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Fall Out Boy!!

It was like, 100 degrees in the Tabernacle tonight. I'm pretty sure I sweated off a few pounds jumping around like an idiot. It was good times!

We got there in time to get my favorite seats! So close to the stage without all the crush of being on the floor!
Photos and vids ahoy! )
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 Three things!

1.  I saw Kris Allen in concert tonight!  It was fun :)  The friend I took with me also had a great time, and at no point called me on the fact that I know way WAY too much about him.  Although to be fair, she is only a casual fan of his and even she knew about the car accident and that his wife is pregnant, so. He played at my favorite venue, which only holds about 100 people, so it was super intimate and the sound was perfect as always.  They have table and bar seating, and then there's this odd little area that is bleacher seating, which is where we were at, and at one point he looked over and said something along the lines of "Well, we've got a jury tonight!  Hope they find in our favor.  They're all drinking, so it's looking good."  It was cute.  He is a tiny, tiny human.

2.  I start my quilting class next week, so I went to the store today to get the supply list and, because I know myself, pick out the fabrics for the quilt we will make in class.  I have pattern issues - I have a hard time matching fabrics together because I find them too busy.  The poor women at this store!  They all tried to help me, but it took me over an hour to pick out four fabrics.  I think it will be cute when it's done though! I will document the whole process and show it to you as we go over the next two months.

3.  Has anyone downloaded the MCR singles from their non-released album?  Are they worth paying for?
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I haven't updated in forever, so here are some random happenings:

I went to Dragon*Con, and it was fun!  We did con very differently this time out - no big name panels, we skipped the parade, etc.  We went to a lot of the YA lit panels, and to see the ever so awesome Jane Espenson (which was cool because it was the first panel I'd seen where the draw was a TV writer, & because she brought Cheeks with her!) and to the fanfiction panel we had so much fun at last year.  It was just as much fun, but unfortunately I overindulged so we actually missed a day of con because of the sick and the sleeping off of it.  Oops.  We also went to the aquarium.  Yay, aquarium!

I'm doing lots of craft stuff right now, probably as a backlash to the fact that I've done some writing this summer.  Crafting is how I recharge from writing.  It's weird, because I want to do both at the same time, but I cannot.  Also, I'm loving blogging about the Pinterest stuff, so it's a cross-over there but not by much.  Tonight I sewed badges onto my con bag.  +100 Geek Points

One of my friends had a game night on Saturday and it was a ton of fun!  There was an awkward moment when I thought I was going to be the only single person there, but then a couple more girls showed up on their own so crisis averted!  I got to introduce them to Cranium, which is tons of fun to play with a large group.

We started our fall tennis season on Sunday.  We lost all 5 lines, which was not unexpected as we got moved up 2 levels this season (to C-3, which means nothing to non-Atlantan tennis players.)  But I was happy with my game - we played well together, and we came as absolutely close to winning as you can come without winning:  5-7, 6-7.  And we never gave up, as evidenced by those scores.  So I am pleased.

I got my Amanda Palmer kickstarter CD and so I've been listening to that a lot, since I'm going to her show on Saturday.  I'm excited to go, but also somewhat filled with trepidation, as I worry about being too... plain, I guess?  She's so creative and many of her fans seem to be as well.  I guess it goes back to that sometimes I feel like I'm too weird to be normal but not really weird enough to be weird.  Anyway, I like the CD a lot, and it's onsale for $5 at Amazon, or you can pay what you want on her site, apparently up to getting it for free, because she is amazing and would rather you listen to it than not listen to it.

Also over the weekend, I made a brief foray into being more proactive with the online dating because I was feeling lonely.  I actually messaged someone, instead of waiting for someone to message me.  He responded a bit confusingly neutral so I spent a day trying to figure out if he was brushing me off or not, and then by the time I decided to respond again to see what would happen, he'd deleted his profile.  

Tonight, I watched the US X-Factor.  This is noteworthy because despite some of my recent fandoms (ie 1D, Kradam) I don't generally watch reality TV.  Full disclosure:  I watched the first two seasons of Survivor religiously, so I feel like some of this is my fault.  Oh, and I did watch most of a season of Pop Idol in the UK but there really wasn't anything else on.  Anyway, my biggest issue with shows like these is the humiliation factor.  I'm fine with the ones who can sing, or who are nearly there, but when someone seems deluded about their own abilities it is too much for me.  I feel so bad for them.  I had to change the channel a few times.  Also, why does everyone always go on about how mean Simon Cowell is?  He's honest, but I don't think he said anything mean-spirited.  If you suck, you suck, and you should have thought about it before you decided to suck on national television.

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Ok, so more concert thoughts from Wednesday:
*I got to hear Gerard say 'mothafuckas' live.
*Mikey Way's bass is a sparkly, sparkly thing.

I took Wed-Fri off. Thursday I ran errands and then went to a laser hair removal appointment. I can't remember if I mentioned it on here, but I got a Groupon deal - 6 sessions for $400, normally a $2500 value. So I am giving it another go, we shall see. After that, I came home and started my major project, painting the panelling in my office. I got the deglossing treatment done on 3 of the 4 walls that night.

Friday, I went and got more deglosser and finished the fourth wall, then painted one coat of primer on the other 3 walls. It looked like crap. Like "oh my god I'm going to have to pay someone a lot of money to come fix this" levels of crap. I took a break to go play a tennis game (we won, yay!), and then came home and put a second coat of primer on the 3 walls.

Saturday started off with another game of tennis - we won again, but it took 3 sets. It really should not have, we were better players, but we couldn't quite get it together in the first set. Then I came back home and... you guessed it! Painted. By the end of the day, all four walls had 3 coats of primer on them. They looked pretty good!

Today, I slept in! After lunch, I went down and painted the trim and the door white, and then put the sample paint on the wall. I have learned that no matter how much you think the color you've picked out matches everything, it's best to try it out before you commit to purchasing a whole gallon. So far, I think it looks lovely, but I am going to live with it for at least another day to be certain.

As a reward, and to get out of the house, I went to see Thor. It was so-so. I was distracted by:

a) the guy who plays Thor sounds just like Heath Ledger
b) Loki is played by Johnny Weir's evil twin. No, really, look:Pictures or it didn't happen )
c) the completely unsubtle product placement. This movie brought to you by Southwest Airlines.
d) the lack of AC/DC. How can you make a movie about the god of Thunder, and NOT PUT THUNDERSTRUCK ON YOUR SOUNDTRACK????

And that was pretty much my weekend. OH! And another one of my plants is blooming - my mini rose! Apparently it's been all about the amount of sunlight, who knew?
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My favorite band in my favorite venue. I was so, so scared it wouldn't live up to my expectations.


I had such an amazing, amazing time. Like, I can't even tell you about it, it was so good. I can't explain it. We had great seats, on the first balcony so we were as the crow flies maybe 25 feet away from the stage. I swear Gerard made eye contact with me at one point (yes, I'm delusional, leave me alone.)

I'm shitty at set lists - they opened with Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na), they did Mama, I'm Not Okay, Teenager, Welcome to the Black Parade. They closed with Helena, and then came back for an encore and did the Gravity song off the new album (I can't remember its actual name but it's the one that starts out with "Graaaaaaaaaaaaavity"). Oh, and they did the Life on the Murder scene song (which I think is actually called You Know What they Do to Guys Like Us in Prison).*** They did Planetary GO, I jumped around like a mad thing.

I am bad with song titles. I can know all the words to a song and not know its real name. It's a talent.

In conclusion, AMAZING.

Oh, and I went with a friend (which is noteworthy in itself, usually I have to go alone), and she is now TOTALLY ENAMORED. Mikeyway strikes again. :D I just sent her this email. Some of you will recognize this from 2007!Me:
Cut for your viewing pleasure )
And now I will go to bed. :D

ETA:**** No it's not. It's "Give 'Em Hell Kid." It just came on my ipod.
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So today was awesome in a lot of ways I'm too tired to go into right now, so I'm just going to list the bands I saw today:

De La Soul
Florence & the Machines
Yo La Tengo
Little Boots
Thom Yorke (extremely briefly, from extremely far away)



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*Really sort of day 1 for us, since we didn't get in yesterday. 8 hours in a car for no gain, and I didn't get to see Vampire Weekend :(((

Today was great though! We got up super early and breezed into a parking spot. We had lunch and then saw John Waters do a spoken word/stand up performance, which was hilarious! Then I went with Jo & Grant to watch Porcupine Tree (eh.) After that, we split up and I went to see Camera Obscura, which I quite liked. Then I ran into Amanda & Chrysta (sp?) and we went to see White Rabbits but instead we accidentally saw Temper Trap instead. OOPS.

Did I mention we were probably high? There was enough weed being smoked by other people to hotbox the whole DESERT. I'm blaming the amount of food I inhaled for dinner on that, anyway.

So anyway, after we saw the wrong band, who were nice anyway and very mellow, then we went back to see Band of Skulls. Amanda & Chrysta went out after a couple of numbers and I lost track of them. Then I wandered over and listened to part of Gossip's set - very cool! Must check them out more in the near future. I wandered back and forth between their set and The Raveonettes, which I thought was a bit drab, but I'm going to check out their album as Amanda recommends it.

Then I had the afore-mentioned pig out, and watched Coheed & Cambria's whole set. I liked them! Their last song, they had a whole marching band on stage, and that was probably my favorite song. No idea what it was called.

I made a fool-hardy attempt to find Jo & Grant, which was impossible as we were on about a 2 hour delay with texting. Then I came back and watched Faith No More do about four songs, then went and watched MGMT do about four songs. Now I know why they say in the Coachella rules that you can't bring musical instruments with you. Dude next to me was playing the tambourine, which would have been okay if he could have kept time.


And now, bed. Tomorrow: lather, rinse, repeat.
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The fic I mixed for is posted, so I've put up my notes and links to my mix if anyone's interested:
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My notes for the mix I did for [ profile] romanticalgirl's 'Butch and Sundance.'

Story and music are here.

Track: So Hard Done By/The Tragically Hip
Quote: “I want it noted that I’m going under protest… And I hate you.”
Lyrics: Yeah, that’s awful close but that’s not why/I’m so hard done by
Notes: Poor, poor put-upon Patrick.

Track: I Can’t Decide/Scissor Sisters
Quote: His eyes hurt and his back hurts and he has a document on his computer now named “ways2killpete.doc” and a spreadsheet labeled “gabewillsufferohyes.xls”.
Lyrics: I can’t decide whether you should live or die/ oh you’ll probably go to heaven/ please don’t hang your head and cry…
Notes: I liked this song for both Patrick at the airport, and the scenes of Gabe’s wild driving, because Patrick’s trying to hang on to his grumpiness, but I felt like even arriving in Uruguay started to change his attitude, like there was a lighter note to the story.

Track: Lazy Days/Robbie Williams
Quote: He’s also relaxing, which is part of what this hiatus is for, at least in theory. Gabe takes him places – nightclubs and beaches and private family parties. He gets his picture taken like a normal person, not by half-crazed paparazzi thinking he’s someone worth telling the world about.
Lyrics: Now you can be sure love is the cure/ what we're searching for/ is to have a jolly good time
Notes: I really wanted to get some Robbie Williams in this mix, because I think there’s a parallel between his kind of music, and Gabe’s – very tongue in cheek, very pop, very much not taking itself to seriously, but when you listen to it, there’s substance.

Track: Qué Onda Guero/Beck
Quote: Patrick keeps trying to leave the sombrero behind, but Gabe either sees it and snags it and slaps it back on his head or he hears a faint, pardon, senor, and someone’s handing it back to him.
Lyrics: See the vegetable man/ in the vegetable van/ with a horn that's honking/ like a mariachi band
Notes: Qué Onda Guero means, to the best of my internet searching capabilities, ‘what’s up white boy?’ The whole scene of Gabe dragging Patrick around taking humiliating pictures just cried out for this song to me. Plus I love the rhythm of it.

Track: Los Angeles Waltz/Razorlight
Quote: “Even worse, I let myself be used, and so I kind of hate myself too, and I hate Saporta and it’s a damn good thing we’re on hiatus because I don’t know that I want to hang around with you right now…”
Lyrics: And I know it's not easy/ when you don't get what you deserve
Notes: I chose this song for the title, and the sort of wistful tone. It has that post-vacation let-down, melancholy air to it. Plus it starts the underlying connection of several of the songs in this mix with references to L.A.

Track: Come Around/Counting Crows
Quote: The problem is that Los Angeles is…Los Angeles. It’s filled with people he doesn’t want to see doing things he doesn’t want to do. He spends a lot of his time at Pete and Ashlee’s place…
Lyrics: Have you seen the little pieces/of the people we have been/ little pieces blowing gently on the wind/they have flown down California/ they have landed in L.A./ little pieces slowly settling on the waves
Notes: I liked the idea that Patrick was scattered, and also that a big cause of that was that he’d left a piece of himself with Gabe. This song is one of my favorites off Counting Crow’s latest album, and of course, references Los Angeles.

Track: California English/Vampire Weekend
Quote: Patrick’s in hell. Not just any hell either. It’s a special type of Hollywood hell that he’s pretty sure even Dante couldn’t have dreamed up.
Lyrics: Contra Costa, Contra Mundum, contradict what I say/ living like the French Connection, but we'll die in LA
Notes: What I love about this song is that it sounds like I feel when I’m at a party I’m uncomfortable with, like little snippets of conversation going on around you that you can barely understand, like everyone’s speaking another language, when maybe in fact it’s just California English. Also, if the song disconnects your brain like it does mine, the lyrics are here.

Track: Who Do You Love/Bo Diddley
Quote: “Patrick Stump. You have a fucking girlfriend and you don’t fucking tell me? What? Do I embarrass you? Because she’s not much of a girlfriend if she’s unaware that I come part and parcel with you, dude.”
Lyrics: I walk 47 miles of barbed wire/ I use a cobra-snake for a necktie
Notes: I wanted to add some more soulful, blues-y numbers in honor of Patrick, and how could I resist one that references cobras?

Track: A Boy Like That/Selena
Quote: Seeing Cobra Starship in all its glory is a little overwhelming. No. Seeing Gabe is overwhelming.
Lyrics: A boy like that will give you sorrow/ You'll meet another boy tomorrow/ One of your own kind/ Stick to your own kind!
Notes: More Spanish – I think I used every song in my library that had any Spanish in it. Plus I needed to keep up my (second) annual tradition of shoe-horning a song from West Side Story into all BBB playlists. I also felt like at this point in the story, Patrick sees Gabe as out of his league, which isn’t exactly what this song means by ‘stick to your own kind,’ but I chose to interpret it that way.

Track: Unrequited / Ani DiFranco
Quote: There’s no chance that anyone can hear them over the rest of the party, but she drops her voice anyway. “How long have you had a thing for Gabe?”
Heat flares inside him and Patrick shakes his head, even though it’s clear from Ashlee’s face that she’s not buying it. “I don’t know what you mean.”

Lyrics: But all the theories/ that he recited/ played like the song/ of the unrequited
Notes: I picked this song mostly for the title, although I think it parallels the story in that the reason for the unrequited love is talking yourself out of trying. Also, up until the point I’d picked A Boy Like That, I’d intended for this to be an all-male-vocalist playlist, so I was pleased to add another female vocalist to add symmetry.

Track: Jealousy / Queen
Quote: “What about your someone?” He doesn’t actually wait for an answer, just pushes off with his feet, turning the bike and wobbling away.
Lyrics: I wasn’t man enough/ to let you hurt my pride/ now I’m only left with my own jealousy
Notes: Okay, this is my all-time favorite Queen song. I’ve loved it since I was five, and it’s super fun to sing along with. It was the first song to be added to the playlist, since as soon as I read the scene it popped right into my head.

Track: Might Tell You Tonight / Scissor Sisters
Quote: “I don’t know, man.” Gabe casts a quick glance at him, and Patrick has to duck his head to hide his smile. “She thought you were pretty cute.”
Lyrics: And I just might say it tonight/ and I just might tell you tonight that I love you/ and you should stay all my life
Notes: Okay, okay, I know – two Scissor Sisters songs in the same mix, and from the same album even! I couldn’t help myself! I put this in here, because in this scene I felt there was a hopeful moment, where they started talking again, and I thought they might be about to clear the air, right before everything went to hell.

Track: I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish / The Smiths
Quote: “Gabe. Wait. That’s not…” He stops, not bothering to finish his thought to the empty air. He spins around and kicks the wall hard, whimpering beneath his breath as pain shoots through his ankle. “Fuck.”
Lyrics: Typical me, typical me, typical me/ I started something/ and now I’m not too sure
Notes: And then everything went to hell. That’s the sole purpose of The Smiths – the soundtrack to your heartbreak.

Track: Low Rising / The Swell Season
Quote: Patrick blows out a breath and tosses the last part of his cone in the trash. “Yeah. Yeah, there is. But it’s not really…lunch conversation. Or public conversation or…possibly not even conversation that we should have, but I need to have it, so…”
Lyrics: I want sit you down and talk/ I wanna pull back the veils/ and find out what is I’ve done wrong
Notes: I actually just got this album, and I was going through it for this playlist because I like the male vocalist’s voice (Glen Hansard, he’s the guy from Once, and The Frames). Now I’m totally in love with this song.

Track: Dreamboat 730 / Ringside
Quote: Patrick’s fairly certain that Gabe dances like he fucks, and he can’t help thinking about what it would like to be on the floor with him, on the receiving end of all that attention. In public.
Lyrics: This one’s not about the lyrics, it’s all about the way you grind the rhythm!
Notes: I have to confess, I think this is one of the sexiest songs to dance to, so when I read the dancing scene, it was my first thought. It’s just fun to move to!

Track: These Days Without You / Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Quote: Gabe laughs, his voice raw and throaty. “You mean I’m not going to be your kept man? Damn. Guess I’m going to have to earn my living.”
“I guess so.” Patrick pauses, uncertain of what to say. “Call me tomorrow?”

Lyrics: These days have got me down upon my knees/ Amazed at what I never thought I'd need
Notes: In this song, I liked the sort of mellow, wistful tone of missing someone, and thinking about what you’d do if you could be together again.

Track: If I Was Your Girlfriend / Prince
Quote: “Yeah.” Gabe’s fingers trace Patrick’s jaw. “You’re not going to laugh if I kiss you, are you?”
Lyrics: Could I make you breakfast sometime/ or then, could we just hang out, I mean
Notes: Ok, another shout-out to Patrick! I couldn’t do a playlist for a Patrick/anyone story and not put a Prince song in it! I like this one because it’s about wanting to be your significant other’s best friend, and I thought it had a certain dichotomy for the story, which is about discovering you want to be your friend’s significant other.
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and yet apparently it is. Bob Bryar is no longer the drummer for My Chemical Romance.

I am super sad about this. I'm pretty invested in them as a band, and a part of that has always been that these guys really seem to care about each other. (Example, this clip from their documentary) It makes me sad to think that might not be true, as the rumors are that it was not an amiable split. Plus I think he's a great drummer.

Plus I think he's hot. ;)

Also, since when is Frank the band ambassador? I'm starting to associate his name with bad news. :(
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Day 18: Whatever tickles your fancy

The soundtrack to Alice in Wonderland is streaming here. I just started listening to it. I could do without Avril Lavigne's shouting, and I can't believe the YeahYeahYeah's Heads Will Roll isn't on it.

Future days )
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Day 16: A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

I have to go with a song by a local Atlanta artist (and fellow LJ-er), Juliana Finch. She wrote a song about being an adopted child called Love Like You that never fails to make me tear up. You can listen to it on her site here about halfway down the page.

Future days )
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Day 01: Your favourite song

I am willing to admit I am a product of my generation.

Anna Begins by Counting Crows

Lyrics )

Future days )
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I'm trying to rebuild my lost music files - does anyone have copies of the Panic songs/covers/goofing around stuff from this summer? IE, the lullaby for Bronx, 3 Little Birds, and the Good Life? I will love you forevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver!
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Ok, so this morning I went into my networked hard drive to delete a sub-folder I didn't want, and accidentally deleted the whole folder. Vista apparently thinks that things from a networked hard drive don't need to go to the recycle bin. What was in this folder you might ask? All of the music I've downloaded in the last six months, including several mixes from Bandom Big Bang that are mostly unrecoverable if I can't get the files back.

So I've spent this morning downloading file recovery programs from CNET. I can't find one that can search networked external hard drives (I have an IOMEGA drive). Does anyone out there know of something that could help? I'm willing to pay for the software if it's reasonably priced.

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If you need a good laugh, I highly recommend checking out my twitter activity from this evening. I might have had a little to drink at the Counting Crows concert :)

Also, for those that are interested, Brendon Urie may have some competition for the title of 'Failiest, most Earnest Frontman" in the form of the lead singer from Augustana, whose name I am too tired to look up and who apparently was in 4th grade when Counting Crows released August & Everything After. You know, in 1997, the year I graduated from COLLEGE.
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Yes it's four in the morning. Yes, I may have told a friend I'd be up at 9 am tomorrow to go to yoga. Yes, I may be a little bit drunk. But I digress...

Point the first: Last weekend was my all concert, all the time weekend. I went to see the American Idols concert on Friday. My indie soul died a little, but fuck that, it was a ton of fun. Or I was really intoxicated. Possibly both. The majority of the show was like a really good night out at a karaoke bar, and then Adam Lambert came on and it was a real rock show. Also, credit where it's due, the winner, Kris Allen, put on a hell of a show. Then on Saturday, you guys, on Saturday, I saw GREEN DAY. OMG, my soul was restored :D They were completely, completely awesome. I think that may have been the best concert I've ever been to. And they did everything, all the new stuff, all the American Idiot stuff, King for a Day, Minority, Good Riddance. The only thing they could have done to make it more awesome would have been if Tre got up and sang Dominated Love Slave, and I'm willing to bet that that will never happen. They did three encores, and they let some random kid from the audience play guitar for Jesus of Suburbia. Let me repeat that. Some random kid who was about 18 got to play Billie Joe Armstrong's guitar on stage with Green Day.

Point the second: My aunt is doing well. They ended up not doing surgery or traction, she's just doing rehab and apparently it's going really well. She's out of the hospital and in a nursing home? or some sort of care facility. I'm not sure. But thanks everyone for your good thoughts.

Point the third: Cinnamon is over her pink eye. That sucked.

Point the fourth: You know how you know you like a boy? You start questioning the content of your underwear drawer. Anybody got a favorite source of pretty underthings for the more well-endowed girl? I hate, hate, hate Victoria and all her secrets. Her secret is she's a skinny, flat-chested bitch and that just doesn't work out for me.

Ugh, ok. Bed. I'm so going to be napping during corpse pose tomorrow.
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My Chemical Romance are playing two gigs in LA this weekend. I want to goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. *pouts*

Ok, yes, I'm going to two concerts this weekend, but it's MY CHEM.


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