun. 7th, 2009 12:19 am
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Looking for a quick, completely unscientific poll here:

When did you first go online, and what was it like?

I got my first laptop in 1998 and that's when I went online. It was all AOL chat rooms, complete with skeezy guys trying to have cybersex.
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How do I take an mp3 and cut it down? I have one that has all this talking before it gets to the song, and I want to get rid of it before I put it on my iPod.
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So I'm considering breaking down and buying a laptop for personal use, mostly because I'm about to break my third laptop in a year and work may start getting annoyed with me soon. Believe it or not, I don't actually know that much about computers - I haven't bought one since 1998. I've always used what the company gave me. I've only ever bought Compaq's, and I was happy enough with them, but they are more expensive.

I don't want to spend much more than $400. I need it to surf the internet, download music/manage iTunes (all music stored on external hard drive), write, IM, & minor photo editing (mostly in the 'rotate and lighten' arenas).

Does anyone know about Acer? ASUS? eMachines? Velocity?

Anyone familiar with Frys: Have you ever bought anything refurbished, and how did that work out?

Those of you with the mini-laptops - do you like them? will they do all the things I want to?

Thanks in advance!
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So I keep seeing all these bandom-related "hi if you're a lurker, please say hi now" posts, which is awesome, but has brought me to a dilemma:

Am I a lurker????

I have people on my flist that I friended because I like their fic, and I comment on most of the stuff they write, and occasionally on their personal posts, but I don't really KNOW them. Does that make me a lurker? Should I say hi? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!

Hee. Internets are confusing.


Jan. 14th, 2009 04:07 pm
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Can someone who's been watching 'Friday Night Lights' through season 3 help me out?

cut for spoilers )
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I am so bad at dealing with things when plans change. So here's the deal: today, I was supposed to have a tennis match. It was supposed to start at 1pm, and go till probably 5 or 6. It's a home game for us, which means we're responsible for feeding the other team so I stayed up until midnight last night baking cookies. At noon, our captain calls because the other team captain is refusing to play because it sprinkled this morning.

Ok. A) It wasn't actually raining at the time. B) The courts are dry. C) It's a WINTER tennis league. The weather's been crappy every game I've played or gone to so far. We even went to this team's courts when it was raining and waited for the rain to stop, and then played on their slightly wet courts. No puddles? Game on, I say. So to the women of Bitsy McGee, I say (other than, oh, God, rename your team!) suck it up and leave your ritzy Buckhead homes and come down and slum it in Decatur.

However this is not happening. We now have a list of names and numbers and are meant to reschedule our matches on our own. I do not see this working out.

Anyway, not the actual point. The actual point is that I have spent the last two hours sitting on my couch because I can't decide what to do with myself today. Should I go shopping? There's a couple of things I'd like to look for, both for myself and for the house. Or should I clean the house? God knows, it needs it. Or should I work out? Or should I wait to hear from my tennis partner to see what she wants to do?

Ok, must get up, must make a decision. Will let you know the outcome later, as I am sure you are all dying to know!
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Ok, those of you using twitter... what does it do? I just text in what I'm doing and I get texts back? If I subscribe to someone else's twitter do I get all the replies they send to other people too? (I'm thinking of the things I see for famous people here) Do I have to have the internet on my phone to do it, or is it just texting? I am confused by the new technology. Also I cannot remember how many texts are in my plan.


Apr. 11th, 2008 06:46 pm
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Okay, so the plus side of spending the bulk of the last two days stuck in an airport is that I got a lot of writing done. I have 7000 words of Panic being Amish sitting on my computer. I was freaked out for a while because I really had very little direction, and two POVs, but I think it's working now. Or it sucks and I'm just to close to it to tell. Two more sections to go and it'll be done.

I do need a bit of help though - I need titles to two heterosexual pornos that a typical college age guy would be into. I'd google, but hi, work computer. And I get away with a lot of stuff I'm not supposed to do on it, but I think that might be pushing my limits.

Also, I saw a woman at the airport last night in a bonnet and immediately felt guilty. I think she was Mennonite, not Amish, but still. Sorry for villainizing your religion, lady.
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Um, hi. Most of you don't know me very well, and have only friended me recently, and yet already I ask favors of you.

Does anyone know anyone who would be willing to beta read roughly 3500 words of a Panic at the Disco Amish AU? I'm looking more for a content beta than a grammar one, although heaven knows I'm not perfect. Also, must not be squicked by religious stuff because, um. Amish AU.

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Okay, so when I started taking drum lessons, I decided I should wait two months to purchase actual drums, because there's no need wasting money/space on something that I might get bored with quickly. The only problem with that is that there's a nice set on craigslist now that's within $100 of what I wanted to pay, and I like the color (I have learned there are some really horrific colors for drums out there). So what do you think?

[Poll #1140544]


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