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Back on another airplane.

I got home Saturday morning at around 11 am, then crashed until about 1:30 because I only slept a couple of hours on the plane. Ugh, I hate red-eyes. I only took it because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have gotten home until 6 or 7 pm. When you're only home for a day, those few hours count. Not that I did that much with them - cuddled with the cat, updated my iTunes playlists and bought some new albums because Amazon was having a sale, put pictures on songs that didn't have them because I am anal-retentive and shit like that bugs me. I was going to go to bed at 10, but then my sister called me right then and we ended up talking til 11 or so, and then I stayed up til 1 reading fic. I fail at going to bed early, even when I'm tired!

But I still got good sleep for at least 9 hours, and then I snoozed a bit more after that. I was so tired, I just wanted to sleep. The cats were not down with that though, so eventually I got up and fed them. I had a list of stuff to do around the house, and I got it all done. Including putting nail caps on Cinnamon and giving her her monthly flea treatment. Needless to say, she is now happy to see me go. Poor thing. I have learned to do it during the day, and not the night before I leave, because I lose out on kitty cuddles if I do it at night.

Then I went to yoga class, which was good because I hadn't done anything athletic since Monday. I think I actually fell asleep during the last corpse pose meditation though. Whoops, jet lag. It made me really disoriented when I got up.

Last week was a bit of an eye-opener for me at work. When I learned our new product this spring, I think I was laboring under the delusion that I wouldn't have to train it very often or from scratch, and that is not true. I need to start working on reviewing the product and studying in my off-hours. Sigh. Actually, if I buckle down and do more during my down time at work, I probably won't have to work on it that much after-hours. Must be more strict with myself. It's hard to make it a priority, given that it's about 20% of my workload, but when that 20% is going on, I need to know 100% of the information. So. Yeah, gotta get on that.

So last week I published my first One Direction fic, and subsequently my first AO3 (Archive of Our Own) fic. I've been reading things over there for some time, because I like the simple layout, and there's less posting restrictions character-wise (ie less splitting up of things into multiple posts.) I like the kudos feature, and the statistics tracking (although I'm wondering if I count into that if I open the page too - hope not!) So now I'm thinking I'll go post my old stories over there too. It's not like I have that many, it shouldn't take too terribly long. Yay for not being prolific? \o?

Both 15 year old kid next to me and whoever's in the seat in front of me have iPads. I am super, super jealous. Must lose weight faster! Speaking of, I'm down another pound, which puts me basically where I was in February before I went travelling for 5 weeks and lost my mind thinking I could not exercise and eat whatever I wanted to. My goal for the week is to go to the gym Monday and Wednesday while I'm onsite.

Note for [personal profile] harriet_vane and anyone else who cares about One Direction these days: Listen to 'In the Shadows' by The Rasmus. I think this is what Harry will sound like when he grows up. Oh, and apparently I'm accidentally following them around on their tour. Last week, San Diego and tonight we are both in Phoenix. If they show up in Columbus next week, it's just going to get creepy.
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 By the time I post this, I'll be in New Hampshire, but currently I'm up in the air, flying to Boston.  Three weeks away from home seems like an incredibly long time, which is weird because I used to be gone so much.  I have become very accustomed to my life at home: going three weeks without tennis, or my cat, or my friends, seems interminably long.  And it will be longer than that for several of those things - I probably won't get to play tennis until the end of March, unless I manage to make it to Sunday morning drills some weekend (not likely, see the word 'morning' there.)
But there's some plus sides to the whole thing.  I'll get to see my brother & his wife, and my best friend.  And I'm excited to learn our new product.
I spent most of this week trying to get everything ready to be away - doing laundry, my taxes, getting everything squared away with M's lease which was up at the end of the month.  She's signed for another 3 months, which will be through the end of May.  I will miss the extra income when she moves out, but while our interactions have been friendly and mostly positive, I won't be sad to live alone again.  But I am glad and grateful for the monetary respite that her living there has brought me.  I won't miss her cat though.  :(
Speaking of cats, I made the mistake of waiting until last night to deal with putting the new SoftPaws on Cinnamon.  These are caps that go over her claws so that she doesn't damage the furniture when she scratches things.  They go on with a non-toxic glue, so I have to hold her down to put them on her, then hold her still for fifteen minutes while they dry.  Predictably, she HATES them.  Whenever I put them on her, I generally get the cold shoulder for the rest of the evening.  So no kitty cuddles for me last night, when it was the last night I'd be home.  That was poor planning on my part.  She'd forgiven me by this morning though, so that was good.  I often wonder if I should just get her de-clawed - ie, would that one-time stress/pain be worse than putting her through this every 6-8 weeks?  I don't even know if it's still an option for older cats.  Guess I'll ask the vet next time.  
As a reward for getting everything done, I went to the movies last night.  I saw Red Tails, the movie about the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II.   I liked it, but didn't love it.  The acting, I felt was very good.  The script however I felt was flawed.  I've been mulling this over since, trying to figure out if my response to it was driven by a true criticism or by the fact that the characters I felt were flat and one-dimensional were - for a very big change - my race.  I live in the South, and I try very hard to confront and dissect my own issues with race and racism since I moved here.  As the song says, 'everyone's a little bit racist,' and I know that I'm no exception to that.

I had no problem with the white characters not being central to the film.  I had no problem with white people being represented as racist.  I did have a little problem with the portrayal of the Germans as Pure Evil, but while that gave it a less-nuanced feel, it was no worse than other films I've seen.  I think perhaps the biggest problem I had with it was feeling that the movie as a whole felt a little... superficial to me.  What I mean is, I felt like we were barely introduced to some of the characters, like the scope of the whole thing was too unfocused, and therefore a little emotionally unsatisfying.  Like, they tried to make EVERY war movie in one movie.  
Also, the white characters were generally used to deliver large chunks of expositional information, in awkward, tell-not show ways.  While I'm pretty sure my dislike of that is because it's a crappy, lazy writing technique, I also know that there a million examples of this in reverse for people of color.  I don't know.  If anyone else has seen it, I would love to chat about it.

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Hello!  I realize it's been a while since I posted on here.  And I was doing so much better!  

Anyway, happenings chez moi:  honestly, not much.  I have finished my sewing class, which was a ton of fun.  We made a napkin, a placemat with a pocket, a tote bag, and a pillow cover with a zipper!  I would very much like to continue taking the classes.  However, work is planning to interfere with that so I am unsure when I'll next have the opportunity.

Speaking of, I'm preparing to go to our home offices in New Hampshire for three full weeks. We are rolling out big changes and I get to go learn all about them.  I'm excited to learn new things, but a bit sad to leave for three weeks.  I will miss my cat.  /crazy cat lady

I will also miss my office!  I bought a new tv this weekend, and moved my old one (which is not old, just older) down to the office last night.  Today I set up my Roku on it, and I am very happy with it.  I can stream Netflix and Pandora, plus there's a channel that you sync your ipod up to so you can play it off the tv, and once I am back home, I will join HuluPlus to get that as well.  And I haven't explored all the channel options yet!  It's pretty cool!  But between the 3 weeks in NH, and then being onsite 3 of 4 weeks after that, I am going to hold off on paying for hulu just yet.

Otherwise, I'm just doing the same old thing:  a little bit of tennis, a little bit of dieting (down 6 lbs since December!), a little bit of crafting.  

Oh!  I am excited to see the new Chris Pine movie that's coming out this weekend - the one with Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon.  I fully recognize it has a name but a) I don't know what it is, 2) I am too lazy to Google it, and iii.) one of their posters called it Spy vs Spy and that is now how I think of it in my head.  So maybe I'll go see it this weekend, or maybe I'll wait and go next week.  But not on Valentine's Day.
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  • I played tennis yesterday and today for the first time in a month. I took the month of November off from it entirely, to try to give the plantar fasciitis in my right foot a chance to heal. It hasn't. :( But I was so happy to play again. Playing two days back to back was probably not the best plan. Drills (community co-ed open play*) are on Fridays, my team play time is on Saturdays, and practice is on Mondays. I hate to give up any of them, but I think I will have to pick two of the three going forward. Friday or Saturday, and then Mondays.

  • I have also joined the YMCA. I have been meaning to do more core strength training for a while now, and they also offer pilates, yoga, Zumba, and water aerobics classes. The Zumba is out for now, but the others - particularly pilates and water aerobics - let me exercise without putting strain on my foot. They also offer something they call Coach Approach, where you talk to a fitness person about your goals and they help you build a program to meet them. I had my first meeting today. I wasn't crazy about the woman I saw, but I am happy about the weight training program I will be starting.

  • I am going gang-busters on the craft project I started today. It's a cross-stitch wall hanging of this picture I found on the internet. I will post a picture of the finished product.

  • M is home, so hopefully no more crazy cat stuff.

*There was no way to type that to not sound a little dirty.


Jul. 21st, 2011 01:34 am
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I did trivia with the girls tonight, which was great fun as always. The place was a bit rubbish, we are going to try a different location next time. Also, true to form, I am still upset over a question that I got right, but I feel was an incorrect question. The offender was "What British band had their US breakthrough with the album Kid A?" Now clearly, the answer is Radiohead. But OK Computer was their US breakthrough album! Kid A was the album after that, that everyone was so excited for because OK Computer was so amazing. :(

And I just got a bit spoiled for Harry Potter book 7 on Tumblr, after however many YEARS of avoiding it on the internet. :( Ah, well, not the end of the world - I'm planning to see the movie this weekend anyway.

I finally got around to watching Alice in Wonderland last night. I really liked it! Unfortunately I made the mistake of reading the book right before the movie came out, only to discover that I don't like the book. But it translates better to film, in my opinion - something that seems silly or boring on the page could be translated visually easier. Plus Johnny Depp's Scottish accent is dead sexy. Fr srs. I watched it on Netflix streaming, which I'm trying to decide what to do with my account now that they've raised the price. I mostly watch streaming, but not everything is available on streaming. So I am loath to give up the DVD option, even though I'm bad about watching them. :(

I sort of got a headstart on Cleaning Wednesday by starting the laundry last night. I was drowning in cat hair, it really couldn't wait. I really needed to sweep & vacuum, but trivia took precedence. I also took the trash out and switched Cinnamon's litter box out for the new, bigger one I got her. One of my coworkers pointed out today that I've been buying her things to make up for my guilt over leaving her alone so much this month. It's true; I got her a new scratcher too - which, omg, best thing ever, she loves it! It's this one. She's shedding overtime now though, not sure if it's the weather change to summer, or anxiety, or both. :(

I'm not really down, I just started doing the frowny face and it seemed like a theme. Just to end on a positive note.... :)
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Day 27: This month, in great detail

December 28:
Slept in, had lunch with Mom & Dad. I went to Wal Mart while Dad went to the doctor's - he's come down with a bad sinus infection/bronchitis thing. :( I picked up all the things on their list, and bought the birthday/anniversary cards for tomorrow's dinner, as well as a pastry brush for my mom for her birthday because she mentioned this week that she'd had to throw her old one away but kept forgetting to get a new one. Never say stuff like that around me, it tends to get you that thing, no matter how silly it is. Also, I almost bought a jigsaw puzzle set because for some reason I've been really wanting to put one together over this vacation, but I talked myself out of it because I knew my sister wanted to play cards tonight. Maybe I will look for it on sale at my Walmart when I get home. Anyway, I was wandering around the store, killing time waiting for my dad to get done at the doctor, and I saw the craft aisle so I looked at the yarn for a minute. Then I saw that Electronics was nearby so I thought I'd see how much a small TV would cost as I want one for my office. Then this happened:

My Internal Voice: "Damn, this cart has a wonky wheel."
Part of My Brain That Actually Pays Attention to Life: "Um. Wouldn't it have been wonky the entire 45 minutes you've already been shopping? Why is it just now bad?"
I look down, see the yarn that is quickly winding its way around one of the wheels. "SHIT."
I pull into an aisle and start tugging uselessly at the yarn.
My Internal Voice: "Ugh, it won't come off. Ew, I'm touching wheel grease, this is gross."
Part of My Brain That Actually Pays Attention to Life: "Um. The craft aisle was about 8 aisles back. Have you been trailing yarn this entire time like a dumbass?"

For the record, I had not. I had only been trailing about 15 feet of yarn like a dumbass. I had to get TWO Walmart employees to help me, one of which I asked for assistance and the other who FOLLOWED THE TRAIL OF THE MOVING YARN TO SEE WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON. This is my life.

I managed to not have any more accidents and Dad came and got me, and we went to the pharmacy to get his medicine. We chatted with Emory Melton, one of the few people I recognize in town these days and I helped find batteries for his hearing aid because the pharmacy was packed! Then we came home and I got on the internet for a while, then I helped make soup, and then we played cards. My sister and I won three games in a row - we were unbeatable! So we stopped to buy lottery tickets on the way home in case our good luck continued. We then learned that you cannot buy lottery tickets after 10 PM in Cassville MO. We are not sure if that was a state law or a gas station rule. I kind of lean toward it being a "the lady in the back didn't want to teach the new girl how to do it" rule, but that's just me. So we bought 4 scratch off tickets instead. Then my sister had to teach me how to play because I had never bought one before (still haven't, as she paid for them) and didn't understand. 4 tickets at $2 each, and they were all a bust except one, where we won the $2 back. No free money for us! :(

December 29:
Met my best friend's mother in town for lunch and caught up with her - she seems much happier than she has been any time I've seen her post-divorce. Then I went to Springfield with my parents and went to Best Buy. I am going to get a new radio for my car, because I am tired of messing with FM transmitters. Oddly enough, replacing the radio is not that much more expensive. Okay, it's 2-3 times more expensive, but has less chance of me dying in a fiery crash because the damn thing went staticky. Coming soon: Free to good home, one FM transmitter. Works well if you do not live in a major metropolitan area. Ugh. Anyway, I selected the radio I wanted only to find out that they couldn't install it that day, so I will have to do it on Friday after I'm home so that I don't miss the sale price. Also, may have talked my dad into getting a wireless router by telling him it would make us all want to hang out at their house when we're home. True, and sad, I know. I miss wifi. I miss internet. But I love my family. Speaking of which, we then went to our annual Birthday/Anniversary Extravaganza at Jimm's (first time at this restaurant - I realize that made it sound like we do this annually at Jimm's but I'm too lazy to fix it.) I was not expecting Jimm's to have two M's. But the food was decent and it was good to see everyone one last time before I have to head home in the morning. I came back to my sister's after saying goodbye to my parents (sniff) and packed everything up. I am definitely leaving with more than I came with! My mom gave me a knife tonight because I commented on how sharp it was when I was slicing veggies at her house. So far, I've nearly stabbed myself in the foot with it; perhaps I should not have sharp things.

December 30:
Driving, driving, more driving. I let the cat out to stretch her legs in Conway and she peed on the car seat. :( It wasn't her fault though; she was trying to use the litter box but just missed. After 13 lovely hours, many of which were filled with yowling cat, we are both happy to be home. And in anticipation of my New Year's resolution (more coming soon!) I have unpacked and put away almost everything. Then I stayed up far too late embracing the marvel of wi-fi. Oh, how I have missed it!

Day 28: This year, in great detail
Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30: Whatever tickles your fancy
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Day 27: This month, in great detail

December 18:
I got up at 5:30 am and started the trek to Missouri. 13 1/2 hours later, I arrived at my sister's house. Bringing the cat with me tacked on an extra hour and a half to the drive, as I pulled over twice to let her out of her carrier. And once because she let herself out. !!! I am going to buy a bigger carrier before we head home, probably one for a dog so she has room to move around. My sister was over at my parents' house so we had some time to ourselves to settle in.

December 19:
We got up and went to Mom & Dad's for lunch with my aunt, then my cousin and her husband came over and we played cards. My parents got a new TV on Saturday, so that was the big news, and we had to rearrange everything that was hanging near it. My sister and I went on a two mile walk, and then came back in time to have a quick bite of dinner before it was time to head to church to watch my dad sing in the choir for the Christmas show. I am not a fan of their minister - he's nice enough, but they used to have a fantastic one and this one is only so-so. And they changed it from a cantata, where everyone sings together, to a performance with a live nativity, which I find just awkward. Then we came home and played another game of cards and ate peanut butter fudge.

December 20:
Slept in, then ran errands - post office and UPS - then went over to Mom & Dad's. Helped decorate the Christmas tree, something I haven't done in years. Met my sister in Monett and then we all drove up to Springfield to have dinner and go shopping. I have now officially finished my Christmas shopping! I only had my nephew left and I bought him a sweater, and then I got my niece a book although I had something else for her as well but it didn't feel like enough. I got her Behemoth, the second in the Leviathian YA trilogy, because her mom said she wanted it and I have to say, I want to read it too! We saw part of the lunar eclipse, about halfway.

December 21:
We met Mom & Dad in town for lunch at Pizza Hut, then went for a bike ride with my aunt since today is supposed to be the last halfway nice day this week. My rear hurts! I don't really like riding bikes, it's so much more work than walking. My sister enjoys it though. Then we all went to dinner and came back to my parents' and played cards. My dad & I lost miserably, and then we had to carry the world's heaviest chest upstairs for my mom.

December 22:
Today we drove to Joplin because my mom wanted to buy a food processor. Exciting times, I know. We also stopped by my nephew's store and hung out with him for a few minutes, which was nice. My sister and her boyfriend drove up as well. They were going to shop, and I was going to take the parents home, but I wanted to look in one shop, and before you knew it, it was late. Mom was going to cook, but it was late when we got home so we went out for BBQ instead. I always think the local BBQ place is going to be better than it is, which is sad-making. Then I dropped my parents off at home and came back to my sister's and wrapped gifts. I am so excited to give people their presents! I hope they all like them!

December 23:
With all the going, I was determined to take today easy to gear up for the big weekend. So my sister was heading back to Springfield to shop, but I decided to just go to my parents' to wrap gifts and relax. On the drive over, my mom called - she'd forgotten about a funeral of one of her friend's sister, and my dad was out doing some volunteer work with the church so could I please take her. So I sped up, since it was 1:15 and the funeral was at 2. We were about 5 minutes late but we snuck in quietly, signed the guest book and took our programs and sat down in the back as the opening prayers concluded. And then we opened up the program and discovered.... WRONG FUNERAL. This funeral home has two locations and my mom just assumed it would be the one closest to where the family lived, not the one 10 minutes down the road. So we left the complete stranger's funeral (of a 40 year old lady who died of a sudden illness, v sad for her family) hopped back in the car and went to the right one. I may have giggled the whole way about the mix-up. It was very sit-com.

Day 28: This year, in great detail
Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30: Whatever tickles your fancy
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Three or four times today I've thought, "Oh, this is what I'm going to update LJ with tonight!" and yet now that I have time, I'm not sure I remember them all. This is why twitter sometimes works better for me - quick and easy. Except I don't tweet everything as it also goes to my Facebook. Social networking is tiring sometimes.

Anyway. One of them was definitely that I got my termite-infested tree taken down in my front yard. I took some pictures, but basically, 100 foot tall pine tree is now a pile of sawdust. I am happy about this and would take the other three down in a heartbeat if I had the cash. Pine trees suck, y'all. And I have ten other trees on my third of an acre, so I don't feel there's much environmental impact there. But the funniest part of the whole process is that my beloved cat - who is afraid of the vacuum cleaner, the sound of trash bags being opened, and occasionally her own shadow, just to name a few - was fascinated. She watched from the window the whole time and cried when they were done.

Other things I thought about today that I'm now too tired to go into: a post about comfort eating and my not-yet-enacted exercise plan for [profile] watchme_not_eat and thoughts for here about a conversation my sister and I had last week about how maybe we're both actually happier when we aren't dating. I'm noting these here because I would like to come back to them, and maybe by mentioning them, I actually will. Worth a shot, anyway.
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Day 25: Your day, in great detail

I woke up with the cat on top of me, as per usual. Then I hit snooze three times. Then I reset my alarm to get up an hour later, but only made it half an hour before the guilt (and the sound of my cell phone ringing) got me up. I had my usual breakfast of oatmeal and chocolate milk while watching an episode of Supernatural on TNT (Heart, one of my favorites).

Then I made my way down to my office to start up my laptop and do my one assigned task of the day, an interface preparation call for a client that I'd prepped last week but then figured out we hadn't done everything needed. Afterward, I chatted with my team lead on IM, then my cat decided to chat with him, then I yelled at her to get off my keyboard.

I came back upstairs and had lunch, two mango & black bean quesadillas, yummy! I watched a little bit of the Olympics - women's curling, Switzerland vs China I think. Back to work, I started watching our support queue to help them out, and grabbed a couple of cases. One I emailed the instructions to, the other I called and left a message. He never called back. Odds he will call on Monday when I'm actually busy, 100%. Gave up on pretending to work around 4pm.

Went into my craft room and worked on my photo album from my month in Toulouse. I have it all lined out, but wasn't happy with the paper I'm using. It's lovely, almost too pretty to use! But there are too many patterns too close together. I tried to find some neutral papers in my overly large paper selection, but everything was either too busy or the wrong shade. :(

Began the Friday night texting marathon of 'what are you/we doing' between K and my tennis friends. Discovered that my tennis partner for tomorrow had called to cancel; arranged another match in its place. Took shower (you thought I'd left that out? No, I'm just a lazy slob.) Then I put on my tennis clothes, checked my work email one more time before shutting the computer down for the weekend, gave the cat a treat, and then headed into town to go to tennis drills.

Chatted with my tennis coach for twenty minutes before he decided that really, no one else was coming to drills and so they were cancelled. Texted my friend who was planning to come, and we made plans to meet later for dinner instead. Headed back to the house, changed clothes, took another look at the photo album. Realized I had time, so I headed to Michaels Craft store. Picked out a nice neutral beige that will be an offset to the pattern frenzy, 25 sheets for $6. Lusted over a beautiful set of textured neutral paper, but since it was $20 I decided not to. My hobby, it is expensive. Also, on the way to the checkout, saw a two pack of Reeses Easter eggs. Cannot resist! They are the perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate!

Drove back into town, headed for Wahoo Grill. Ate 1 of the Easter eggs on the way. Arrived to discover that there was no parking and an hour wait. We went to Figo instead, an Atlanta chain of Italian restaurants. Had bruschetta, a spinach salad, and a really lovely ravioli with marscapone (sp) and Vidalia onions. And a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, yay!

Came home, toyed briefly with the idea of working more on the photo album but abandoned it after clearing off my work area. Fed the cat, scooped the litter box. Poured myself a glass of milk and set down to watch the Olympics and eat the second Reeses Egg. Started sorting songs on my ipod into playlists. Watched Apollo Ohno get disqualified and be kind of pissy about it.

And now, I'm thinking bed time.

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So I accomplished all the things I wanted to do today - plants, salad, grocery shopping. I am now the proud owner of 3 baby cacti of 3 different types which I plan to put in one pot (which I don't have yet and need to find) and one African violet, all of which are non-toxic to cats, and which I think I will keep in the living room.
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So today I seem to be doing.... naaaaaaaaaathing.

I am ok with this. So far I have slept in til noon (for certain values of sleeping in. Thanks, cat.), caught up on facebook and LJ, tried to reload my customized mood theme only to realize I didn't save the files, downloaded a ton of mood themes from [ profile] frostianmoods, and now I'm trying to figure out how to host them on photobucket.

My plans for later in the day include:

*possibly going to Pike's to try to find a plant that isn't toxic to cats. I keep buying them, then bringing them home and finding out they could kill Cinnamon if she eats it. I am growing some herbs from seeds though; we'll see how that goes. It was a kit with chives, basil and parsley. I am most excited about the parsley, and of course that's the one that isn't growing so far.

*get a salad from the Mexican place I like.

*grocery shopping. I'm planning to go late in the day, so that everyone else will be watching the Super Bowl.

Aaaaaaand that's about it. I have to figure out how many moodthemes I can have on my hosting site for free.
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Day 06: Whatever tickles your fancy

I am addicted to checking the website from the shelter that I got Cinnamon from because I like watching the animals get adopted.

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Ok, so today was kinda crap. I downloaded about 6 file recovery programs and none of them could see my NAS drive. So then I had the brilliant idea that I could just hook up the drive to my laptop by USB... except I don't have a USB to USB cable. I ran to Walmart and bought what I thought was one, but it turned out to be an adapter. Oops. Who needed that $15 anyway? Then I ran to Best Buy, and the guy there said that it was much more complicated than that and rambled for a while while I pretended to understand him. It always amazes me how easily I'm thrown by things in those situations. He kept asking me if I had a WEP. Only he was saying it Double U Eee Pee, instead of whep, like a word. Anyway, long story short too late, it's to difficult to get the files.

So I'm downloading them again. Those of you in bandom will understand the horror of this - most of these songs were stuff I'd downloaded from [ profile] bandombigbang. On the plus side, all the rare mp3s I'd paid to download from Paste Magazine were still available.

And I'm going to start backing up my NAS now.

Also I had to put soft paws on Cinnamon tonight because they'd all come off, and now she hates me. Want to know how to make a bad day worse? Get your cat to hate you.
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Today was just sort of a blah day all around. It was rainy and gray... except for ten minutes around 3pm when the sun almost came out. I worked, and watched all the Top Chef episodes even though I'd seen most of them. I got a blizzard from Dairy Queen. The cat knocked over my flowers and spilled water everywhere, but thankfully didn't get hurt or break the vase.

That's all I got today.
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Today I have:

  • aired out the house.

  • assembled my new TV stand, even though they forgot to drill two of the holes at the factory.

  • mopped the entire downstairs (except my office, which is still a disaster zone.)

  • had a heart attack when I realized Cinnamon managed to get outside during the airing out process. EEEP. I am a bad cat mommy.

  • made broccoli raisin salad & regular salad for lunch & dinner this week. I am going to get back on track.

  • tried on all the hiking shoes I ordered and realized that the ones I ordered first that I thought didn't fit, really do.

  • vacuumed.

  • took the trash out.

And now I'm waiting on K to get here (he had to work today, poor guy) so we can go to a movie. \o/ Yay, productive day! Which makes up for yesterday, during which I did nothing.
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Yes it's four in the morning. Yes, I may have told a friend I'd be up at 9 am tomorrow to go to yoga. Yes, I may be a little bit drunk. But I digress...

Point the first: Last weekend was my all concert, all the time weekend. I went to see the American Idols concert on Friday. My indie soul died a little, but fuck that, it was a ton of fun. Or I was really intoxicated. Possibly both. The majority of the show was like a really good night out at a karaoke bar, and then Adam Lambert came on and it was a real rock show. Also, credit where it's due, the winner, Kris Allen, put on a hell of a show. Then on Saturday, you guys, on Saturday, I saw GREEN DAY. OMG, my soul was restored :D They were completely, completely awesome. I think that may have been the best concert I've ever been to. And they did everything, all the new stuff, all the American Idiot stuff, King for a Day, Minority, Good Riddance. The only thing they could have done to make it more awesome would have been if Tre got up and sang Dominated Love Slave, and I'm willing to bet that that will never happen. They did three encores, and they let some random kid from the audience play guitar for Jesus of Suburbia. Let me repeat that. Some random kid who was about 18 got to play Billie Joe Armstrong's guitar on stage with Green Day.

Point the second: My aunt is doing well. They ended up not doing surgery or traction, she's just doing rehab and apparently it's going really well. She's out of the hospital and in a nursing home? or some sort of care facility. I'm not sure. But thanks everyone for your good thoughts.

Point the third: Cinnamon is over her pink eye. That sucked.

Point the fourth: You know how you know you like a boy? You start questioning the content of your underwear drawer. Anybody got a favorite source of pretty underthings for the more well-endowed girl? I hate, hate, hate Victoria and all her secrets. Her secret is she's a skinny, flat-chested bitch and that just doesn't work out for me.

Ugh, ok. Bed. I'm so going to be napping during corpse pose tomorrow.

Vet Visit

Jul. 14th, 2009 01:54 pm
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I had to take Cinnamon in to see the vet today - her eye was all red and gunky, and she was meowing a lot (even by Siamese standards). She's fine, she has conjunctivitis. They don't really know why, because she's not around other cats. Anyway, now I have to give her powder in her food and squirt medicine in her eye twice a day. I foresee that going well!
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I'm in my hotel room in Vancouver, playing on the internet and watching tv. Also in Vancouver tonight are Adam Lambert and the rest of the American Idol contestants, and probably the actors from my favorite tv show, Supernatural, which should be starting to film again soon. I, however, have no desire to get off this couch. I fail at stalking.

I go home tomorrow! I am so, so, sooooooooooooooooo excited about this prospect. I miss my house, my cat, my couch, my tv, my hobbies, my tennis team, my friends, my own internet connection. 12 days is a long time.

Also, on Monday, my nephew's wife gave birth to their son! I am a great-aunt! His name is Brody and he's doing well - he has a small problem with his lungs, but they say it's not a big deal. I missed his arrival by 24 hours. *pouts* Although honestly it's for the best because if she'd gone into labor on Sunday, I would have had to leave in the middle and that would have sucked. I was thinking about it this morning, and I decided I am going to make my mom a cross-stitched family tree for Christmas - it's always hard to buy stuff for her, but I think she'd really like this, and I ordered the kit today - if I start now, I should be able to get it done by Christmas.
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I'm back. I've gone from skip=400 to current on LJ tonight, and found out that Panic at the Disco is splitting up and LoudTwitter is no longer posting my twitter stuff on LJ and that the internet just generally sucks right now. I am sad.

Also, I miss my cat.

More soon about my vacation and more crazy cat-lady adventures and stuff but now? Bed.
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Ah, home!

I've been gone all day, my poor kitty is acting like I've orphaned her. :) I haven't gotten to sleep in at all this weekend. Yesterday I got up to mow the lawn, which ended up not working out so much, but hey) and then ran errands all day, and today I got up to go play tennis at 9:30. Then off to play our Sunday match - we won, yay! - before running home to hop in the shower and grab a quick bite before heading out to to Unplugged in the Park to do merch for local Atlanta artist and fellow LJer Juliana Finch (you guys should totally check her out, she's awesome!). Also got introduced to a new artist, Katie Herzig, also quite good!

Now I'm home, my feet hurt, and my cat is running around like she's on crack. Seriously, she ran and slid across the floor, and almost fell down the stairs.


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