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2012 in Review:


January:   After having had the flu over Christmas, I started off the new year by getting a throat infection.  Took a sewing class with some friends from tennis to relearn to sew.

February:  Went to New Hampshire for three weeks to learn our new product version functionality; got to hang out with my brother and BFF who both live nearby.

March:   Spent two weeks onsite in Kentucky.  Came home and immediately came down with another throat infection.  Hunger Games movie came out and was awesome!

April:  Helped throw a wedding shower for a friend from tennis.  Went to the second annual Adult Prom to support friends.  Went to Virginia for work.  But most notably, on April 13, harriet_vane introduced me to One Direction and ruined my life in the best way possible; hi, new obsession, hi!

May:  Went to my friend’s beautiful wedding at Hilton Head.  My sister’s boyfriend died unexpectedly so I went home to Missouri for a week.  Dropped my iPhone in the toilet and discovered that I wasn’t insured like I thought I was; phone still working, thank god.  Oh, and I got sick AGAIN – same throat problems.  So I trucked myself to the doctor, who diagnosed me with reflux problems.

June:   Work trips to Ohio, San Diego, Phoenix, and Detroit.  Wrote fic!  Joined ArchiveOfOurOwn finally; fell in love with statistics. Between June and now, my stories have gotten over 7000 hits.  I find this amazing!

July:   Went home for the Fourth holiday.  My sister came back with me for a visit, but I also had to take a last minute trip to Ohio during her visit.  Wrote another 1D story. 

August:   Drove up to Asheville to spend a weekend with my parents and sister.  Got all the horrible pine trees removed from my yard.  Had my first mammogram and subsequently my first breast cancer scare.  Held second annual karaoke birthday party.

September:  Dragon*Con with Rachel!!  Got so drunk I had to take a full day off of con – note to self: don’t do that again.  Saw Amanda Palmer in concert.  Work trip to Chicago. Wrote another 1D story!  And I signed up for a Big Bang to finish another fic by the end of the year – which I finished last week, on time, so a total win year for writing for me. 

October:   My tenant moved out.  Work trip to Seattle.  Marny & Rachel visited Atlanta.  Gor rid of the ghetto fence around my back yard.  Made it to the second round of playoffs in ALTA tennis – the farthest we’ve ever gotten.

November:  Presidential election!  Had an upper GI to rule out ulcers.  My parents and sister came down to get me home from it and for Thankgsiving.   Began dealing with home insurance problems with the railing on the patio.

December:   My nephew was born!  Spent a lot of time scraping and painting the railings on my back patio.  My BFF came through Atlanta on a trip home for her mom’s wedding and we got to hang out.  Went to New Hampshire for a ski vacation with my family for Christmas.  Rang in the new year with my tennis friends.


Summary: I didn’t realize how much I’d travelled til I wrote this up.  I was sick a lot too, and stressed out about my family.  But overall it wasn’t a horrible year.  And hey, the Mayans were wrong so we get to keep going!



2012 Resolution:  Swear Less
Sometimes, some situations, just call for a succinct ‘Fuck!’  But not all of them, and no way near as many of them as I curse during.  So it’s time to take it back a notch and try to clean up my language a little bit.  I am going to try to lessen my use of ‘fuck’ & ‘shit.’

 Result:  AHAHAHAHAHA.  No fucking way.  F. F minus, honestly.  I still swear like a sailor on shore leave.

2012 Goals:

·         Organize electronics in office: buy & hang tv, get shelving for everything else.

Result:  Done!


·         Finish my cross-stitch project - Tree of Knowledge

Result:  Nope! I did get a fair bit done on it, but it is nowhere near finished.  It is huge.  Stitches are tiny.

·         Frame & hang cross-stitch and photos for bedroom.

Result: Not done.  I did manage to a) actually print the photos and b) look into hanging the cross-stitch.  I found instructions to do it myself, so I’m going to see if I can’t do it myself as having a store do it would probably cost about $100.


·         Keep my credit cards paid off.

Result: Done!

·         Meet my savings goal.

Result: Done!

·         Fit back into the size I was two years ago, aka I’d like to be able to comfortably wear my skinny jeans again.

Result:  Ugh.  Back on the yo-yo this year.  I finished on the lower end of the scale, but it’s basically where I started – ie I gained weight, then lost it.  I’m still working on it though.

·         Go to one class and one weight training session at the Y every week that I am physically able to do so.  ie, it doesn’t count against me if  I am sick or out of town.  But otherwise, I’m paying for it, I need to go.

Result: L I started out so well!  And then I picked back up at the end of the year as I’m going to water aerobics with a friend who is pregnant.  I’m also hoping to start going to  Saturday yoga again when tennis switches back to Sundays.


 2013 Resolution:   Learn one new thing

I’ve been thinking about trying to learn sign language – I’m going to look to see if there are any lessons on Youtube or something.  Also, I’ve already signed up for a class on quilting.  So this should be a pretty easy resolution to keep, a rebound from last year’s failure.


2013 Goals:

v  Get involved in my community: 

  Ø  Attend neighborhood meetings – they happen once a month, and I’m going to try to go to at least six.
Ø   Volunteer – it’s hard to find an opportunity that allows for sporadic volunteering (ie once a month) but I’m going to try again.  I found an organization that works toward improving child literacy among immigrant/poverty-level children so I am going to look into that.

v  Complete 3 out of the 10 following craft projects:

     Ø  Tree of Knowledge cross-stitch

     Ø  S's t-shirt quilt

     Ø  My College Sweatshirt quilt

     Ø  2007 scrapbook

     Ø  2008 scrapbook

     Ø  Nephew’s family tree label

     Ø  Tribble t-shirt

     Ø  Cat toy treat dispenser

     Ø  Framing skeleton cross-stitch

     Ø  Display for Mom’s scarf pins

v  Move craft room upstairs and organize

v  Move guest room back and hang Grandmother’s quilt and my sister’s paintings

v  Frame and hang photos in bedroom

v  Practice the drums with the aim to start taking lessons again.



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