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 Three things!

1.  I saw Kris Allen in concert tonight!  It was fun :)  The friend I took with me also had a great time, and at no point called me on the fact that I know way WAY too much about him.  Although to be fair, she is only a casual fan of his and even she knew about the car accident and that his wife is pregnant, so. He played at my favorite venue, which only holds about 100 people, so it was super intimate and the sound was perfect as always.  They have table and bar seating, and then there's this odd little area that is bleacher seating, which is where we were at, and at one point he looked over and said something along the lines of "Well, we've got a jury tonight!  Hope they find in our favor.  They're all drinking, so it's looking good."  It was cute.  He is a tiny, tiny human.

2.  I start my quilting class next week, so I went to the store today to get the supply list and, because I know myself, pick out the fabrics for the quilt we will make in class.  I have pattern issues - I have a hard time matching fabrics together because I find them too busy.  The poor women at this store!  They all tried to help me, but it took me over an hour to pick out four fabrics.  I think it will be cute when it's done though! I will document the whole process and show it to you as we go over the next two months.

3.  Has anyone downloaded the MCR singles from their non-released album?  Are they worth paying for?
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