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Title: Stories Stacked Up So Tall
Author: <lj user="vixalicious" />
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Harry/Liam, Liam/Louis
Warnings: Fluff?
Word count: ~23K
Author's notes: can be found on posting site
Summary: Liam spends his days in a dreary booth selling train tickets and daydreaming about his favorite customer, Harry. When Harry gets assaulted at the station, Liam saves his life and finds that his quiet existence is turned upside down. As Harry languishes in a coma, Liam gets closer with to Harry’s family and to his best mate, Louis. There’s only one problem: everyone thinks Liam is Harry’s boyfriend. To make matters worse, Liam starts to fall for Louis. But how can Liam come clean without losing everything? An AU based on the movie ‘While You Were Sleeping.’
Find it on: <a href="" target="_blank">AO3</a>
The companion mix by <lj user="prettykitty_aya" /> is <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> - check it out!
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That trailer for the One Direction trailer looks good. But how can I, as an adult sans children, actually go see it?  The answer is I cannot. Ah sad face. 

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I have to say, I just spent some time going through the  on twitter.

I mean, I don't know if Harry Styles & Taylor Swift have broken up, as they are rumored to have done.  But we've all been making jokes that when they eventually did, she'd write a break up song because that's what she does.  

I have to say, I hope she goes with 'Ex-Factor.'  That's dead clever :) 
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 Oh god, I'm so close to finishing my big bang and I just CAN'T GET IT DONE.  

Like, I stare at it and write ten words, or I realize it needs a whole other scene, and ugh.  I just want to be finished now, please.

Fic Rec

Dec. 19th, 2012 12:12 am
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This may be my favorite Harry/Louis ever:

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 Is there a limit to how many Smiths jokes I can make in my 'boyfriend in a coma' One Direction fic?

I think not.

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 So when last I left you, I was annoyed about the coming of December.  It actually turned out pretty well!

a) I have a new nephew!!!! His name is Vaughn, and he is super cute.  I will get to meet him next Wednesday.

b) I didn't have to go to St. Louis.

c) I only have one more workday left in the year, so nothing really looks that bad to me right now.

I did have to work with a site in Mexico, which was annoying because my counterpart had a tendency to wander off, but I got it done and I didn't have to go anywhere.  

I've spent most of my free time working on scraping all the flaking paint/rust off my back patio railings, and trying to get a quote for installing a new railing back there because my insurance company now insists I need one.  I think I've gotten it to be under $500, so I'm happy about that.  Well, I'd be happier if I didn't have to do it, but oh well.  

Also, there was a small fence kerfuffle, in that I took my old ghetto fence down, and then the house next to mine that had been vacant for two years sold and they wondered where the fence was.  But it ended well, and the new owner seems nice and he is looking for good renters so hopefully it won't be too bad.  Although I think he's set the rent too high, given that he's asking for more than I pay on my mortgage, and my house is at least half again the size of that one, if not double.  

Speaking of mortgages, I wonder if I could refinance mine again.  I just did it about a year ago, but who knows, maybe I could lower it again.  I should look into that.

I have also been crafting, but haven't taken the time to post my Pinteresting to tumblr.  Ought to get on that!  I also made Vaughn's Christmas gift, which is a sock monkey.  

And in my spare time, I've been working on my 1D big bang.  Uuuuuuuuuuugh.  Why so hard, writing?  I've hit the minimum word count, but it's not done, and I've hit that stretch where it feels like it never will be.  I wanted to have it finished before I went to New Hampshire, but I'm not sure if it will be.  I have a couple of days off before I go, so there's hope yet.  

OOOOOOOOOh! And I'm going to buy myself an iPad for Christmas!  In New Hampster, where they don't believe in sales tax.


Nov. 24th, 2012 01:17 pm
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So today Harry Styles tweeted this, and kind of made my day:

Seriously, this band can't dance.  Their idea of choreography is to do their level best NOT to run into each other.
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Scroll on, the rest of you.

Hi, two people.

Liam really has a type, doesn't he? 

Also, LOLing forever.  How do you even do that?  Is it easier to mix up twitter and the internet on non-iPhones?
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Dear 1D fic:

Why is everything ghost fic and character death this week?  It's bumming me out.

Please bring back the puppies and sunshine fics, kplsthxbai!


Fic Rec

Oct. 10th, 2012 07:14 pm
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Ok, so since I've been reading this fic over and over EVERY DAY since I was linked to it, and it's not yet on AO3, so if I put it here I can close the tab.  Plus it is awesome and if you've the slightest interest, you should check it out.

Nick Grimshaw (Radio1 DJ)/Louis Tomlinson (One Direction), with added adorable Harry Styles friendship

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Yes, I'm aware the rest of you are going to unfriend me soon.

Did Liam & Danielle really break up? Has this been confirmed or just a rumor? Should I start crying now? :(
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Words cannot express how much I love that these are the lyrics of their new song, which they've described as being "more mature" than their last album:

Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy
til we see the sun
I know we only met
but let's pretend it's love
And never, never, never
stop for anyone
Tonight let's get some
and live while we're young

Well done, lads. Get some.

LOL'ing forever.

Also, don't take my mocking in any way to mean that I did not enjoy the hell out of this video, which features them dunking each other and then getting their asses handed to them at football by a girl.
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So I had a lovely weekend.

Yes, I'm only just now getting around to telling you about my weekend.

Saturday I went with my friend S to see Amanda Palmer. It was a good show, and she sounded exactly as good in person as she does on her recordings. She did this really cool thing: she asked concert-goers to send in 7 pictures, each with a theme, to her website by each city. Then she used those as the background art projected onstage.

Here is some video footage I took of it:

Note the guy in the cowboy hat. In every single picture I took. Thanks for that dude.

Here's another one, of her doing a cover:

It was really fairly awesome.

On Sunday, I'd planned to hang out around the house and recover from being on my feet on a concrete floor for four hours. Instead I got a call at 10:30 because one of my tennis teammates had gotten stranded in Tennessee and couldn't make it back in time for our match that afternoon. I played line 3 doubles (out of five lines) and not only did we win but it was the first competitive match I've played where afterward my injured foot did not hurt at all. Now the rest of me, that's a different story.

So that was my weekend. It was a good one. I'm feeling a little under the weather now, possibly because I went for a walk with a friend last night and got caught in the rain. Oh! And I've signed up to do the One Direction Big Bang, so now I have to get back to writing that AU I started this summer.

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I haven't updated in forever, so here are some random happenings:

I went to Dragon*Con, and it was fun!  We did con very differently this time out - no big name panels, we skipped the parade, etc.  We went to a lot of the YA lit panels, and to see the ever so awesome Jane Espenson (which was cool because it was the first panel I'd seen where the draw was a TV writer, & because she brought Cheeks with her!) and to the fanfiction panel we had so much fun at last year.  It was just as much fun, but unfortunately I overindulged so we actually missed a day of con because of the sick and the sleeping off of it.  Oops.  We also went to the aquarium.  Yay, aquarium!

I'm doing lots of craft stuff right now, probably as a backlash to the fact that I've done some writing this summer.  Crafting is how I recharge from writing.  It's weird, because I want to do both at the same time, but I cannot.  Also, I'm loving blogging about the Pinterest stuff, so it's a cross-over there but not by much.  Tonight I sewed badges onto my con bag.  +100 Geek Points

One of my friends had a game night on Saturday and it was a ton of fun!  There was an awkward moment when I thought I was going to be the only single person there, but then a couple more girls showed up on their own so crisis averted!  I got to introduce them to Cranium, which is tons of fun to play with a large group.

We started our fall tennis season on Sunday.  We lost all 5 lines, which was not unexpected as we got moved up 2 levels this season (to C-3, which means nothing to non-Atlantan tennis players.)  But I was happy with my game - we played well together, and we came as absolutely close to winning as you can come without winning:  5-7, 6-7.  And we never gave up, as evidenced by those scores.  So I am pleased.

I got my Amanda Palmer kickstarter CD and so I've been listening to that a lot, since I'm going to her show on Saturday.  I'm excited to go, but also somewhat filled with trepidation, as I worry about being too... plain, I guess?  She's so creative and many of her fans seem to be as well.  I guess it goes back to that sometimes I feel like I'm too weird to be normal but not really weird enough to be weird.  Anyway, I like the CD a lot, and it's onsale for $5 at Amazon, or you can pay what you want on her site, apparently up to getting it for free, because she is amazing and would rather you listen to it than not listen to it.

Also over the weekend, I made a brief foray into being more proactive with the online dating because I was feeling lonely.  I actually messaged someone, instead of waiting for someone to message me.  He responded a bit confusingly neutral so I spent a day trying to figure out if he was brushing me off or not, and then by the time I decided to respond again to see what would happen, he'd deleted his profile.  

Tonight, I watched the US X-Factor.  This is noteworthy because despite some of my recent fandoms (ie 1D, Kradam) I don't generally watch reality TV.  Full disclosure:  I watched the first two seasons of Survivor religiously, so I feel like some of this is my fault.  Oh, and I did watch most of a season of Pop Idol in the UK but there really wasn't anything else on.  Anyway, my biggest issue with shows like these is the humiliation factor.  I'm fine with the ones who can sing, or who are nearly there, but when someone seems deluded about their own abilities it is too much for me.  I feel so bad for them.  I had to change the channel a few times.  Also, why does everyone always go on about how mean Simon Cowell is?  He's honest, but I don't think he said anything mean-spirited.  If you suck, you suck, and you should have thought about it before you decided to suck on national television.

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Mostly me just moaning about my life and posting (what I think are) funny asides.  Not really a fandom place for me, but I respond to fandom stuff.  Read as:  it links to my facebook, which is almost all IRL folk.  So my status updates are not fandom, but I have fandom conversations there.  Also, I'm still not over that one time Patrick Stump DM'd me.  Dying.


I have very few followers on tumblr, and I'm trying to up that.  It is mostly me reblogging things I like, which generally are either political, science, funny, or One Direction.  I just figured out last week how to post to tumblr without sending it to twitter, so it's becoming more fandomish.  I am loving this post, and I keep looking at 1D with babies, which is ovary-explosion inducing. 

However, I've also started blogging there as well.  I am addicted to Pinterest.  I love crafting.  The two have combined to me blogging about trying out stuff I've found on Pinterest. 

So far, I've done turning a t-shirt into a tank top, making a really awesome vodka slush drink, and duck-shaped baby washcloths.  It's a ton of fun, and so I just wanted to share it with you.

ETA:  Also, I'm over here on Pinterest: 
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Liam/Always-a-girl! Louis

It took me ages, but I've finally posted my fill for the Girl!Direction challenge.  It's here on AO3.

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 Freudian slips in writing are awesome!

Sentence I just wrote in the fic I'm working on:

She can’t help but crow a little, as she drags him closer to me. 

Note:  I am not supposed to be in this fic.  It is not a threesome, and I don't get to make out with the hot boy.  FML.


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