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My sister and I spent the day (from 3pm to 10pm) at the High Museum of Art. They were having "17 non-stop hours of fun!" - which I found amusing as what they are saying is that the hours are non-stop, not the fun :D

But we did have fun, looking through the exhibits, having a mini-makeover from Dior, watching a French movie about the Parisian cemetary Pere Lachaise, having milk and cookies, making our own beads, and drawing pictures of a live model.

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Ugh. Long, long day. First off, I'm working at a client site in Atlanta this week, when I was supposed to be working on a remote project. The upside is that I'm at home, so I can do stuff in the evenings, but the downside is that I have to deal with Atlanta traffic, which can mean taking up to two hours to drive what should take twenty minutes.

Then to top that off, I go to air up my tire, which has looked a bit low all weekend, and discovered that there's a nail in my tire. So I then got to spend close to three hours waiting at Pep Boys and to shell out close to $300 on a pair of new tires. Fun, fun.

So now I'm home, and in my jammies, and watching a bit of tv before I have to go do more moving stuff. So not getting all the things I meant to do done tonight. C'est la vie.
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Comments disabled to keep this more as a diary entry.

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Okay, headed to Toulouse, back on Oct 1! Y'all try to stay out of trouble, and I'll try to update when I can! I'm sure there's something vastly important I've forgotten to do or pack, but c'est la vie! I've got my passport, my laptop, and clean underwear - the rest shall surely sort itself out.
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Must. Leave. House.

Seriously, I need to run errands and instead I'm sitting on my couch. I lose.

Okay, getting in gear now, really. Things to do:

1. Shower. A necessity, really.
2. Pick up dry-cleaning, so as to have the shirt I want, and not to have clothes given away while I am gone.
3. Buy toothpaste.
4. Figure out if I'm making the best luggage choice. Possibly repack.

Happy early birthday to [ profile] talesinbloom!
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Okay, so I'm starting hard-core preparations for my trip to France - T minus 8 days and counting!

I have:

*Secured my lodgings
*Called to make sure my medical and renter's insurance covers me in France
*Found out the average temperature for packing purposes
*Started a packing list
*Emailed itinerary/housing info to family

I need to:
*Do laundry
*Get out cash to convert to euros for rent/security deposit upon arrival
*Call Delta about waitlisted return flight
*Decide what luggage I'm taking
*Email the school to find out the exact time and location of the class

What am I forgetting??? *stresses*


Jul. 28th, 2006 10:58 am
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Okay, so I've been putting off a phone call all week, because I was worried it would be difficult... I needed to call Mme Courrege, my landlady in Toulouse for September, to finalize the arrangements for payment of the security deposit and one month's rent.

We'd spoken before, and while her English is way, way, WAY better than my French, she's not fluent. And it's so much harder to understand someone over the phone than it is in person, when you can watch their lips move. Anyway, I was desperately not looking forward to a conversation about bank routing numbers, and SWIFT numbers and the other things my bank said they would need to do a wire transfer.

So I gather up my courage and call her, and what does she say? "You'll pay me when you get here. You sound like a nice girl, and I'm glad you will be staying with me."

*hugs her*
*hugs the universe*
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Random type update -

My site is down, so I don't have to work right now. Good for me, bad for them, but in no way my fault so yay!

I got an email yesterday that the Alliance Francaise was able to sort out a studio apartment for me for my month-long stay in Toulouse. I'm so happy, because I am way to old to live in someone else's house for a month. Yes, I know, great language experience. But the discomfort totally outweighs this for me. And maybe if the other students are doing that, they will want to hang out in my place for the whole no-family experience on occasion.

My luggage was waiting for me at the airport so I now have all my work clothes plus all my vacation clothes on this trip. I look a little over packed, but on the bright side, since I had my swimsuit with me, I actually used the hotel pool yesterday.

Er. That's about it.
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How do the weekends go by so fast, seriously?

I got home on Friday, walked in my door by 5 pm, which is lovely. The last two weeks and this week coming up, I've been traveling in the Southeast and it's amazing the difference it makes to get home by 5pm instead of 10pm. So I ran down to the gym and worked out, then got ready to go out - I was quite impressed, I stepped into the shower at 5:58pm and walked out the door at 6:20, speedyspeedy. I was only a few minutes late to walk into the concert at Eddie's Attic, which for those of you not from Atlanta is a venue for singer-songwriters. It was a '4-in-a-round' night, and I'd come specifically to see Tin Cup Prophette. If you haven't listened to her, you should check out her stuff. There's some songs to download on her website, or you can check out her myspace site.

[ profile] namaste_atlanta joined me mid-way through the show, and then we went out for dinner and had a lovely time.

Saturday, I woke up late, and had to run to get to the Aquarium on time for my reservation. I got there only a couple of minutes late (a theme for my weekend) and they didn't hassle me at all. I finally got my annual pass card made, so there's one worry off the list. After that, I ran errands and went shopping - I now have a really cute tennis outfit and thus no reason to NOT play tennis once the weather warms up, which here means by the end of the month, typically.

I really wasn't feeling well, so I went home, and as the evening wore on it became more apparent that I've twisted my back somehow. So I took it easy, puttered around the house, watching movies and medicating the back/head/neck ache with the good drugs I bought the last time I was in London. Ah, lovely codeine. I think I filed my taxes, but a) I've never e-filed before so I didn't really know what I was doing, and b) I was doped up so I didn't know what I was doing. Should be interesting!

I felt better today, got more stuff done around the house, finished off my photo album from the vacation [ profile] eeeevil_genius and I took to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2003. I'm waiting for my flight to Norfolk, and my back is starting to twinge. *glares at spine*

Things I must accomplish this week:

Taking French placement test.
Dealing with IRAs
Going through two weeks of mail because I'm dorky and didn't do it this weekend.

Actually, I think that's it. Of course, I've been supposed to do all these things for a few weeks now, so we'll see.
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Seriously. They're the only company that actually makes me ANGRIER if I have to speak with customer service than if I don't.

Here's the deal. I want to go to France for a month. I've finally gotten the registration for the course and the payment to go through at the same time. So now I go to book my ticket. I spend fifteen minutes speaking to Mr. Goober, who tells me there is absolutely nothing available through any possible connection, multiple connections, nothing, nada, no way.

I don't believe him. Especially since I can see online that I can get to Rome that day.

So I ask to speak to his manager. I get put on hold for another fifteen minutes. Then Bitchy Lady gets on the phone and tells me that Mr. Goober has checked every thing, and that of course September is one of their busiest months. Really, I say. Oddly enough, that's what you fuckwads tell me every time. Want to fly in May? That's one of our busiest months. June? Busy. December? Busy. September? Busy. Can't you just fly a week early, she asks. Why, no, thank you, I have a JOB. Would you please check again, I ask resignedly after I finish telling that this is why people hate Delta. Seriously. I didn't call her a fuckwad, but I did use that exact phrase - this is why people hate Delta and have moved to other carriers. So after putting me on hold for another ten minutes - most of which I'm sure she spent rolling her eyes and making fun of me with her coworkers, she comes back on and says that she can get me there on the dates I want, flying from Atlanta to Newark to Amsterdam to Paris to Tolouse, all in first class. When she says first class, a bell goes off in my head. Is there no coach option with fewer stops, I ask. Oh, well yes, you could fly directly to Paris and then connect to Toulouse easily on coach, she replies, but you said you wanted to fly first. No, I say, I said I would prefer to fly first. But wouldn't a reasonable person ask me if I was willing to fly coach FIRST before they told me there was no way to get me where I wanted to go, or when I asked to speak to a manager, or before they offered me a six-stop flight?


So now I'm booked. I won't even go into the return flight, which is a clusterfuck which will begin at 7 am on my date of departure.
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Work is the usual snafu, I won't go on about it. In other news, I've signed up to take a class online - How to Get Published. Thus fulfilling another of my New Year's goals, to find out more about how it works and attempt to get something put into print this year. It may be a pipe dream, but I'll never know if I don't try...

Also, I'm continuing the battle to register for my French immersion program. You'd think it would be as easy as filling in the online form they provided, but oh, you would be wrong! I'm sure this will end with my credit card being charged 5 times and my arriving in France to find I have no place to live for the entire month.
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So. Haven't updated for a while, thought I'd come on and say hello. I'm in Nashville this week, on my second observe for learning our new integration software. We're waiting for our support office to fix something for us, so I'm playing online.

I haven't updated because there hasn't really been anything earth-shattering going on for me - I'm back on the road, just doing the daily grind. I'm not unhappy to be travelling again (which is not exactly the same as being happy about it, but it's close enough).

Also, I booked the immersion program for my sabbatical today. Je puis parler le francais. Oh, oui.
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Because I know y'all are enthralled. :)

One week in April - visiting [ profile] krazycat
One week in May - staying home
One week in July - visiting family
Sabbatical, 4 weeks, September - France
One week at Christmas

And that still leaves me with 3 vacation days and 3 floating holidays... what to do, what to do...
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1. Has anyone ever had any laser hair removal done? I am considering it, just wondering if anyone has any tips on questions to ask as I pick a salon/whatever to do it.

2. Next year, my work gives me a four-week sabbatical. I must decide very soon when I'm going to take it. The when sort of depends on what I want to do. Help me out!

[Poll #623553]

3. This is not a question, just an update: I'm doing my first volunteer stuff tomorrow night at the local amateur theater - very excited!
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Sorry for yesterday's cryptic post. I was getting frustrated by corporate office politics and needed to vent. But I'm all better now :)

I remembered I don't really care! Which was freeing.

So yeah, just trucking away. The weeks are flying by, I can't believe this is my 3rd week at home! I am loving it, really. I'm taking French class with actual people, I'm eating well, I'm working out four or five times a week, it's great. And this weekend we're going to New Orleans to celebrate our friend K's birthday, so I'll get to see some good friends.


Jul. 19th, 2005 06:03 pm
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First group French class starts in one hour.

*bites nails*

*watches as every French word I've ever known flies out my head*

It probably would be less nerve wracking if I'd actually studied last night instead of burning CDs.

*le sigh*

The Plan

Jun. 22nd, 2005 11:58 am
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So... three months at home. I hate to even say it out loud, because I’m afraid they’ll take it away from me. I need this so much, I can’t even explain. And there’s so much I want to get out of it. I don’t want to plan every second (stop laughing, all of you! I know I’m a planner), but I want it to count.

*Weight loss/fitness regimen: I want to reach my goal weight. I want to go to a fitness trainer, get a workout plan in place, really stick to the Weight Watchers plan again and get down to 145. I’ve been stuck, yo-yoing between 163-167 since last fall and I want to accomplish this. I’ve been telling myself that it’s because I’m on the road, that I can’t eat less or better while I’m eating in restaurants every day – well here’s my chance to prove it.

*Take a French class – with other people! I’m already looking into it.

*Write something that isn’t slash. Really. Just to prove that all the hot boysecks hasn’t rotted my brain.

*Catch up on my memory books, before I forget why I wanted to remember the crap I put in them.

*Spend less time online, and more time out and about. I’ve been traveling so long, I don’t remember how to have a life. But fuck it, I want to find out! And as much as I hate that this will mean I spend less time with all of you, I really have to do this. I haven’t exactly figured out how I’m gonna accomplish this, but it seriously must be done. I don’t think anyone really realizes how much time I’m on here every day…
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So the weekend. Short, really short. I don't know why, but it just seemed to fly by. Friday, I got back from New Hampshire around 11pm, after helping S get his car started at the airport. We hung out, watched 'Open Water,' which freaked me out. Sharks *shudders* - lots of sharks.

Saturday was French class and then we went out and S bought a new laptop, so we can now surf any site we want when we're at home. Or we can as soon as I set the laptop up. I have dubbed it the PornTop :)

After that, I met up with [ profile] namaste_atlanta and another friend for dinner and a movie... we saw 'Crash' which was stressful but good. It's about racial tension, specifically in LA. Some of it was over the top - where you'd think, no one would actually say that - but the movie definitely makes its point.

Yesterday, I just sort of putzed around the house. I had a late flight, so I didn't have to leave for the airport til 6pm. We were getting thunderstorms so I had to unplug everything. I thought I'd clean my room, but it was raining and I wanted to watch the storm so I tugged on my curtain to pull it up and the whole thing crashed down. So in cleaning up my room, I made a bigger mess. For those of you not keeping track, we have really really tall ceilings - like 18 feet - so I can't put it back up on my own, it's going to require me to organize a ladder and get S to rehang it for me, plus I have to go buy some more liquid nail stuff so I can fix the shelf it knocked down on the way.

And I hurt myself doing it, tried to catch it... bruised my fingernail *whines* I'm lucky it didn't bean me in the head, considering what I built the curtain out of is a large piece of wood. I guess this proves that attempting to do housework is hazardous to your health.

So that's me... I'm in Ohio this week, ever so exciting. I've got another co-worker with me, observing this week, so I get to make him do most of the work *g*

Flying Home

May. 7th, 2005 09:52 pm
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Well, stupidly I've left this till my battery is about to die, so I don't know how far I'll get.

I'm headed home!! *does back flips* *mentally*

This was not the best trip. Ok, that's not really fair. It wasn't that bad, I guess. Work sucked, we almost pulled the install, but went ahead at the last possible second. I got to see my brother, which is always a good thing. I didn't have internet access, but that meant I made time to study my French, and that I watched all the movies I had from Netflix. I've now seen Capturing the Freidmans (eh.), Splendor in the Grass (a little over-melodramatic, but worth watching), and the first three episodes of the L-Word, which I am now addicted to. I have a crush on Kate Moennig - she's amazing and so sexy! I'm going to get the rest of season 1 - hopefully it will come in before I have to leave on Saturday.

Speaking of which, it just occured to me today that in exactly one week, I will be sitting in the Atlanta airport with my sister waiting for our flight! There is so much I have to get done this week! *panics* And of course, work keeps piling stuff on! *groans* But it'll all get done. Or it won't, and I'll go anyway.

But I'm so excited to sleep in my own bed tonight! The hotel last night was horrible! Three star, my ass.


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