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Fall Out Boy!!

It was like, 100 degrees in the Tabernacle tonight. I'm pretty sure I sweated off a few pounds jumping around like an idiot. It was good times!

We got there in time to get my favorite seats! So close to the stage without all the crush of being on the floor!

We were seated behind a couple dressed like Waldo.

So there's one of life's questions answered.

The opening band was New Politics. They were ok - I couldn't quite decide what their sound was meant to be and I think they couldn't either. But there was breakdancing and "Jesus walking on water" crowd-surfing, so that was entertaining.

Panoramic view of the Tabernacle

This is my favorite venue in Atlanta - it was built in the early 1900s as a Baptist church. The organ pipes are still visible behind the stage, and the sound is amazing.

So awkward moment during intermission: I was in line for the ladies room, and there were only 3 stalls. One of the 3 had no door, and of course that was the one that was available was the one that was missing its door. Two women in front of me had used it by using each other as a door while the other one was there, but I was alone in line because my friend was saving our seats (general admission.) So I used it. Sans door. I got the side eye from some of the women in line, but I stand by my decision.


They stopped right before the end of the first song because someone went down in the crowd.

Then they stopped again in the next song because some assholes thought it would be funny to cry wolf. I think they did it 3 or 4 times total over the course of the concert - it was hella hot (in the 80s with about 85% humidity.) Pete was wearing a flannel shirt, a hoodie, and a jacket and he was not sweating. Pretty sure this means he's a robot.

This is the coolest shot I got:

This is the coolest shot my friend Susan got:

Susan wins.

One of the few shots I got of all four, during 'Save Rock & Roll'

Some videos:


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